Meri Durga 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Durga makes a request to Rajveer

Meri Durga 16th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajveer scolding Durga for hiding like a coward. Yashpal signs Durga to stop. Rajveer says you are that Durga who sworn not to run ever. Durga cries. Yashpal says you can’t go leaving us. Durga says you can’t go, please. Sanjay comes home and throws things. He shouts Maa. Lady says its Janmashtami puja going on. Sanjay says Durga won’t get out of college, this won’t happen. Neelkant asks what’s happening, we can talk later.

Sanjay says its needed as mum takes all decisions. Sanjay’s mum comes there. He says I have to talk to you. She says just fight can happen in anger, not talk. He says you can’t remove Durga from college. She asks are you challenging me, you know this house has habit to hear just my loud noise. Sanjay says Durga is not a cheater, don’t remove her from college. Neelkant says listen to me. She asks him not to talk in between. She says yes, that Durga, Aarti told me, she told me that girl is creating misunderstanding between you and her, Aarti is my would be bahu, Durga has to stay away, relations have to be kept, her mistake is Aarti doesn’t like her, you are royal blood in you, we have to give people what they ask sometimes. She asks him not to get friendly with poor people, its time for puja, come. Sanjay says I have to see if Maa agrees to Aarti or me.

Durga says please give me a chance, how could I let that sport stay in life, I lost my name and identity because of it, my family was insulted so much, now I understand you, I want to run again, please. He gets angry and goes. Annapurna hugs Durga and consoles.

Sanjay’s family does the puja and aarti. Sanjay’s mum Gayatri Devi gives 5 crores cheque to her elder son for his business. She says this is the last chance for making name. She gives a ring to her elder bahu. She taunts her bahu over managing the house responsibility. She asks Neelkant where is Prince. She thinks Prince does not know everything has a time.

Sanjay sits eating grapes and says I got everything by you, I have royal blood, I have anger, hatred and stubbornness of you, you can’t take me lightly, Aarti is just a good friend for me, if you make Durga out of college, I will leave college and sell vegs with Durga. He asks her to decide now. Rajveer comes to Durga and says you all have made me capable to get fine, I can walk now, I can find a place for myself now. She says you can’t go in this state. Yashpal says you insulted us saying you are burden on us, you go after some days. Gayatri says fine, Durga won’t leave college, have prasad now. Sanjay takes prasad and smiles.

Sanjay meets Durga and breaks the dahi handi. Gayatri says I want to secure your future.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. The useless tracks have started…… So deceived by this serial…. what a pity! i was expecting better…

  2. Nice episode yar but I’m just waiting for d race day and rana sir’s support to durga

  3. Oh god. So Gayatri Devi and Neelkanth will make Aarti marry Prince or will they make durga their daughter in law and torture her till the show ends ? whats happening in this serial ? I hate Sp’s parents. They cant make a cheater Aarti their daughter in law

    Why Cvs are showing Durga to suffer ? till when and why Durga shud suffer for mistake she didn’t commit. She has to get justice

  4. Mithila Farzana

    Now sp’s family will torture durga..they should concentrate on durga’s running..

  5. I hope sp keep his word n hope arti get wat she deserves

  6. Did the college Principal not say yesterday that he was rescinding the rustication letter of Durga? Just when and how the rustication powers go to this suddenly-appearing royal lady Gayatri Devi who agrees to SP’s demand that Durga should not be thrown out of college? Apparently the Principal was unaware that the royal family controlled student rustications. The story writers are going haywire – – – – again!

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