Shakti 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman gets assured of Soumya’s existence

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Shakti 15th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya showing toys to a customer. He tries to touch her hand, but Soumya takes her hand back. He asks her to show something else and eyes Soumya with bad intention. Sameer gets angry and asks if he came to buy toys, and asks him to play now. He takes him out and beats him. Soumya asks Sameer to leave him. Kinnars make arrangements for the Aravan Devta Puja. Chanda says now we can do puja. Saya says we, all kinnars will do puja for Soumya. Jasleen says we will also do puja with you all. Nani and Surbhi come there. They tell that they will also do puja.

Sameer beats the man. Some men come there and ask Sameer if he has enmity with man. Sameer says no and tells that he was punishing him. He tells that he respects Soumya and can’t bear to see anyone misbehaving with her. They leave. Soumya asks why did you do this? Sameer says I told that I care for you and you are my responsibility, but according to you, only your husband can care for you, but if this happens again then I will beat that person again. Soumya asks did I ask you to do this? Sameer says no and tells that his values are different from hers and asks her to close shop and come home.

In the night, Harman starts doing the puja of Aravan Devta and keeps diya on his hand. Soumya is in the shop. Harman recalls insulting Soumya infront of his family members. Soumya closes her eyes. Kinnars dance while he is standing holding diya on his hand. He recalls torturing Soumya, her words that she will be with him till his marriage happens. He says Soumya. Soumya sees his hand burning and opens her eyes worrying for him. She thinks why did I see his hand burning? She thinks to call him, and to make sure that he is fine. She thinks how to call him though.

Harman prays to Aravan Devta and asks him to do some miracle and sign him that his Soumya is alive. They all fold hands.

Soumya gets restless and walks in the shop. Suddenly box fell down in which Sameer had kept sim card. Soumya keeps the things back in box and looks at the sim card. She recalls Harman teaching her how to use phone. She thinks if she shall call him with this new number, then thinks she don’t want to become trouble for him. She thinks I have a right to know about him, I love him even though he don’t love him, but I will find out about him. Harman and others step out of temple.
Soumya calls Harman. Harman picks the call and realizes Soumya is on call and asks who is there? Jasleen asks Harman who is on call. Soumya gets emotional and hears Jasleen’s voice. Sameer comes there and snatches phone from Soumya’s hand. He acts as if it is a wrong call. Harman tells his name. Sameer ends the call and switches off mobile. Harman calls on that number, but it is switched off. Surbhi asks Harman to give the number. Sameer says if you want, I can drop you and asks her to compromise and become his second wife if she loves him so much. Soumya thinks she would have stayed there, but he don’t want to see her.

Later, Harman thinks of Soumya. Jasleen comes there. Harman tells her that it was Soumya’s call and tells that someone came there and had taken mobile from her hand. Surbhi calls on the number, but it is off. Even Chameli calls Soumya, but the number is off. Saya tells everyone that today Soumya has connected their relations with her world and her story will be told in a respectable manner.

Jasleen says who could be the guy who is with her and says I am worried for Soumya. She says this world is greedy and cunning and Soumya is innocent. Harman says it was not a wrong number, but right number. He says if we enquire about the number then we can reach her. I am sure that Aravan devta will help us. Soumya is in her room and thinks about Harman’s love confession. Tu hi mera khuda plays…….. She looks at the toys which she made. She thinks of Harman and her. She ties dolls hands together saying they are Harman and Gulabo. She says they will be together always. She sleeps.

In the morning, Sameer’s mum comes to Soumya’s room and looks at the dolls. She comes to Sameer and asks him to come with her. Sameer refuses. She asks him to come. They go there. Sameer looks at male and female dolls. He says Soumya’s doings are as lovely as her. He says they (dolls) are made for each other. He tells his mum that it is very cheap to stare someone while the person is sleeping. He asks her to let Soumya sleep and takes basket out.

Harak Singh thinks he is bored of sitting on wheel chair and asks himself to get up. Jasleen comes there and asks him to be careful. Harak Singh says atleast someone cares for me. Jasleen says everyone cares for you. Harak Singh asks her to tell that they were searching Kinnar. Jasleen says I used to think that love happens between humans, and asks him to understand Soumya once, atleast try it once. Harak Singh says what to understand when she is not alive. Jasleen says we think she is alive and is about to tell him about the call, but Preeto comes there and lies that someone saw her in Amritsar. Jasleen is surprised. Harak Singh leaves. Preeto tells her that Soumya’s enemies are more in house, and says we shall not tell anyone.

Soumya wakes up and thinks where are her dolls? She couldn’t find them in room and wonders where it could go? Sameer asks workers to make male and female dolls Jodi. Soumya comes and stops them, says dolls will not be coupled. Sameer asks them to continue. Soumya asks him to give her dolls and says they are not dolls (for selling purpose). He asks what is it then? Soumya says I can’t make you understand and asks him to give, says such toys will not be made? Sameer says such toys will be made.

Sameer tells someone that his life got better after someone came in his life. Kishan Lal hears him and goes to shop. Soumya hides her face seeing him and shows toys to him. He asks are you Soumya? Soumya gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Upcoming spoilers indicate that reunion won’t happen anytime soon… Typical Indian soap this is becoming… Show something like how the leads of the show become a messenger of kinnar empowerment

  2. I think it’s a perfect time to get Jasleen lost she causes a huge misunderstanding between our Haya , before in the dream now in the call , we can’t blame Saumya if she goes away from Harman it’s a normal reaction to see her with Harman all the time it’s confirming that they are couple , What’s the need for her parent in Harman’s searching for Saumya? And this Sameer too he acts as he owns Saumya ……. Vivian and Rubina are brilliant , great performance as usual in all scenes , thanks to both of you , hats off

  3. Sameer seems a bit obsessive like he owns soumya perhaps he wont leave her alone n become obsessed over soumya which will cause a big issue in harmans n soumyas life. Harman pushed soumya away its time for him to get punished for that after all those tortures he gave her. This is what he truly deserves! Any man who shames there other half n tortures her infront of family members is not worthy of getting forgiveness any time soon IMO!

    Indian soaps need to b realistic if a marriage dont work out couples can move on. And how wud love ones feel the presence of there spouses n all those miracles indian gods do is crazy. If it was that easy then it would have been amazing in the real world lol everyone’s dreams will come true

  4. This matters mean one thing which is faith , in God ,in ourselves , our dreams and our ability to make change to live our lives better and we can get our dreams true by faith and hard work and keep going. … Tara ……

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