Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Naira surprises Kartik

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone joining Kartik and Shubham in the cricket game. They all play and enjoy Naira signs Kartik. She throws the ball. He says I can bat with one hand for you. He catches the rose. They all blow poppers and wish him. They sing happy birthday to you. Kartik smiles. Kartik hugs Naira. He says this is the best birthday of my life. She says much things are left. He says tell me what did you plan for tomorrow. She says greed is bad. He asks everyone. They all talk and leave. She thinks it will be a good day, you will get Shubham as your birthday gift. Shubham thinks I won’t tell anyone, I can’t see them worried. Shubham takes his phone and stops. Suwarna comes. He holds her hand and rests in her lap. They cry. Naira looks on and smiles.

Kartik finds a remote on bed. He says what’s this remote. He presses play button. Naira comes to him. He says you have come so early, there is still time for morning, its my birthday, you didn’t wish me in special way. She says you complain so much. She removes the bathrobe. Pyaar pyaar…..plays….. He sees her wearing a short dress. She loosens her hair. Yahan wahan…..plays….. She asks what happened, why did you stop talking, you have got a remote in hand, won’t you use it. He smiles and sees the remote. He presses dance button. She dances for him. He presses hug and love button. She gets a love balloon and gives him. It bursts.

They laugh. He says this is my happy birthday. He lifts her. Its morning, Suwarna thanks Lord and says Shubham was with me, I can’t believe it, just make it the truth of my life, I want both my sons, nothing else. She hears sound of some people crying. She gets shocked and says what was those voices, a premonition, no everything is fine. She prays. Kartik is on the way with Manish and Akhilesh. He asks them to handle factory. Manish says you have to handle them. Kartik asks where are we going, what happened to you. Suwarna hears the voices and prays that this is just her thought. She sees the family pic. She hears Shubham and asks him what is he hiding. He says Naira is saying she will tell Kartik about surprise. Kartik says I will call Naira and tell her not to plan anything for my birthday, my dad and uncle are ruining our love. She doesn’t answer his call. Akhilesh asks Kartik not to get angry and talk well. Kartik asks what. He looks for Manish and Akhilesh. He sees Happy birthday Kartik floater in the pool. Singhanias and Goenkas come wishing Kartik. They all sing. Naira says happy birthday. Kartik says thanks, when did you plan this.

Dadi says Naira planned this. Manish asks Naira to make Kartik go and change. Naira says yes, clothes are ready. They go. Kartik holds her close and romances. He says you are hiding many secrets from me these days. She says some things need to be hidden. He says we promised we will share everything. She says okay sorry, I won’t hide. She thinks Shubham will tell everyone himself, I won’t hide anything again. He says fine, forgiven. She asks him to get ready fast and come. He hugs her and flirts. He says you can’t go out, your party and guests will wait. She says no, I m going. He says you will have to pay a heavy price if I get angry. She says I will convince you. She goes out. She says Shubham, Kartik will get ready and come, are you ready. He says no, I will say it, once the party is over. She says yes but… He says everyone is happy and enjoying, I don’t want them to worry. She says I will be there to control things. She says I don’t have courage.

She says fine, I will say. He says no, for Kartik’s sake, you won’t say, I promise I will tell them when party is over. Suwarna sees them. He goes and thinks I won’t say, I have given much sorrow to everyone, but not now. Suwarna asks Naira is everything fine. Naira says yes, it will be fine. Akhilesh asks Surekha to let kids play. The drug dealer says I think Shubham is try to leave drugs or contacting other supplier, its our loss, I won’t let this happen. Baisa complains about heat. Dadi asks her to wear glasses, try it once. Baisa tries and says wow, everything looks colorful. Dadi asks her to sit and relax. They have juice. Devyaani says it feels good to see everyone together. Rajshri says that’s the beauty of relations. Devyaani says we all stay together all life, I wish. Rajshri asks are they drinking juice or something else. Kartik hears a whistle and says don’t tease me baby, else it will be costly for you. He sees Manish and says sorry, I thought… Manish says you thought its Naira, you are looking very handsome. Kartik thanks and compliments. Shubham plays with Lav and Kush. Manish says Naira was right, happiness is coming back. Kartik asks him to break the ice. Manish goes to Shubham. Suwarna and Naira come. Shubham holds Manish. They smile. Suwarna thanks Kartik.

Everyone dances on Tum ho to….. Drugs packet falls from Shubham’s clothes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Dishani01

    ????? I’m sorry to became emotional .. my day is full of sad news now a days.. Avengers also in sad ending and some my favorite character serial turn as bad ending … chirs hemsworth as thor also talk emotionaly about his contract close with marvel ohhh god how many problem to this little girl????

    ok ok .. now coming back to shubam..

    what is this happened to fear me.. i think they will close shubam character this week .. for the leaf they distroy shubham character ..
    poor shubam..

    if naira decided to keep secret as subham matter then she should watch him carefully because he have drag addiction problem this is big deal to handle. if she can’t then why she hide..
    she have 65% in shubham death reason and family have 25% and because if naira never know then one day it’ll come out because of subham changes .. family false is believe someone to solve their problem not do that with their own.. naira also have work how they only defend her …
    and 10% false in shubam because unfortunately his life make him to love wrong person.
    believe in wrong person ..
    and he fall weak that never fighting for his love..
    life is beautiful so don’t spoiled that beauty for useless person..
    i feel bad for him for not in support only alone him.. he will in happy if he stay with his adopted father but this family make him as alone ?..

    ….I know cvs will make this situation better and make audience know how to relive from lose in life but the spoiled the super concept and nice character and nice actor..

    then they will make him to go foreign or any place.. but they kill him..???

    ok don’t feel bad for long .. i also trying to come from this bad waves and shubam emotional ..

    be happy guys????
    Good night..
    peace ✌✌✌✌ peace✌✌✌

    1. I agreed to you dishani.without giving him a good life of understanding and love they are just killing his character.everyone is equally responsible even after suhanas bitter truth no one ever speak to him the way it needed bcoz CVs just want to show kaira only.naira got a chance to inform everyone about addiction at least kaarthik ,she doesn’t need to hide from I think it’s going to be biggest fight and biggest Milan in future.they have lots of chance to explore any character rather than say naira will handle.without exploring any character including some normal issues of kaira keesh shubham they are just going for the leap but why I don’t understand.karthiks birthday is in no way more important than someone s life but everyone is responsible,daadi never said my shubham my shubham.i felt like I real life also some families give more love to one child, other child is totally ignored and blamed for nothing.please tell that he admitted in a hospital and he is safe he didn’t die . how come some one kill a character who has a long way to go.

    2. Shantanu Upadhaya

      Didn’t know that shubam was a drag queen 🙂

  2. Please please please. Do anything, but I don’t do not never want to see kartik naira separation in shubhams death track. Please please please and please.

  3. Please please please and please do anything but please please please and please don’t do not never separate kartik naira in this the death track of shubham. I don’t do not never want to see kartik naira separation in this the death track of shubham. Please please please and please.

    1. Shantanu Upadhaya

      Relax, its only a dumb serial.

  4. Shubham should not die..please…what rubbish is this..yrkkh never shows all this. Please Don separate kaira please please please

  5. today is a great day for Kaira haters as makers are finally separating them. Well its sad that someone gets blamed for other peoples bad habits or wrong doings. Its so stupid that they have to kill a character to separate the leads.

    1. What a saddist mentality of you saying this,
      No one is enjoying this can someone Happy for shubham are upset only for your many times there was a separation and Milan rather than giving any importance to others.this is the worst track ever with high level of stupidity.

  6. Dishani01

    yes anju dear?? Your write everyone are in emotional .. we know kaira will unite after the leaf because their lead but subham will never return … ????
    How will this happy for anyone nobody in happy mood ..
    poor subham death for leaf and their hide and sick romance.. that will only happened after leaf i know every serial are only show that…?

  7. Shantanu Upadhaya

    Kill off Naira and get Akshara back

  8. Asha surjith Singh

    Dear Anjana don’t think that some family give more imp for a child not the other on my version it is only about the mind of that child .and in yrkkh they are very care abt Karthik because they get him close to family after many years .and in shubham case they didn’t have a slight knowledge abt him .so in these years they have only one pray that karthik come close to family . also anju I am also very scared abt kaira separation but I think it will be quite interesting and after leap I think that we can see Jr.kartik or Jr.naira so I am waiting but I am very disappointed abt keesh because they didn’t have an opinion because if they stand on goenka’s side so Singhania’s would became sad and if they stand on singhania’s side vise versa ??what will they do ??? And there is Gd news that yrkkh get 3rd position in trp .past days yrkkh was in 4 th positions and nowadays writers are focuzing on kaira romance and quite different from all shows their love , chemistry and the way they do romance is also diff so after posting these comment my mind became more fresh to receive the leap

  9. Asha surjith Singh

    Don’t forgot to comment on my comment yrkkh haters if you want to make this serial worst

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