Shakti 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman decides to do Aravan Devta’s puja for Soumya

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Shakti 14th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman promising Soumya to return home if she ever loved him and gives promise of his love and promises not to hurt her. He asks her to forgive him for one last time…Music plays..Soumya looks at him and gets emotional. Harman pleads infront of her for forgiveness. Soumya hugs him. Harman also hugs her. Jasleen comes there. Harman drops the candle on the floor and its hot wax falls on his hand. Soumya wakes up shouting Harman ji, and says how did his hand get burnt? She realizes it was a dream.

Harman thinks of Soumya and says if she had wait then she would have seen that he didn’t marry her. He says I am just yours Soumya. Soumya says my life has become a punishment and until I will be alive, I will miss you every moment, when I wake up, you will be in my talks and feelings, when I sleep, you will come in my dreams. She says I can’t talk or reach you. She thinks I won’t return in your life as don’t want to become inauspicious in your life. May be, I have to live my entire life in your memories.

Raavi talks to her lover and asks him how many girl friends he has and why he wants to meet her. Man says you are first with whom I want to meet, and hang out with, and calls her near the temple. Raavi says she will think. Man says I know that you will come? He says I know you very well, but you don’t know anything about me. Raavi says this is wrong. Man says it is a fun to know slowly and asks her to sleep and have a beauty sleep. Raavi smiles and thinks he is a flirt.

Sameer comes to Soumya and asks her if she didn’t sleep. She says she thought to make some toys. Sameer says if you make toys with this speed then all poor women will be working for us. His mum says it is a good thing and asks Soumya to tell if God sent her to us.

Jasleen tells Saya that Harman might have went to temple again and will light 21 diyas on his hand. She asks why Mata Rani is doing this with him. Chameli says we all used to do Aravan devta puja even though we have many problems. Saya says it all started with Aravan Devta’s puja. They go to Harman. Saya tells him that his ardaas will not be fulfilled here, but can be fulfilled by Aravan Devta. She says you had hurt Aravan Devta and asks him to apologize to him. Harman keeps the diya there and tells Mata Rani that he had insulted Aravan Devta and has to apologize to him. He says Aravan Devta is upset with me, and asks Mata Rani to recommend his prayers to him.

Sameer hires women to sell toys outside. He asks Soumya to give basket/tokri to them. Soumya gives them. Sameer and his mum praise Soumya. Sameer says wherever she will go, they will make her Devi. Soumya says if this was right then I wouldn’t have been here. Sameer’s mum asks him to cheer her up and says she might be crying. Sameer says you don’t love me since she came here. His mum thinks now he will learn to cheer up others..

Raavi comes to the place where man called her. She calls him where is he? Man says he is near her and asks her to see the bouquet which he kept for her. Raavi asks why did you call me when you don’t want to meet me. Man says I will come infront of you seeing your anxiousness. He asks her to pluck the flower from the bouquet. Raavi sees beautiful necklace and thanks him. He says beautiful gift for beautiful lady.

Saya asks Harman if he will go to Aravan Devta’s temple. She says it is kinnars temple. Harman says I will do the puja and handle people and asks them to sit in car. Saya smiles.

Sameer tells Soumya about ant and elephant’s story and tries to cheer her up. Soumya says she is fine. Sameer says I have to make you laugh like a child. He says he will become monkey and dances infront of her. Soumya reminisces Harman and cries badly. Sameer calls his mum and says she is crying. His mum asks what happened? Sameer gets strict with her and asks her to go and handle shop. Soumya goes. His mum asks why did he upset her? Sameer says he had to say that to change her mood, else wouldn’t said for sweet girl.

Kareena asks Kishan Lal to give them money. Kishan Lal gets Harak Singh’s call. Raveena says he didn’t give us money. Kareena says we shall escape after getting money. Kishan lal tells him to wait patiently. Harak Singh tells Kishan lal that he will do tandav on his head until he does his work. Kishan Lal asks Raveena and Kareena if they want to run away with the money. They say no.

Sameer thinks to use new simcard and thinks company is offering good plans. He places new sim in the mobile. Soumya comes there. Sameer asks where did she go? Soumya says I went to drown dried flowers and some stuff in the pond. Sameer teases her and asks why is she sad? And if she will be alright after Chandragrahan is over. A man comes to the shop and asks Soumya to show toy for 5 years old child. Soumya says ok. Man eyes Soumya with bad intention. Harman comes to Aravan Devta’s temple with kinnars.

Harman prays in the temple and lights diya on his hand. Soumya senses Harman’s hand is burnt and calls him. Harman says hello and realizes Soumya is on call.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hoping for chintu’s re-entry in the episodes…The boy has resumed shooting.

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