SNS-Tera Mera Rishta Purana-Season 2 Part 93:WELCOME TO THE PINK CITY!…

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Part 93-





Many cars are shown entering Rajasthan….


  Kesariya Balam Aaonee
Padharonee Mare Des Rey, Padharonee Mare Des
Kesariya Balam Aaonee, Padharonee Mare Des

Padharonee Mare Des, O Kesariya
Padharonee Mare Des Rey
Kesariya Balam Aaonee, Padharonee Mare Des

All are shown looking outside front the window and enjoying it’s beauty…. 

Sajan Sajan Me Karu Ane Sajan Hiye Jadit
Sajan Lakhu Hamare Chundle Ane Vanchu Ghadee Ghadee Rey
Padharonee Mare Des

Kesariya Balam Aaonee, Padharonee Mare Des
O Pacharo Nee Mare Des, O Kesariya
O Padharonee Mare Des

Kesariya, Kesariya Balam Aaonee
Padharonee Mare Des Rey, Padharonee Mare Des

Kesariya Balam, Ho Kesariya More Balam
Ho More Balam Balam, Padharonee Mare Des. 


Late Evening


All the cars stops in front of the Palace….They gets amazed to see such a huge and beautiful Palace….

Vidya: Finally, we reached our destination☺….

All: Yes☺!…
Pari: ?? 

Dharam: Let’s get married again Meeru?….

Meera: Do you really think I will make the same mistake again and again?…..

Dharam: What??….

Janki, Adi, Shivani, Shakti and Roopa who came earlier welcomes everyone….They will be staying in the adjacent Palace….AdRi looks at each other?….Umang and Trupti too arrives and greets everyone….Dhawal gets very happy to see his parents after so long and they too gets very happy to see him…. 



Before entering the Palace, they are given a grand welcome by applying tilak on their forehead and sprinkling some rose water on them…. 



Guests are shown gossiping….

Urmila: From inside it’s magnificent….I so wish I could stay here forever?…. 

All: ????

Servants shows them their rooms…. 




JiYa arrives with their son Rishi…. 

DheEra with the family comes outside to greet them….

Yash: We are extremely sorry for being so late?….
Jinal: Yaa as our flight was late….?
Dharam: It’s absolutely fine….No issues….Your not late….? 

Meera: Come?!….Meet our entire family…. 

JiYa: Yaa sure?….

Just then, someone from back: “Surprise?”….All looks at the direction and gets happy to see DhRiya…..

Priya: We hope we are not that late….
Dhruv: Due to the flight issues we had to wait for the another flight….
Janko: You both are not late….We too came in the evening only….

Jinal: And we too came just now….
Priya: Ohh!…It’s fine then?….
Pari: Yaa!…Come inside and have some rest?…. 

Priya: Yaa sure?!…

They all goes inside…. 



Someone “Surprise!”…. 


Pari: Mr and Mrs Bhanushali….I am so glad you could make it☺…. 



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  1. Niyati

    Wow….Totally loved it ….Meera teased while Dharam said to remarry is funny .,.Loved the pictures ..Eagerly waiting for surprise I mean next update ….Update soon & love u ? ?

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Niyu??❤❤Glad u loved it n the pics??Yep surprise☺Will up very soon??Love u too sweetheart???

  2. lovely update mansi .?????waiting for this for so long???? .but it was kind of short update .?????hope u have something big for the next????? .waiting for the next update???????. plz update it soooooon?????

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Lavi??❤❤I am so sorry for that as I wanted to show them coming to their destination….So….Yep the next part is long??Will update very soon??

  3. Jasminerahul

    introduction of Rajasthan with the song and pics was superb.the palace is so beautiful. no wonder why Urmila wants to stay there forever. dharam wants to marry meera again and her answer ..dharam’s reaction. .so funny.happy to see jiYa and driya after a long were mindblowing.can’t wait for the next chapter

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Jazzy??❤❤Glad to know ur happy to see JiYa n DhiRiya after a long time??Will update very soon??

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