Shakti 13th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman feels Preeto’s worrisome for him

Shakti 13th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maninder gets a letter from Surbhi. Someone from village reads it. Surbhi had written that they shouldn’t punish her family, she left the city because of Varun only. The villagers leave. Nani tells Maninder that both his daughters dearly loved him, only he was unlucky to not understand it in time.
Lameet comes looking for Suomya. Suomya had made herself up and looked pretty. She complements Suomya, then suggests dancing. Lameet stops dancing halfway astounded to see Suomya continue. They stop when Mrs. Kaushal bring tea for both and tells Khushi to stay at home, it’s off one day. Suomya sits with Lameet who stared at her for a while. Lameet discuss that Jolly is so unlike her, their situation is the same but Suomya is calm but Jolly over reacts and gets angry. Suomya says he is good at heart,

and may help anyone in need. Lameet asks what his favorite color is. Khushi had no idea what color she liked. Lameet asks a hind about which color she must wear in front of Harman. Mrs. Kaushal calls Suomya outside. Suomya suggests Lameet to wear orange, it might suit her and even Jolly will like it.
Harman was cleaning the hospital and inquires the staff about Khushi. Mr. Kaushal passes by. He tells Harman Khushi won’t come to hospital. Harman was furious that he is working as punishment today, and there Khushi is resting. Mr. Kaushal promises him a day off, after he completes his 24 hour punishment.
Harman comes at Mr Kaushal’s residence. Lameet was worried, she hides herself and tells Khushi not to tell him about her. Suomya opens the door. Harman looks skeptically at her, then asks what’s going on. Suomya says it was her off, she considered making herself a bit. Harman forces her to hospital.
Preeto was given electric shocks. She screams Harman’s name. Harman gets pain in his heart with the name. He and Preeto ask for water at the same time. Suomya was worried watching him unwell. Harman asks for some assistance. Suomya was tensed and goes to call Mrs. Kaushal to check on Harman.
Harak Singh sends Shanno to take the medicine to Preeto. Veeran signals Shanno to go and give the medicine well. Shanno comes to the room but was happy at Preeto’s condition and throw all the medicine in dustbin.
Mrs. Kaushal checks Harman’s heart beat and diagnoses an acidity.
The villagers come to Harak Singh and ask him to do the last rituals of Harman else he won’t get peace. Shanno comes there as if haunted. The villagers consider her condition an affect of negligence. Preeto walks to the hall and slaps her hard.

PRECAP: Harman was a part of a religious procession. Some kinners pulls an arrow that hits him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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