Shakti 13th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Angel kidnaps Harman and Soumya

Shakti 13th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mahi asking Harak Singh if Soumya was wrong and that DNA haven’t matched. Harak Singh says it is 100 percent matched. Preeto is taken back. Harak Singh gets emotional. Veeran says matched. Harak Singh says Soumya said right, this is our Harman. Mahi gets emotional now. Preeto gets teary eyes and checks the reports herself now. She cries and recalls their moments with him. Harak Singh recalls Harman telling his name to him. He recalls drinking with him and Harman asking him to do arm wrestling with him, their dance and hug. Music plays….Preeto recalls Harman telling that he has a mother like her, and father like Harak Singh, he has a family like them. Preeto recalls slapping him. She says I had said last night, that he is our son. Veeran says where is Harman and Soumya? He goes to check them. Mahi looks at the report and gets teary eyes. She recalls taunting him.

Virat brings Simran to the place where Heer asked him to bring her. She asks why did you bring me here and tells that Heer will ask me to unite with Rohan. He says I wanted best for you. She says I always confided in you and not in Daljeet Veer ji. Virat says trust me, I know Rohan since college days and tells that any girl will feel herself lucky getting him, and asks why she wants to break up with him due to Heer and her. He gives promise of Rakhi and asks her to give a chance to Rohan once, says you will not get any good guy like him. Simran says I will try for you. Virat says where is Heer, we shall go? Virat says we shall wait here for 5 more mins, she had called us here. Just then they see Arjun coming there. Virat holds Simran’s hand and runs. They hide behind the tree. Arjun waits for someone. Some goons come there in car. Arjun tells that he has lost 1 cr in gambling, and promises to return it.

Mahi says I did a big mistake, couldn’t identify him. She says I was doubtful on him, but if he is Harman ji, then he will be with Soumya and then I will be without him. She asks where will I go? Preeto asks have you gone mad? She says I was found on the road, everyone have headache in our heads and someone has threatened us and you are thinking about this. Veeran tells that Harman and Soumya are not in the room. Mahi says Soumya must have taken him far from here. Preeto says Soumya had identified him and if she wanted then she would have taken him long back. She says we wanted proofs, not Soumya. Harak Singh says I will call Harman. He calls her. The call gets picked by mistake and Harman asks who are they to kidnap him and kept him captive. Preeto and Harak Singh get shocked. Harak Singh calls again and the number is switched off. Preeto cries and asks why this is happening again, my son was found just now, then how he got separated from us.

Angel comes there clapping with her goons. They aim gun at Harak Singh and his family. The goons around them.

The goons ask Arjun why did he call them? Virat says if he is planning something. Arjun promises the goons that he will return their 1 cr and gives 50000 Rs to them. They ask how will you return 1 cr and asks if he has won lottery. Arjun says yes, I have trapped DSP Sant Baksh’s daughter. Virat recalls Nayan and Kamini getting upset with Arjun and his acts. Arjun says once I marry, I will become DSP’s Jamai, think that I have won the jackpot. He asks the goons not to touch his collar, as he is becoming damad of the rich man. Simran is shocked and recalls Arjun’s acting. Virat goes there angrily. Arjun gets shocked seeing him. The goon asks who is he? Virat says he is Virat Singh, DSP Sant Baksh’s son. The goons run away. Virat beats Arjun. Simran asks Virat not to make his hand dirty. Virat asks Simran to call Police. Arjun runs away. Simran says it was my mistake, I trusted this guy again. She says you said right, I was about to do a big mistake, I was about to get Rohan and my relation ruin due to this guy. She regrets and recalls Rohan’s goodness and care. She says Rohan has accepted me with my daughter and I doubted him. She says today Heer has saved me. Virat says I hope Heer understands that the decisions taken in anger, gives repentance later. He says Heer had called us and she is not here, thinks if she is in problem.

Angel says Preeto has gone old, but didn’t get any intelligence. She says who can send the threatening letter than me, asks if they heard Harman shouting. She laughs…

Precap: Angel tells that there is no jail which can trap her. She says she drugged them and took Harman and Soumya from the window. She makes Preeto talks to Harman. Harman says Soumya is with him. Preeto warns Angel. Angel shoots at Veeran’s leg.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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