Barrister Babu 14th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Anirudh becomes Bondita’s neighbor

Barrister Babu 14th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thakumaa asking Bondita to forget Anirudh. Bondita asks can you forget your Lord. Thakumaa says its my promise, I will make you forget that family. Bondita says Anirudh wants me to fly and I will fly. Bihari says this kothi is of Das family, villagers said that Thakumaa won’t let this haveli get sold. Trilochan says yes, Das family sold the half part of this haveli to someone else. Anirudh asks how do you know. Trilochan says I got to know that, its hard to find the owner, we will buy some other house. Anirudh says no, I have to stay here. Trilochan says Thakumaa won’t leave Bondita. Anirudh says find out the owner and tell him that we want to buy the house. Trilochan says fine. Anirudh says thanks, I don’t want to miss the chance. Thakumaa says you fly in dreams, women and ghungroo have a place in feet, its my promise, you will throw this pen yourself, it will be a sign of Anirudh’s defeat and my victory.

Its morning, Bondita takes the water pot. Tupur scolds her. Tapur smiles and asks Bondita to listen. Bondita says I don’t like anything. The pot falls down. Bondita says Thakumaa will scold me. She sees Anirudh’s reflection in the pot. She smiles seeing him. Rishta tera mera….plays… She says you here. He says yes. She gives her hands and stops. Tapur says I was trying to say this, Anirudh has bought this haveli. Bondita smiles. Anirudh asks will you welcome your new neighbor. Bondita says you have become my neighbor. He says yes, I told you, I will never leave you, our relation broke on papers, but our relation is made by heart, it will always be there. Tapur says you were so sad before. Bondita says I m very happy now, I want to eat many sweets now, thanks Anirudh.

Rimjhim tries to eat ghee secretly. Thakumaa scolds her. Kamla gets sweets from their neighbor. Thakumaa says I didn’t know when did the kothi get sold, it was mine, I had to sell that part of the kothi for money, maybe the owner sold it to any rich person, laddoos are made in real ghee, I won’t have it. Rimjhim asks Kamla to hide the laddoos. Thakumaa says distribute it between kids. Tupur comes and says Anirudh is our new neighbor. Thakumaa gets shocked.

Thakumaa throws the sweets. She says I don’t eat anyone taste the Amrit of that family. Bondita looks on. Thakumaa goes to spoil Anirudh’s rituals. Anirudh says we are not strangers, you know Trilochan, I m Anirudh, we will be meeting again. Thakumaa says its my Krishnanagar, not your Tulsipur, you can’t tolerate our enmity. Anirudh says I want to clear one thing, I have no enmity with you, I just came here to fulfill one dream. Bondita says that’s to make me a barrister, right. He says yes. Thakumaa says you have to kill your dreams. He says I can see Bondita’s dream and flight. He gets kalash to Thakumaa’s house. He says Bondita’s journey to become a barrister will begin now. He goes. Anirudh gives the shank to Bihari. Bihari plays the shank. Trilochan smiles. Thakumaa thinks I will not let your dream get fulfilled. Trilochan and Bihari argue. He gets sad and says I forgot everything since Bondita took the responsibility. Anirudh smiles hearing him say about Bondita. He says I will do that, thanks, you have come here to support me, don’t worry, I will decorate the entire house. Trilochan thinks I know its not tough to cross the wall, Kalindi is between you and Bondita. Anirudh and Bondita tie a rope to their terrace railing. He passes her letter. She reads. Tujhme roshan hoga suraj….plays… He sends her notes. He asks what happened. She writes I felt much happy to study after a long time, thanks for this unique class. He smiles reading the class. Light goes off in his house. Bondita thinks why did powercut occur in his house.

Precap: Bondita asks Thakumaa whether she cut the lights. Thakumaa says yes, Anirudh should be at his home, not here. Bondita uses her knowledge and brings the lights back. Thakumaa wonders how the lights got back on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Awwn so sweet 🤗😘. Relations made by heart can never be broken.

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  2. So beautiful ❤️🥰 so pure their relation is not subjected to any custom or societal norms… Its a heart to heart connection 😍

  3. Tanushree Baraily

    Wow loved the episode❤️ so nice to see Anirudh and bondita together again😭❤️

  4. ahhh🥰 really like this track, their relationship is not submissive and above all customs and traditions. Enmity between thakuma and kaka 😮 they were hostile in the past

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