Shakti 13th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Heer searches for Soumya

Shakti 13th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nutan coming to Saya’s house and asks about Soumya. She asks them to stop Soumya till marriage. Saya comes there and hits on her head. Nutan faints. Saya tells the kinnars that Soumya has come, I will not let Nutan hinder Soumya’s work. She asks them to take Nutan to room and calls Soumya. She informs her that Nutan and many other people are searching her, but she will not let anyone stop her. She says I am with you and asks her to do her work. Heer comes out of room and talks to the moon. She asks the moon to tell if the lady was Gulabo or not. She thinks why she is not coming again and checks the time, it is 2 am. Heer comes to the hall and waits for Soumya, it is 3 am. She comes out of house. Tera ishq hai meri ibadat plays……..Heer thinks Gulabo must have come by now and thinks if she is not Gulabo. She thinks whoever she is, she will come from this door. She goes back inside again and thinks to catch her. Rohan comes to hall and sees Heer going to her room. She looks down the window and thinks to wait for her. She waits all night and sleeps. Rohan comes there and covers blanket on her. He comes out. Preeto asks didn’t you sleep yet?

Rohan says he is waiting to meet Soumya. Preeto says it is late now, I don’t think that she will come. Soumya comes there and keeps some gifts and envelope on the door. Rohan brings the water jug and gives to Preeto. Preeto asks him to sleep. Rohan says ok. He comes out and catches the lady. He gets shocked and leaves her hand. In the morning, Preeto says she left letter again. Heer reads the letter that she is returning her belongings, will be near her until her marriage and then will leave for forever. She gets shocked and says my Gulabo can’t blackmail me emotionally. Rohan opens the box and finds teddy, rattle, etc. He says how can these stuff will be with someone else, she was Soumya Mami only. Soham says why she is not coming infront of us, what is the problem? Heer says exactly, I can’t believe. Rohan says she was Soumya Mami only, even if you believe it or not. Heer opens the box and finds the boxing gloves.

Preeto gets Parmeet’s call. Parmeet tells that she has sent mehendi designer and she will only apply mehendi. Preeto says Heer will apply herself. Parmeet says mehendi and other things shall be according to our class, so she has sent special mehendi designer. A lady in veil comes there. Preeto says she has reached. She prays to Mata Rani to do some miracle. She tells Heer that Parmeet has sent mehendi designer and asks the lady to apply it. Heer asks her to come inside, till she keeps the stuff inside. Soham asks her to stop and tells that they will keep her stuff inside. He asks the lady to sanitize her hands first and then apply mehendi to Heer. Heer gives her sanitizer. The lady sanitizes her hands and begins appling mehendi to her. Rohan finds Heer’s 5th birthday dress in the box and shows to Soham. He gets emotional looking at the boxing gloves, teddy etc. Soham says she couldn’t sleep without teddy. Heer also thinks of Soumya and reminisces her. The lady in veil cries under the veil and her tear drops fall on Heer’s hand, but the latter doesn’t understand. The lady asks her about her husband’s name and asks where is the bathroom. Heer shows her way to bathroom. The lady goes inside. Other lady comes there and asks where is the bride? Preeto asks who are you? The lady says DSP’s wife has sent me to apply mehendi to the bride. Shanno asks then who was she? Heer realizes and says she was Gulabo. Soham says where did she go? Heer and others rush to the bathroom. They come back. Rohan says she must have left by now. Heer finds her anklet and shows to Preeto and others. Tu hi mera khuda plays……

The mehendi designer asks them to say, who is the bride? Heer asks her to come later? Preeto says Parmeet sent her. Heer insists to talk to Virat and tell him that she don’t want to apply mehendi now. Preeto asks what is the drama? She says Soumya must be feeling bad that you have chosen Virat over her. Heer asks are you happy to see me in dilemma? Harak Singh says what Soumya might be thinking, that her love was not sufficient for you. Heer thinks she knows whom to choose?

Precap: Virat tells Heer that he will search Gulabo. Saya asks Heer not to marry. Heer threatens to burn her hand. Saya informs her that Preeto had forced Soumya to leave the house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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