Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 13th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Arjun fails Gagan’s plan

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 13th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun marrying someone in his house. Ram comes there holding the gun and shoots Arjun. Nalini tries to stop him, but in vain. Pinky is under the veil and gets shocked seeing Arjun dead. Pinky tells that she was married to Gagan, but she got married to Arjun. She tells that Gagan had pushed Arjun down from the terrace. Swami ji asks Ram about Arjun. Ram says we have nothing to do with Ananya’s husband. Pinky’s brother tells Swami ji about the elections. Swami ji asks Ram to handle the position of the Brahmin samaj. Arjun comes there and says you are not true to your own family. Pinky comes and asks what are you saying? Arjun says your Papa hates me so much that he is saving Gagan who tried to kill me. Swami ji says we don’t have time to hear this. Arjun asks do you have time to hear this nonsense? Police comes there. Arjun shows the watch and asks Gagan if it is yours? Gagan says yes. Arjun says it is the proof and asks him to say what he was doing on the terrace on holi day. Gagan asks Sarthak to play the pendrive. Sarthak plays the pendrive in which Arjun is saying that he likes Pinky, their pics are also shown. Gagan says I don’t wanted to tell this, but they are having an affair.

Pinky says this is lie. Gagan says this is truth, but Arjun will say that I am lying. Arjun says no, this is truth, Pinky and I like each other. Pinky wonders what is he saying? Arjun says this is the truth now? Gagan asks if everyone has heard. Pinky thinks what Arjun is saying. Arjun says this is the truth. Gagan says his relation is cheap and he points finger at me. Arjun says last time I had pointed finger, but now I will claps. He asks Swami Ji, if Gagan has the right to kill him. He tells Inspector that Gagan is Ram’s son in law and that’s why he wants to save him. He says I am the eye witness and saw Gagan pushing me down the terrace. Gagan shouts. Arjun tells Pinky that they didn’t do anything which will make her lower her eyes or head. He holds her hand and asks her to come. Pinky brushes off her hand and goes. Inspector asks Gagan not to leave until the enquiry ends. Gagan thinks Arjun trapped me badly. Arjun comes to Pinky. Pinky asks why did he say the dialogue about her. She says that pics were fake, but what about the recording. She asks when did you say that you like me? Amma comes there and asks what did you do? Arjun folds his hands and says I respect you more than my mother, asks if she trusts him. Amma says yes. Pinky thinks whatever happened was wrong. She thinks what Papa might be going through.

Arjun comes there and closes the door. Pinky asks why did you close the door. Arjun plays the recording in which Pinky is saying Arjun is hot etc. Pinky says I never said this. Arjun says in today’s time, anything can be modified. He says he knows how to respect woman and tells that he felt bad that she don’t trust him. Pinky asks what you was doing on the terrace with Gagan. Arjun says it is not necessary now. Pinky asks him to say. Arjun says Gagan wanted to make you drink poison to make you lose your voice.

Pinky says you have risked your life because of me. Arjun says I would have done this for anyone. Pinky tells that she trusts him and infact the trust was never gone. She says my heart knows that you can’t do anything. She says I am with you now. Arjun says if my plan is successful then your Papa will tell Gagan’s truth infront of all. Pinky says what we need to do now? Arjun says you have to do. Nalini tells Ram that Pinky can’t have any relation with Arjun. Ram says I know this. Arjun wants me to tell Gagan’s truth infront of all. I want to test Pinky, lets see until when she will help him. He says he is filing nomination for Brahmin society tomorrow. Pinky talks to Amma and tells that she has to go to Brahmin samajh meeting, but nobody will hear us. Amma says imarti will go. Pinky asks who is she? Amma describes the idea of imarti. Pinky takes avatar of imarti.

Precap: Imarti comes to Ram and Nalini’s house. Swami ji comes to Ram’s house. Arjun and Pinky pose romantically infront of them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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