Shakti 12th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Jasleen regrets for her decision, Soumya and Harman miss each other

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Shakti 12th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer’s mum giving coconut to Soumya. Soumya takes coconut from her hand and breaks it. Jasleen takes care of Preeto. Saya calls Jasleen and tells her about Harman. Jasleen gets shocked. Harman is still lighting diya on his hand. Jasleen comes there and asks where is Harman? Saya says he is inside the temple. Jasleen runs inside and asks him to come home. Harman says he will light the diya until Mata Rani signs him that Soumya is alive or not. Jasleen takes diya from his hand and keeps near mata rani. Harman tells about his oath. Jasleen asks him to fulfill his oath and runs out. She cries and blames herself responsible. Saya says everything will be fine and asks her not to cry. She says nothing will change. Saya says I wish that miracle shall happen and Soumya shall be back.

Soumya thinks she don’t get happiness or smile on her face now. Women labourers return to Sameer and gives him 4000 Rs. Sameer says I will give your money tomorrow, and goes inside. He tells Soumya that Lakshmi is pouring on him, she is auspicious for him, now he will marry someone soon. He holds her hand and takes her outside, informing everyone that this girl is auspicious for him and she is his everything now. Soumya gets angry and leaves. One of the man asks him to do hard work. Sameer says ok and goes behind Soumya. He says you are like an angel in my life, you are lucky and my good friend. Soumya says she don’t believe in relations, and only believes in relations which is made by God, and not in the relations which humans made.

Sameer says your husband is wrong, and that doesn’t mean that all men are bad. Soumya gets angry and says you have no rights to say anything. Sameer says I will say but, my friendship is far better than your husband’s love. He says don’t know how your husband was, who left such good and loving girl. He says my friendship will heal your pain. Soumya asks him to leave. Sameer’s mum comes there and slaps Sameer. She says relations are not made like this, says you have done enough drama. She says I have made kheer and goes. Soumya thinks about Harman and thinks he didn’t do any mistake. It was all my loss, I lost everything. Sameer comes after closing the shop and they leave for home.

Harak Singh calls Kishan lal. Kishan is drinking with Raveena and Kareena in the local bar. Harak Singh asks what is his plan? Kishan Lal tells that he has hired some men to do his work. Harak Singh says my tiger is hungry for your blood and says work shall be completed. Shanno hears him and thinks what he meant? Harman calls Soumya, but number is switched off. Soumya is in her room and thinks I know that I miss you very much. She says your memory keeps me awake in the night. I just want to hear you once and live my entire life hearing you, but I can’t call you even though I remember your number. She tells Harman, Preeto and Surbhi’s number. Harman tells Jasleen that Soumya’s phone is off. He tells that call is not connecting. Jasleen says phone will be connected if it have sim card. Soumya says Raavi’s number and thinks she has to remember them this way. Sameer’s mum comes there and asks her to sleep. Soumya tries to sleep.

Harman comes somewhere and calls for Soumya. He lights candle and asks Soumya to come. He sees Soumya coming and holds her face (may be imagination scene).

Harman asks Soumya where did you go, and says I will never trouble you. He promises to keep her happy and asks her to hug him and forgive him. Soumya hugs and forgives them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sameer gets angry and leaves.
    Did Sameer got angry?
    SOUMYA gets angry and leaves.
    H HASAN stop being so careless.

    1. H Hasan

      You can point out mistake, but can’t be judgemental. It was a mistake.

      1. I always point out the mistakes. I will continue doing it.
        U can bash me, but if I feel the description or update has errors, I will bring it to your notice .

    2. Tanvi let me ur correct ur English.
      Did soumya got angry is not proper English Instead it is “did soumya get angry”? From now on Everytime u try to correct Hassan I will minutely be looking at ur work and correcting it..and just so u k ow my English is far better than urs and my vocabulary is extensive so let’s begin..

      1. Hasan u r getting supporters… But I will still point out the mistakes…. Where did I wrote Soumya got angry?
        My comment questioned H Hasan About Sameer being angry or not.
        And H Hasan don’t think that by getting some so called supporters…u will be spared… If I find errors… I will make sure it comes to everyone’s notice

  2. Atleast hes posting the written update, stop talking about the mistakes he made. We all saw the episode so we can get the idea it was soumya angry not sameer. Why dnt u do the updates then tanvi ?? Since u are perfect n cnt stand mistakes on the page

    1. Well,there were 2 times when Hasan didn’t updated till late… And at that Time I wrote the update but Hasan late update got posted.
      So when my updates aren’t posted by the team in Hasan’s absence. Then what’s the need to prove it to anyone?
      And Hasan and administrator when the update is correct, have it bashed or pointed out at anyone? whatever I say there’s a reason behind it

      1. Ur first sentence makes no sense Tanvi ok let me correct it for u instead of what u wrote it should be ” there were couple of times when Hasan was late at posting the update” that is a correct way come on now Tanvi being an English tutor u should know when u urself is making mistakes..ur next sentence that needs to be corrected where u are saying that the team chose Hasan’s update instead of urs it should be written like this “even though I was the one to post the update first the administration did not acknowledge it instead they chose Hasan’s summarized version..that is proper English Tanvi you can do better I know..

    2. I agree your comment tara

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