Prithvi Vallabh 12th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Mrinal brutally stabs Prithvi for kissing her, Hemraj rescues him

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Prithvi Vallabh 12th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prithvi locked in the Manyakheta jail and tells poetic lines. He reminisces Mrinal and the moments spent with her. He recalls Mrinal asking her to leave his emotions else his soul will not get peace.

Sulochana comes to Mrinal. Mrinal says I know what you want to say, and says you always spoke about Prithvi Vallabh sometimes by words, sometimes by silence. She says there is difference between truth and thinking. Sulochana says I want to talk about you and says I fear that your hatred, revenge etc will take away your patience, peace, and sacrifice. She says if this happens then there will be no repentance. She says we will be with you, but you will not be with us. She says if your own people get against you and asks her to be careful with her own enemy from her heart. She takes leave from her. Mrinal is in tears.

Prithvi is brought to the Court. Tailap says we have decided to give him death punishment as he insulted us by making the idol. Prithvi walks towards the rope. He looks at Mrinal. Mrinal also looks at him. Tailap says everyone know that he has joked on Manyakheta’s customs, but we will keep up his last wish. He says Mrinal will make Prithvi Vallabh wear hanging rope fulfilling his wish. Mrinal looks at Prithvi and recalls their meeting. She gets teary eyes and walks towards him.

Prithvi imagines romancing with Mrinal. Piya Tore Naina…..plays. He kisses on her cheeks. They part ways in their imagination. Mrinal walks towards him. Prithvi shows his cuffed hands. She removes chain and frees his hands. Prithvi holds her hand. Mrinal cries. Tailap, Jakala and others are shocked. Prithvi and Mrinal have a liplock. All the people on the palace are shocked. Mrinal also hugs him. Manyakheta’s people are shocked. Suddenly Mrinal realizes what she did and pushes Prithvi. Sulochana runs towards them. Mrinal pushes her and takes sword and stabs Prithvi in his stomach multiple times. Prithvi looks at her while he is heavily injured.

Sulochana tries to stop Mrinal. Prithvi falls down and forwards his hand. He tells poetry that his death shall make her learn love and to life. He faints and falls down. Tailap comes to Mrinal and covers her back. He asks Sulochana to take her. People in the palace gossip that who will marry her now, and says dirt is inside the palace. Tailap scolds them and asks soldiers to cut his body in pieces. When a man comes and says you have did enmity with Gaj Kesari. Tailap Raj asks who are you? Guru Aditya comes there and apologize to man and calls him Pant Shrest. He says we shall take Prithvi for treatment. Tailap says Manyakheta will not give him shelter and says he has molested my sister. Guru Aditya says he will be treated here. Tailap refuses and says he can get treatment as a prisoner here. Pant Shrest says you can’t kill him as he is already injured. Tailap takes Mrinal to her room. He holds her hand and asks her not to worry. He tells her that you have set a history and won from enemy. Mrinal says enemy gave me a new wound. He tells her that he will ask Sulochana to care for her only. He calls her and asks Sulochana not to let anyone come inside until she tells. He asks Mrinal to rest.

Pant Shrest and other healers try to treat Prithvi and cleans his wounds. They applies lep to his body and washes his hairs. Prithvi gets his breath back and coughs. Mausi tells Kosha that Mrinal has attacked Prithvi badly, and he can die at any time. Kosha asks God to have sympathy on him and make him fine. Mausi says he is getting treated. Kosha says when she will understand Prithvi’s love. Mausi says Prithvi is guilty as he kissed Mrinal before his death punishment.

Pant Shrest tells that Prithvi is Gaj Kesari and if you attempt to kill him then Manyakheta will be destroyed. Vikramjeet says who will marry Mrinal now. Pant shrest Hemraj tells that Prithvi is Gaj Kesari and have special responsibility. He says although he is Gaj Kesari, but he has human feelings also. He says whenever he is in trouble, he will come there. Jakala comes to meet Mrinal. Sulochana stops her. Jakala says I have relation with Mrinal. Sulochana stops her and goes to seek Mrinal’s permission. She tells Mrinal that Maharani Jakala wants to meet her. Mrinal is silent. Jakala comes there and says Palace is same, everything is same, clothes is also same, but sadly there are no curtains now. She says Manyakheta’s respect is ruined, an unmarried princess infront of her Praja, is stained. Mrinal says it is not black spot, or stain. Jakala says you didn’t realize what wound he gave you, and says even if wound is healed, but scars will be left which will remind you about this. Mrinal says it is your habit to make issue. She says why history will ask me answer. Jakala says it leaves nobody.

Vikramjeet tells Tailap you can make this incident small, but people won’t. Mrinal tells Tailap that she will punish him badly, and goes on to beat him with hunter. Prithvi tells poetry and is injured again.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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