Shades of love # a shivika is episode 5

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Hi all we are meeting after a long. Break

Sorry I didn’t have time to post my fan friction ……………

All ishkara fans I apologize as ishana re entry will take place in my next episode only for sure .

As for shivika fans …………..this episode is a treat for us .

Stay tuned and enjoy!!!

Guys please please please please comment on my fan friction

Thank you.

So as per current track…………….

Shivay prepones marriage date saying it to be tomorrow ……….
All are hell shocked……….
Dadi , om, soumya are upset.
Rudra is in the captive of romi devi
Anika is crest fallen.
Shivay is in the peak of anger and jealousy as daksh convinced him about his and anika spending the night .

Now my fan friction….

Anika gets jewelry plate to shivay and she asks him to choose a jewelry as instructed by pinky….

Shivay in hell of anger and jealously bangs the tray n the wall and cuts his hand.

Anika get scared and worried seeing this tends to him but he jerks away. Now she takes his hand in hers with all anger and right.

Shivay just stares at anika and smiles.

His heart was no longer jealous. He got all his answers with her one action. He was dancing in happiness.

But suddenly his smile vanished. He asked her her worth is only15 lakhs ????

She was stunned and angry.
He said for sleeping a whole night with daksh she took only 15 lakhs???!

She gives him a tight slap and says she feels sorry for loving a stupid , mannerless, idiot, rich and spoilt person like him and walks away.

Shivay was in hell shock as then why did daksh say all that crap??

Just then anika entered again and threw a glass full of water on his face and gave him some documents saying read it for your answers and that she was there in daksh room but with and for soumya.

Shivay read the documents and asked dadi about them and spoke to soumya tooo and got to know the whole story.

Before he could apologize for all the misunderstanding anika came to him saying she will definitely spend not just one but all the nights of her life with daksh as he love her and will have the right after the marriage.

Shivay was shaken
He thought about watching daksh and asks khanna to do so.

Khanna informs him that daksh is anika’s stalker and a pysco who is obsessed with her.

Shivay is shocked and remembers anikas words.

Next morning…..

Anika gets a call informing sahil is abducted.
She is shattered.
Shivay enters the room with a thaali of shaadi jooda .
He says sahil is fine. Don’t worry.
She was shocked as how he know and asks him
He replies sahil is with him.
She aks what he wants.
He says , MARRY ME!!!
anika was hell shaken
She refused and his jealousy grew. He came near her . took her hand forcibly and took out daksh ring and throws it.

After some time…………..

Some how rudra reaches home .
Everyone tends to him and narrated all that happened .
He grew sad .
He tells om and soumya everything
Om asked who saved him??

Rudra replies bela/ ishana.
Om is shocked.

An hour later.

A couple is taken pheras. Yes that’s our shivika.
Anika was having a mixture of emotions of joy and sorrow. With every phera shivay is more happy so as anika.

He makes her wear mangalsytra.
Pinkru lifts the veil for vermilion and sees anika.

All are shocked.

Prinku dadi omru soumya are overjoyed.

Shivay fills anika hairline with vermilion and pandit says marriage is completed.

All are shocked.
Tia is angry.

Shivika love hate relationship romance……………
More about ishana……

Thanks guys
Stay tuned
Please comment .

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    Perfect story line for the current track.

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    We can’t see them like this
    Wo 6oti 6oti meethi takrar is better than hate
    Nd that is good k at least Shivay knows the truth bout Daksh
    But still he has to known bout Tia too
    She is very “chipdi” girl as per Anika word??

  7. Shivika

    Wow….fab… akshaya dear said it is prefect storyline for present one it is write…..dear u rocked…it was superbbb… nxt asap

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    Update soon

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