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helloooo guy’s, I am here with my new epi….. today I’m not gonna waste ur time with my bolbacchan…
i know u all r eager to know whats there in chit, plz guys i request u all. plzzz don’t kill me after reading the chit part..
so I’ll start now



Epi 5


In previous episodes u have seen that rudra is crying & worried for the safety of his super girl (Annika). annika is overwhelmed bcoz of rudra’s concern and care shivay assures him that his super man will protect his super girl. annika consoles rudra. om+somu+ani pulls legs of him. he becomes normal and runs after sumo to teach her lesson. anni smiles seeing their cute fight. om asks annika to smile like this always bcoz this suits her & supports her…

later annika thinks to herself that she will not interfere in marriage of shitia…but later thinks about omru, dadi & other family members and determines to expose tia bcoz don’t want them to suffer…..
shivay thinks about annika and thinks that she is special. but gets restless bcoz of her changed behavior. and really hurt for this that annika is calling him Mr. Oberoi instead of billu ji or his nick names which she kept for him. he goes in hall to confront annika but didn’t find her their but finds a chit laying on floor & going to read it just then annika notices this and gets tensed bcoz that chit is given by ACP.


annika is praying to god to save her, shivay has opened the chit and starts reading it just then someone shouts annika. shivay turns in that direction and find that annika has fainted he closes the letter and rushes to her side to help her. just then daksh comes in between holds her and slaps lightly on annika’s cheeks to wake her. shivay gets jealous seeing this and crumbles the chit in his fist…

Shivay: (glares at daksh) daksh move let me see her, (daksh moves back seeing angry shivay) someone plz bring the water fast….
daksh: (goes quickly & fetches the glass of water hurriedly ) here it is shivay. (he is tensed for annika)
[shivay sprinkles some water on her face and slaps her lightly…. annika gets up]
annika: ( thinks, thank god i got this idea to stop billu ji on right time but how to get the chit from his hand) I am okay ( she thinks in mind & says idea !!! & grabs shivay’s hand in which there is a chit, & holds his hand like we do when we handshake)
shivay: (he is totally surprised by her this act and gets into an eye lock and gets lost in her beautiful eyes, meanwhile annika silently takes her hand back along with the chit and hide the chit in her other hand… neither shivay nor daksh notices this bcoz they were tensed for her……, suddenly shivay realizes that she has taken her hand back and looks at her with care) R u okay? i mean how u faint all of sudden.
annika: i am okay mr. oberoi.

shivay: (again mr. oberoi, what the f**k !!) u r such care less girl. can’t u take care of yourself..
daksh: (interrupts shivay) hey shivay, why r u scolding her?
shivay: listen daksh don’t interfere in between.
daksh: (ignores shivay) annika don’t worry about anything i am here with u… R u okay?
annika: yeah daksh i am perfectly fine i think it’s just bcoz of weakness.(thinks annika just run from here with this chit nahi toh raita fail jayega)

[shivay gets jealous and fumes in anger and thinks to himself she is calling me mr. oberoi & to this idiot this much sweetly and even called him by his name and gets more angry]

daksh: annika just take care of yourself dear.., by the way r u free in the evening, i have one surprise for u, plz don’t say no plzzzz plzzzz (he pleads like a little boy)
(shivay gets restless and thinks now what this idiot have in his mind for annika, she is telling him that she is not interested and he like an stupid goes again again behind her)
shivay: now what daksh, she have told u many times why r u forcing her again & again???
daksh: bro r u my friend or my enemy? what problem do u have if i want her little time?
annika: (she wants to escape from there hence ) daksh i can’t say anything bcoz i am busy in arrangements of mr. oberoi’s marriage ? but I’ll surely join u if i am free….
(shivay glares at her with shock how come she agreed as far as i know her. i expected her to say nooooo.)
daksh: (being super happy ) I’ll wait for u my dear…( and goes from there)

shivay: i thought u will say no.
annika: and why u thought like that….( and raises her one eyebrow )
shivay: wooo… ummm .. nothing !! (stands there speechless)
annika gave him a confused look and escapes from there hurriedly toward the room which is allotted for her work…..

[shivay totally forgets about the chit in this whole incident and goes to his room..
here annika locks the room and sits on bed and looks at the chit which is in her hand ]

annika: (talks to herself in an loud i mean audible voice ) don’t know what’s there in this stupid chit. thank god i got saved this time. thank u ganpati bappa ( i trust in ganpati bappa very much hence i mention ganpati) today raita failate failate bach gaya…. if billu ji would have found out that this chit is given by ACP. i must check this before anyone sees this…
she opens the chit and reads it aloud…..

———- chit———

U r not a one in a MILLION kind of GIRL,
U r once in a LIFETIME kind of GIRL…………..
& I want u to stand by my side being my friend/ best friend…..
U may feel it weird but u r the only girl who proved me wrong in every way
Just accept my friendship plzz. I’ll be happier to stand beside u with a pride of being Ur friend. U will not regret on our friendship…
but if u don’t want to be my friend then no issues… i’ll not force u for anything
This is my no. 8888000100 if u accept me as Ur friend then I am just a call away……..

Annika: I don’t know what happened to him, why is he behaving so sweet & caring. does he have any hidden motive or he is genuine….., oh god my head will burst if i think this much…, day by day i am being like billu ji, i have doubt on everyone. i am taking decision by myself without seeing there real behavior & should try to trust that person..
and as om always say The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them. i’ll definitely think about this… now i have too much work tomorrow is sangeet ceremony…


shivay is sitting at the poolside he has his laptop is in front of him but his attention is somewhere else.. he is remembering annika she is teasing him with his different nick names he remembers all the moments spent with her & just thinks of her only… an unknown smile appears on his face…. he is smiling to the glory thinking about her just then omru enters and gets shocked seeing shivay like this…

om: shivaaay……!!!!
rudra: bhaiya…!!!
(shivay still lost in thoughts of annika, omru sees this and winks naughtily at each other)

omru: (in a bit loud voice) areyyyy annika u here……
shivay: annika where…, where is she ??? i wan’t to ask her something imp…. (but doesn’t find her in a room, shivay just looks at omru for explanation but omru just burst out in laughter and falls on bed and laughs loudly….. holding their stomach) what is this is it any joke???
om: shivay what’s happening to u? u were not listening to us when we called u and u just looked when we took annika’s name…….(grins naughtily)
rudra: o this is not true actually bhaiya was thinking about only annika di..
shivay: yeah actually i was just thinking about her nothing else stop teasing me guys.. (just then realizes that he slipped his tongue and looks else where…)
om: rudra listen i remembered one shayari on this situation

teri doori ka ehsaas jab satane laga…..
teri doori ka ehsaas jab satane laga…..,
tere saath guzra har lamha yaad ane laga.
jab bhi bhulane ki koshish ki tuze,
dil ke aur karib tu aane lagaa…

rudra: well done O… what a shayari !!!!
shivay: hey i was just thinking about her it nothing like that u r getting me wrong…
om: rudra did i say that this shayari is for shivay ???
rudra: nooo O, not at all
om: then why r u taking it as i said it for u ??
shivay: (shivay gets speech less and changed topic to defend himself) u both here any problem??
omru: can’t we come here to spend some time with u…
shivay: of course why not..

they all sit by pool side and enjoys tea in kulaad (cup made of soil). they r silent and r thinking about their life in their mind. rudra first thinks about romi & then about his marriage with somu..,om thinks about the accident and recent happenings and shivay is thinking about annika’s change & her calling mr. oberoi instead of billu ji..

just then om breaks the ice and starts speaking…

om: so rudra what’s ur score…???
shivay: (in confusion) score???
rudra: 198
om: OMG, rudra from which side the sun rised let me check like seriously after breaking up with ur devi GF u did not go on date with anyone……
shivay: what??? rudy r u all right… i mean let me check ( and acts like checking his fever)
rudra: O, bhaiya plz don’t tease me i am not in any mood…. O u say now a days u r moving in a house like if u have murdered someone..
om: (om gets shocked and spits his tea…) murder !!! rudra r u mad, i did not do any murder and don’t u dare to talk with me like this again and goes out of the room angrily (he thinks about the accident and gets tensed again)
rudra: what i do now ??(makes puppy face) bhaiya now a days O is behaving different.
shivay: yeah i also have noticed this don’t worry i’ll talk with him…
rudra: hmm…, tell me whats happening in ur life..(shivay is again lost) bhaiya…. (rudy shakes shivay) r u okay, u looked tensed is there any tension bhaiya…
shivay: (first hesitate but then decides to share it with rudy for relief) no, nothing it’s just that annika is behaving strange now a day..
rudra: no bhaiya, she is normal to every one, i was so worried for her after the stalker incident but she is totally fine and behaving normally. she is so strong..
shivay: no, she is behaving different only with me..
rudra: bhaiya i didn’t get u ?? plz tell me neatly
shivay: she is ignoring me, she avoids me, talks with me in a very professional way, & now a days she is not calling me billu she is calling me mr. oberoi…
rudra: bhaiya u should be happy.. u wanted na that didi to stop calling u billu, then if she has stopped calling u with ur nick name then what problem do u have ? ( and gives a mischievous smile)
shivay: it’s not like that rudra actually she done that suddenly hence i am confused…
rudra: LOGIC bhaiya…(points to his head)
shivay: what logic ??
rudra: u r totally billu, the great intelligent rudy now u need to explain him
shivay: (just glares him in anger )
rudra: okay don’t play war with ur kanji eyes.. i’ll explain
why O calls papa, MR. OBEROI ???
shivay: bcoz he is angry on him, disappointed by his behavior ( and realizes that it’s same in annika & his case, yeah she is angry on me. how i didn’t get it even this dumb oberoi also understood it) yeah u r right rudy…..
rudra: ( waits for shivay’s reply but no reply from his side again shook him) bhaiya i think u should say something to me( he means he is waiting for thank u)
shivay: yea, it’s too late u should sleep now…
rudra: (disappointed) like seriously bhaiya, u know annika didi says right u can never say thank u & sorry bcoz u r a billu….( and runs from their to save himself from shivay)
shivay: what did u say stop rudy i’ll show u…


yes i got it annika is angry on me hence she is ignoring me, calling me mr. oberoi, showing me attitude… but why?? what i did now?? i have to find out this i’ll ask her

and goes in search of annika

annika is passing by there just then someone pulls her in a dark room & she gets scared…..
epi ends on annika’s scared face


so guys i’ll stop here for today
i have typed the longer update bcoz now i have 2 days holiday for my next paper it’s on saturday…
i don’t know why but i am not satisfied with this 5th part of my ff
plz give me ur reviews and comments
i hope u will like it…

chappals, eggs, rotten tomatoes & negative comments r also accepted bcoz i think its not good plz let me know about ur POV regarding this part & ff also…
sorry for mistakes, if any r present..

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    1. Mrunal

      thanks dea?

  2. Nansshivika

    Good one mrunal. Obro moment is superb

    1. Mrunal

      Hey nans thank u dear…☺
      I am glad that u liked obro part…..

  3. Shivika

    Dear it was wow….amzing….fab….and ranveer’s message in chit was dumbstrucking….i really liked it a lot and even it was long and nyc……superbbb

    1. Mrunal

      Awww thank u dea…??
      U know i was so worried for the chit part but i am relieved that u liked it…

  4. Akshaya

    Was that daksh? Cool episode. Duffer has some brain

    1. Mrunal

      Yeah my lovely reader that was daksh…
      And yeah duffer oberoi has brain but it’s less in quantity hence he don’t waste it on small small issues……??????

      Thanks for the comment dear

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    Nyc one yaar.waitng for d next one…

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      Ur comments r really precious for me bcoz u r such good writer…???

  7. Jazz1

    Really nyc.
    Didn’t thought that Ranveer will write something like that.

    1. Mrunal

      Hey buddy thanks yaar…..??
      I know u didn’t expected the chit to be in this way… That’s the surprise guys..???

      Be ready for some sweet shocks like this….

  8. Samm

    it was an interesting episode, but you made a mistake. when shivaay was sitting on the pool side, you wrote that OmRu fell on bed 😐 that just stuck with me, i guess. but it was awesome.
    shivaay can be so dumb at times! 😀 waiting for their reconciliation

    1. Mrunal

      Hey samm first of all thank u for ur comment…..?
      I am glad that u liked it..
      And regarding that mistake actually it’s not a mistake if u have seen the serial then u will understand that there is a room adjacent to pool side… When shivay was sitting in pool side omru just entered there from that room and when they say that annika u here that time ahivay searches her everywhere means in that room also but he dont find her there and then that bed falling laughter happens….

      Sorry it was just a mistake from my side i didn’t mentioned that he comes in the room for annika…. Sorry for the confusion dear…..

      And u know i am so glad that u r reading my ff very keenly….??

  9. Ruksy

    This was not Good. it was amazing.

    1. Mrunal

      Hey ruksy… Nice prank…
      I thought that i got a negative comment for the first time… But when i read ur full comment then i got that????

      Thank u for ur unique comment…..

  10. Jayashree

    Amazing dear…obros conversation are always bliss … U just nailed it with the dialogues for obros..waiting for next part…

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      Hey dear thank u so much for ur superb comment….
      U just made me feel special with ur words.
      Love u yaar???

  11. Oo wow keep writing like this .
    ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

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    amazing episode

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    Wow!!!…………keep going. I am liking it soooooooo much.

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    Awesome update dear????
    Shiru scene was funny
    I hope it is shivaay who pulled anika
    Loved the update?

    1. Mrunal

      Tysm much dear……???
      U will get to know it tomorrow i am typing the next part right now

  15. Ananya7044

    It was just fabsome and fanblowing..u c these r the new words found by me fkr cmmntng on extraordinary writers like u

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      Ohhh my dear…….
      I am so blessed that i got u as a friend
      Ur support really means a lot my dear…☺☺☺

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