Shaadi Mubarak 8th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Preeti falls in a dilemma

Shaadi Mubarak 8th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeti making Phurti wear the Raksha thread. Phurti says I had taken the breakfast for the locality dogs. Preeti says the almond quinoa bread, its of Kushala. Kushala scolds the servants. Preeti says I was feeling too hungry in the morning, sorry, I had eaten it. Kushala laughs and says its fine, I can understand, cravings happens in this state, you can have my diet bread every day. She asks servants to make food as per Preeti’s choice. Sneha says I will make it for you whatever you want to have.

Phurti sits there. Kushala sees the raksha kawach in her neck and asks how did you get it, I gave it to Preeti. Preeti worries and thinks to do now. KT says Preeti has it, I had made her wear it. Kushala asks what. KT asks Preeti to show it to Kushala. Preeti finds a Raksha kawach in her neck. She looks at KT. KT recalls making Preeti wear the Raksha kawach when she was meditating. Phurti says its same to same. Kushala asks how. KT says like you got this, maybe Phurti went to that temple too. Phurti says yes, I went there to get saved from bad sight. Sneha says many devotees wear such Raksha kawach, you also want Preeti to wear it. Kushala says yes, Preeti this is imp for you and baby. She hugs Preeti. KT smiles.

Preeti says its good that you saved me. KT says saving you has become my life’s motive. She says its doctor’s message, Phurti’s ultrasound will happen, we will see the baby today. He says I m so excited, the baby is imp for us. She thinks I hope the baby becomes your support after I leave. He gets the toys. He says I thought of the names also, I spoke at a school also, and also spoke to designer for stylish clothes, are you ready. She says yes. He lifts her in arms. They laugh.

Neil asks Phurti where is she going, she looks lovely. She asks really. He says how can anyone be so perfect. Priyanka gets angry. She goes. Neil smiles. Phurti asks are you done, shall I go, you and Priyanka are having a fight, you are making her jealous, if you love her, then why do you fight. She says guarantee me, that you will never leave her. He says never. She says fine, then I will help you. Preeti gets a call from her doctor. Doctor says there is a good news, cancer specialist has come here for a seminar, I fixed your appointment, come at 1pm. Preeti says I have to go with Phurti, can you change the time. Doctor says no, don’t lose this chance, work isn’t imp than life, come at 1pm, okay. Preeti cries and prays for some way, she has to go and see the sonography. Phurti comes and says doctor had called me. Preeti asks what did she ask. Phurti says about old illnesses. Preeti says don’t worry, I will talk to her. Phurti says she asked me who will give me blood if needed, so I gave your name, I said you are my sister, you will come first to give me blood. Preeti thinks sorry, I wish I could give you blood, I don’t know if I will be there till baby comes. She calls the doctor and says you called for Phurti’s medical history, remove my name from blood bank, I can’t give blood. Phurti hears this.

Phurti comes to the hospital. KT asks where is Preeti. She says don’t know. He calls Preeti. Juhi comes to meet Preeti at the hospital and hugs her. They cry. Nurse says you have to take Phurti for sonography. He says I m waiting for my wife. Phurti says we will go right away. KT says I don’t know why she got late, I can’t snatch her happiness. She asks why didn’t she come if it was her big dream, she didn’t come to see the baby. Juhi says you didn’t tell anyone and bearing pain alone, how do you get such courage. Preeti says by family’s love and support, I called you to encourage me, stop crying. Juhi says I m not too strong, I will call Kusum, she is your biggest strength. Preeti says no, she has tried to move on in life, I can’t see KT breaking down, I don’t know what will happen ahead, I want to see you all smiling. Juhi says I m with you. Preeti says our relation can never end, I will win in this fight, I will recover and show you. She smiles.

Preeti takes care of Phurti. Kushala asks what’s happening, are you pregnant or this girl. She makes Phurti out and scolds her. Preeti and KT try to stop her. Preeti says we can’t let Phurti go, we have to tell the truth that Phurti is carrying our baby.

Update Credit to: Amena

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