Teri Laadli Mein 8th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Akshat Seeks Bitti’s Advice

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Vaishali opens Richa’s lab report. Akshat snatches it saying Richa has acidity. Vaishali takes it back saying let her check when she gets a relative’s call and walks away returning report. Akshat closes door and tells Richa that its very difficult to hide this truth, she loves Pratap’s enemy’s son, he doesn’t know how to manage all this. On the other side, Yash asks Urmila not to worry as he will ask his girlfriend to abort the baby. She trashes him again saying he wants to do one more sin to hide one sin, if he knows how his father will feel hearing the news as he is already tensed after losing his job. He pleads not to inform papa and threatens to leave home if she does so and will lie to papa that he left home because of her. Surendra returns home and seeing them standing tensed asks what happened. Urmila thinks Surendra will be in shock if she informs him about Yash’s sin. Yash says he was discussing about his exams to mummy. Surendra laughs saying Urmila is illiterate and cannot understand anything. Urmila says she is better illiterate. Surendra asks Yash to study well as he spent all his money on him with a hope that he will increase his dignity. Urmila taunts he is increasing his dignity well. Surendra says he is and will continue.

Richa looks at her stomach and reminisces Askat’s words. Urmila unable to sleep reminisce Yash’s words. Akshat also reminisces doctor’s words. Bitti reminisces Akshat’s words. In the morning, during breakfast, Vaishali noticing Richa not having food asks if she is fine, she will take her to her doctor. Supriya says she is right. Akshat says Richa is having acidity as she didn’t have anything whole day and signals Richa to eat. Richa starts eating. Sakshi takes bread from his plate. Supriya says she can take another bread. Vaishali says let her do that as Akshat is her would be husband. Supriya says let the engagement happen first. Vaishali says she will call pandit and fix Akshat and Sakshi’s engagemen tand will find even a boy for Richa and fix her wedding. Richa angrily walks away saying she doesn’t want to marry. Akshat says she already tensed with acidity, he will go and check her. She runs to her room and cries. Askhat walks behind her. She says he knows that she wants to marry Yash. He promises to get her married to Yash. She emotionally hugs and thanks him. Sakshi enters and says she knew Richa is having an affair, but hid from her. Richa says its not like that. Sakshi says she will inform BM/Vaishali. Akshat says Richa doesn’t love anyone and doesn’t want arranged marriage also. Sakshi says she thought they hid such a big fact from her, even she doesn’t like arranged marriage and should convert their arranged marriage in to love. She mimics that she is becoming his child’s mother. Richa gets tensed. Sakshi laughs.

Bitti walks to Yash. Yash asks if she is not happy after provoking mummy against him. Bitti asks how did such a rich and beautiful girl fall for him. Yash says family doesn’t know his value, but girls do and fall for him, he showed Richa her made painting and lured her. Bitti warns that he lied and ruined a girl’s life. He says he didn’t ruin any girl’s life and anyone can do that. She drags hi to her room and drawing sketch asks to draw same. Yash accepts challenge but fails. She signals this is his truth. He asks what will she do. She signals again that he ruined a girl’s life. He yells at her and leaves. Akshat calls her and asks to meet him at their usual place. She agrees.

Surendra plans to trap Pratap for sending him to jail and calls his aide. Akshat waits for Bitti at their usual spot and seeing temple prays god to protect Richa and not give her more problems. Bitti reaches there and prays same. He notices her. She asks why did he call her. He gets her into car and says there is a big problem, its personal and he wants to discuss it with her; he says his sister Richa loves a boy and is pregnant, he doesn’t know how to inform family about it; Richa wants to marry that boy and he doesn’t know if that boy is fit for Richa. She signals him to trust god. He says he trusts god, but trusts her more than god; says that boy is Surendra’s son and she knows him as she works in his house, so she should tell if that boy is fit for Richa.

Precap: Surendra orders his goon to throw a chemical on Pratap which will paralyze him forever. Bitti rushes towards Surendra without noticing him.

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