Shaadi Mubarak 4th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Phurti arrives at Tibrewal mansion

Shaadi Mubarak 4th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with KT and Preeti talking to a client. The client says I want a human table in my cocktail party. KT and Preeti get shocked seeing the pic. KT says sure. Phurti eats popcorn. KT and Preeti come to her place. Phurti acts to eat fruits. KT says you know we don’t know, what’s there, can’t we see it. He asks Preeti will she trust her. He scolds Phurti and shows the pic. He asks what’s this, you do such things to earn money, you became a human table, when doctor said you can’t do any work. Phurti says you think I m your servant. They argue. Preeti gets a call. She says this can’t happen, you both have to get close now. Phurti asks what. Preeti says Phurti’s treatment report is positive, insemination is successful, Phurti got our baby in her womb. KT asks are we pregnant.

Preeti says yes. They hug happily. Phurti holds her tummy. KT thanks Preeti. Preeti says I will take care of her, we will take her to USA and get her delivery there, we will get baby back, none will know. He says fine. Phurti says please we will go to London. He says no, we will go to US. Preeti says I decided, we will go to London. Phurti hugs her. KT asks what’s the need to listen to her. She says you should give much happiness to a woman who becomes a mum. He says I want to give you all the happiness, you are pregnant, thanks. They hug. He says I will organize tickets. She asks how will we convince mom. They come home arguing. Preeti says KT is going to London, he got three contracts, he isn’t taking me along. KT says you can’t come in this state, you stay at home. Kushala says pregnancy is tough in this age, try to understand. Preeti says I need KT a lot, I will be happy with him. Kushala says Preeti is also right, she has to stay happy, KT you take care of her. KT says fine, how can I refuse you. The man gets tickets for them.

Kushala says your tickets have also come. Preeti says I called for arranging tickets, I knew you will convince him. Kushala asks is anyone else going with you. She asks who is Phurti. KT asks Preeti to tell about her relative, she was insisting to come and take care of Preeti. Preeti says yes, she will take care of me, she is my far relative. Kushala scolds them for planning it before. Shivraj says let them go, they have decided it, it will be good. Kushala laughs and says its good, we will worry less if there is someone with Preeti.

Phurti talks to Preeti. Preeti and Phurti dance happily. KT comes. He also dances and hugs Preeti. Phurti shouts censor… They laugh. Sneha asks did you decide it. Kushala says yes, I will go with them to take care of Preeti, we will go there and come back with baby. Phurti says I will stay there, you come back with baby. KT and Phurti fight. Kushala cancels Phurti’s ticket and books her ticket. She says I will go with KT and Preeti, I will surprise them. Preeti talks to her doctor. KT comes there. He says its baby’s file right. Preeti worries. She takes the file from him and romances him. He says you look changed, what’s the matter. She says you forgot me, you have to listen to me. She asks what. She says I want to have carrot and beetroot juice again. He laughs and says fine, I will get it. He goes.

Preeti gets sad and thinks I m trying to recover so that you don’t ever get sad. Phurti is on call. She asks what, my ticket got cancelled, what about KT and Preeti, what, are they going to London, they cheated me. Everyone is doing arrangements for a puja. Kushala says KT and Preeti will just come. Preeti wears jewellery. She gets dizzy. She takes her medicines. KT comes and asks what happened, are you fine, what medicines are you taking. She says vitamin tablets, doctor changed my medicines, any ways, leave it, did you finish packing. He says yes, I m very happy, he will be our baby, I get angry when I think of Phurti, why Phurti. She says we have to see the person’s heart, she is good at heart, she got cheated in life, any person will get bitter, she will change when she gets love. They go. She leaves her phone behind. Phurti calls her. She says Preeti isn’t answering, do they want to leave me here with the baby and go back, I will get cheated again. KT and Preeti do a puja. Everyone prays. Fire crackers burn. They all go to see. KT shouts who did this. Phurti comes says I did this. KT and Preeti get shocked.

Phurti scolds KT and Preeti. Kushala asks what are you saying, who is this girl, why did she come here. Phurti says tell them who m I.

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  1. Why everyone has to hide everything?
    1) KT and Preeti hiding that Phurti is their surrogate. They should know na, that such a big thing can’t be hidden. Preeti should be clear to Kushala that she can’t become a mum, instead of lying to everyone, doing fake emotional drama, and dancing on Kushala’s fingers.
    2) Preeti hiding her cancer. I have no hopes from this foolish hopeless lady. Again the same thing. Why acting as so “mahaan” and “sacrificial” when she can easily inform the family and have her support them in her fight from cancer. Of course they love her and would surely do anything to save her. But this hopeless brainless Preeti thinks that poor little KT will die if he comes to know about her illness. At least have some sense. Is he so weak? He has faced sorrows and has become strong by now. Is he a little kid with no maturity that everyone has to take full care of his happiness and hide every negative thing from him. He is 50, he is capable enough to help his family and face the problems.
    3) Kushala hiding about accompanying them. Ufff god! What’s their problem? How can she cancel Phurti’s ticket just like that without informing her or KT-Preeti. These so called “mature” people always do everything secretly, thinking they’re doing the wisest thing, and end up creating a scene and hurting people.
    This Shaadi Mubarak has totally lost its touch. Stupid family drama, brainless people, so called “mahaan” and “sacrificial” people always doing the silliest things. It is so irritating that I stopped watching, even my mom is beginning to dislike it now. Preeti character is really weird, stupid, foolish, brainless and she acts so sad to gain sympathy instead of telling family and gaining their support. These people will always hide everything, (pretending it’s the wisest act to do), do everything secretly,at last moment all hidden truths of these people come out before the family, an unwanted annoying scene is created, everyone blames them, and start hating them, and they just cry and cry like “bechare” and do fake emotional drama which is unbearable. Like all typical dramas.
    I’m going to quit this soon. It would have been better if they brought a new interesting client for SM instead of this fake frustrating drama. I’m sure the way its TRPs are decreasing it will be off air soon. Boring show!

  2. Now it will be fil se dil tak teach.

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