Sethji 31st August 2017 Written Episode Update: Sethji sees Pragati

Sethji 31st August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sethji wakes up and says I want my meds. My head hurts. My meds. She shouts. Pragati tries to calm her down. She says sethji’s body is used to that drug now. Sethji gets violent. she shoves pragati. Pragati says you have to defeat this drug.
Baji says she fooled me. She betrayed my family who gave her so much love.
Pragati says sethji please calm down. Sethji shoves her. Her beard falls. Sethji says you are pragti right. Don’t come near. Where am I? What you doing here? Don’t touch me. You are here to kill me. Wasu.. I want my meds. Pragati says after five minutes she will be better. Sethji shoves her.

Baji’s foot hits the tree and it bleeds. Ganesh sees him going towards Sethji’s room. He says baji stop. Your toe is bleeding. baji says its small. He says no sit here. Ganehs says in heart baji will see pragati. Wasu comes in.
Sethji shouts I want meds Wasu. This pragti wants to kill me. I want my meds. SHe gets violent. Sethji says I want meds. Wasu and Pragati tie her to bed. Pragati says please bring her real med.

Gauri is crying. She recalls pragati scolding her and her being rude to Pragati. She is crying. Pragati told her that ambi is the son of Nagesh. She recalls what baji told her. Devi comes in. She says why are you crying? Missing ambi? Your brother brought you here forcefully. She says no I miss my active mom. Loving him was a mistake. Don’t take his name again. I hate him. Devi says okay okay. How did you get out of there? Garui says my brothers looked for me and police arrested them. Devi says then? She says a reporter came and helped them. That reporter saved me as well. Devi says the same person who came here? She says yes.

Wasu says why was mom like this? Pragati says she is used to drugs now. Someone had been mixing these drugs in her meds. I will tell you on right. Wasu says only you can get her out of this? Pragati says someone from our own family did that.
Pragati says but I won’t let them succeed. Sethji says gauri.. her wedding. Pragati says let me make meds from the herbs ganesh brought. She comes out. Baji is standing there.

Devi tells bhao. She says Gauri said the reporter helped them. Bhao says why would he help them? Why did he come here? Is there a game behind this.
Baji says to wasy I didn’t know I will see this. I have been looking for mantri and he is here. Wasu says he helped me in bringing the meds here. Mantri says yes. I helped bhabi. I saw the village it is so pretty. Pragati sees someone keeping an eye on her. She says in heart I think bhao has doubt.

Precap-Bhao says its been days since sethji showed that drama. He comes outside her room. Pragati is in there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I hope Pragati get succeed and save Sethji.

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