Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 31st August 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Anami going for bath. Poonam asks her to bath well. Anami screams. Poonam asks what happened. Anami comes out in wet clothes. Poonam laughs. Anami asks her to stop laughing. Poonam goes. Anami sees herself. Adhiraj asks Ila to give all info about Satrupa. She says if we break Anami’s family in Banaras, this case will end. He says Satrupa is getting trapped in her own plan, she will go jail. She says its my first case, so I will make her wear handcuffs. He nods.

Satrupa comes for breakfast and doesn’t see anyone. Servant says everyone is dining in their rooms. Pujan comes and congratulates her. He starts taunting her about Anami. Satrupa asks him to be in limits to talk about his daughter. He asks her how did she forget her limit. She says my days are not so bad to ask about my family to you. He says fine, Anami’s drama will end soon, we both know this, Anami can stay here, but what will you do, I will save this family, maybe you heard of sacrifice, I was giving my only son to you, this is called sacrifice, but your evil mind ruined everything, what will happen now, did you ever think.

She says I don’t think, I do, that too by telling everyone. He says Anami will go from here, then this family will need a heir again, I may not agree easily then, free things are not valued by society, this time nothing will come for free, you have to pay a price. She says such need won’t arise. He says you live in misunderstanding, Baldev says Anami is not his daughter, how will you prove Anami is Baldev’s daughter, sorry, society won’t believe it true, you have to prove it, think how will you prove. He jokes and wishes her all the best. Satrupa calls lawyer. Dadi gets ready. Poonam asks her is she going to do puja. Dadi says this is different puja, I m going to give prasad, don’t tell anyone. Anami tries to comb hair. Dadi comes there and sees her. She asks Anami to have prasad, its imp. Anami tries to control hunger.

Anami thanks her for getting food for her, prasad is not eaten in much quantity. She jokes on Dadi’s age. Dadi says I never took anyone’s favor, I want to return it by combing your hair. Anami agrees and asks her not to let her get hurt. Dadi agrees. Anami sits. Dadi starts combing. Anami recalls Madhu. Dadi says its done. Anami says prasad trick was good, puja tilak and lipstick tilak have difference, I m catching fraud sadhus since childhood, its tough to cheat me this way. Poonam asks did she eat food. Dadi says no, she caught me, she is very clever. She goes. Poonam says after all she is your granddaughter. Dadi hears her and asks her to mind her language.

Anami plays with kids. Lawyer tells Satrupa that just CBI can get DNA approval from court. Satrupa asks Daamo to stop the noise, meeting is going on. Anami troubles Satrupa more by singing in high tone. Satrupa asks her to take permission any way, find some alternate way. Lawyer says just CBI can put the request, Adhiraj Pandey is involved in this case, its tough to control him, you can talk to him if you want. She asks him to call Adhiraj. He calls Adhiraj and talks to Ila to fix meeting. Satrupa hears Adhiraj asking someone about Ganga ghat. She says what’s he doing in Banaras. Lawyer asks did he reach Murari, if he gives wrong statement, it will be big problem.

Adhiraj tells Murari thata Satrupa did much bad with them, rich people think they can do anything, its about your daughter, don’t worry, I promise I won’t let anything wrong happen, you have CBI support, tell the truth. He records and asks Murari to say Anami’s truth, Satrupa and Lal Mahal’s truth. Murari says Anami is Satrupa’s daughter, she is the heir of Lal Mahal. Adhiraj asks him to say truth. Murari asks him not to trouble them. Adhiraj asks how much money did you take from Satrupa and sold Anami. Murari says you can leave if your questions got over. Adhiiraj taunts him. Murari says fate is playing game with us. Adhiraj says fine, atleast tell your relation with Lal Mahal. Murari refuses to answer. He asks him not to drag them in this matter. Adhiraj says you will get result of this very soon.

Baldev scolds Anami for the drama. Anami says I m ready to bear any consequence. She faints. Baldev looks on.

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  1. Nice episode!
    Love to Anami and her dadi bonding.
    One thing I’m disappointed in is Adhiraj blind hatred, so much so that he’s unable to tell when someone is telling lies from truth. If he continues like that then he will be easily lead a stray especially by Pujan. He need need to put his personal feelings aside a look at only the fact presented before him. The educated thing for him to do is get a paternity test done! That will solve one issue and then he can focus on the meat of the matter which Vatsalya murder. He wasted so much time going to Varnaras trying to frame Satrupa.
    I was so annoyed with him today! This guy is silly and he’s nowhere ready to challenge the people at Lal Mahal1

  2. Another mast episode. Loved the interaction between Anami and her grandma. Anami’s one liners ??

    * Aapki Umar ke do chaar kachue to Mar hi Gaye honge.

    * Hum janam se dhongi saadhu ka pardafash Kar rahe hain- puja ke tilak aur lipstick ke tila me farq jaante hain.

    * Hum apna kaand khud rachte hain

    Loving this strong female persona as well as Satrupa. Adhiraj is an impressive character too. I doubt that they will show any romance between them. It might be after a time leap when Anami is of age. Let’s see, as of now I don’t care about romance as the storyline is so tight and interesting. A word about the actor playing Pujan- what expressions man! His face off with Satrupa was really impactful. Nice!!


    Update have printing rather writing errors, somethings are posted twice.. team plz correct it…

    Show is getting catchy and i wish it had better time slot expect 6 pm..


      I like to say one more thing- Anami hairstyle need to be changed

  4. VINAL

    Amazing episode
    Loved Bonding of Anami& dadi

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