Sethji 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Pragati records Nagesh and Bhao’s plan

Sethji 29th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nagesh says where is Pragati? Rita says she went to temple and now she has gone to talk to some office. He says then? Is it Bhao rao? Maybe he wants to cut me off from the game.
Pragati is looking for leaves in the village. She sees Bhao going somewhere. Pragati follows him. Nagesh stops him. Nagesh says you have fooled me. Because of you my son is in jail. Bhao says you made a fail plan and said that you will keep baji and his brothers in jail. Nagesh says shut up. I am Nagesh. If anything happens to my son I won’t leave you. Pragati is recording all this. They hear the beep. They look but pragati hides. Bhao says our mission is same. Nagesh says meet me here tomorrow.

Wasu and Poragati get the meds ready. Pragati sets timer.
Gauri asks Baji why you kicked pragati out of devsu? He says she fooled us both. He tells her everything. Gauri is crying. She says its all my mistake. Baji says Pragti is responsible for all this. Bhao proved that she is Nagesh’s daughter and provoked you. Gauri says no you are not getting it right. She was so mad at me. She always said they are not good people. Baji says it must be her game. I saw her at Nagesh’s house. She was on their side. She is haappy with them. DOn’t worry for. She is responsible for all this. Don’t ever take her name. He leaves.

Devi is taking the meds. Baji says give it to me. She says be careful it might even catch you. He says I dont care. She says I care. Wrap your hand with a cloth.
Sethji is all surrounded by leaves. Pragati says we will apply this med on her. They hear baji coming.
Wasu opens the door and says to baji you can’t come in. We are applying med on her. Baji says can’t I see her? She says not yet. Baji sits there in tears.
Pragati comes there from other side and says what happened? You are so upset. Bajji sys I am so worried about my mom. i will show you entire devsu. Baji says you can sleep in my room.

Precap-Baji takes Mukti(Pragati) with him and says brother you can sleep here. Sambha says looks like we are all surrounded by darkness. Wasu says there is a ray of hope.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Feeling bad for Prem…tejaswini’s revenge drama hurting viewers a lot…Show is getting interesting.don’t know the marriage will happen or not.

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