Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Preeti Gets To Know About Tejaswini’s Plan

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Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 29th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prem goes to his parent’s room and thanks him for understanding him. Dharam says I love you my dikra and signals him to calm his mother down. Prem hugs Sarla and thanks her for agreeing for his and Tejaswini’s wedding without any superstition, he says until he has his mother with her, nothing will happen to him, says I love you maa.

Tejawini silently goes to temple pond and addresses her pappa that today her first goal is complete, nobody can stop her from becoming Dharam Singh Rathod’s bahu, soon she will run Dharam’s family’s happiness. She drops her pappa’s slippers and other belongings into water and turns and is shocked to see Preeti behind her. Preeti asks why she wants to take revenge from Dharam’s family, that means she does not love Prem. Tejaswini says she does not love Prem. Preeti says Prem loves her madly, how can she betray him, she will not this marriage happen. Tejaswini challenges she will marry Prem and Preeti herself will take her to mantap. She leaves and Peeti stands tensed.

Tejaswini goes to Prem’s room with wet hair while he is asleep. Mai Tenu Samjhawaki…song..plays in the background. She kisses his forhead and asks to wake up, it is morning. Prem opens eyes and pulls her in blanket. Arjun comes to Prem’s room ad sees movement in blanket. H shakes Prem, removes blanket and sees Prem hugging pillows and wakes up calling Tejaswini. Arjun asks if he saw dream, soon he is marrying Tejaswini, for the time being he should do away with her gift. He gives gift box. Prem asks if Tejaswini gave it. Arjun asks him to get ready and come down soon. Prem gets happy seeing heart shaped pillow with I love you written. He goes down and sees family looking at weeding card, says it is beautiful. Anand taunts more than Tejaswini? Prem shies. Dharam asks him to take some cards and give them to Tejaswini’s family for their relatives. Prem hugs his mother.

Sharda tells Tejaswini that she had a lot of dreams about her marriage, but has to forgo he dreams. Tejaswini informs that Preeti heard her plan and determined to stop wedding. She says she does not know about papa’s murder, so she is angry, but will calm down. Prem with Arjun brings wedding cards and gives them to mamaji. Mamaji says card is very beautiful. Sharda asks to keep these cards in front of papa’s photo and take his blessings. Prem prays papa to bless that he can give happiness of whole world to his daughter. Tejaswini prays to blessing her succeed in her plan. Prem thanks her for sending pillow gift with I love message on it, thanks is for that. Tejaswini says she did not send him any message. Prem says she is fooling him an dhe is ready to become anything in her love. Tejaswini says she did not, may be his secret admirer. Prem holds her lip and says whoever tries to come between them, he will kill them. Tejaswini says she did not know Prem is even like this. Prem says he is like this and like that, she needs to decide how she likes. She says she wants both, mad in her love. He ties to kiss her, she closes eyes but opens it. Prem kisses forehead and says when a boy kisses forehead, it means he respects that girl, he will come near her only after marriage. Preeti sees that and thinks Prem loves didi honestly and does not know what is going in didi’s mind, she has to tell him truth soon.

Precap: Tejaswini tells mamaji and maa that nobody will attend wedding. Preeti records them and smirks.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. So ,the truth is out,and Tejaswani said it openly to Preeti that she doesn’t love Prem.I hate this girl for not loving Prem (that is her prerogative )but for using him ,cheating him to take her stupid revenge .She has insulted that beautiful and sacred word Love.Has n’t her wise mother told her that it is very easy to hate someone and very difficult to love.Prem took lot of time to fall in love with her but when he fell for her ,we can see that it is true love.And it won’t take much time for this love to become hatred if Prem comes to know that all along he has been used with no qualms about his feelings.And Teja has the cheeks to say that her heart is big enough to accomodadate the love of not one man but…… god ! I don’t know what the writers expect us to think about Teja but I found this statement of hers as very cheap. On top of it she says that Prem’s heart is so small to have only one girl ‘s love in it……..does she know what is the meaning of love first of all.She saya that she loves her father very much and for that love’s sake only ,she is enacting all this drama. If her heart is so big ,can she love another man as her father? Yes ,our hearts should be big enough to love everyone irrespective of caste,creed and religion ,,,,,love should go beyond the barriers created by humans in the name of continents,countries ,language etc..But Teja is n’t speaking about this ‘big heart but THAT big heart which is disgusting .At this juncture,I don’t mind saying that I find Preeti much better than Teja,she seems to be genuinely in love with Prem and I think Prem got the gift from Preeti only.
    One more thing I haven’t understood is Teja’s reluctance to tell the complete truth to Preeti.Knowing half truth is more dangerous. If Teja had told the complete truth to Preeti,she might have appreciated what Teja is doing.Now Preeti is going to become dangerous as she knows that this her chance to prove that Teja is a cheat .

  2. Sorry but precap is not that?!?! Prem says something to Tejaswini in her room and Preeti listen to them…?!?! Or was that not the precap? ? Maybe im wrong….

    1. Nivika

      No no..this is not precap…its given ryt in updatea

  3. I hate teja

  4. Shaadi hogi bhi ya nhi…kuch samajh nhi aa raha…

  5. I think something is fishy……coz whenever prem and teja r together we can clearly see luv in teja’s eyes….and if not love its definitely fondness… least not hate for prem…….I think some big secret will be out on marriage day coz I don’t think dat teja could be so heartless ……moreover I think pillow was sent by teja only ….as I think she loves prem but is not ready to accept dat

  6. Yes but what can be the secret?I am really mad about this serial and can’t keep patience …Prem loves Teja that is clear.may be he will come to know the truth in between and still will marry Teja or he knows the truth still trying to make teja fall for him because he madly loves her and cant leave her …He want wants to stay with her in any situation.but teja is really playing with prem’s feelings which is really hurting viewers.dont know the marriage will happen ultimately or not.

  7. Nora ,in the room Prem says that he not only loves Teja but respects her also ,that’s why he is kissing her on her forehead but not on her lips ,He tells her that he will come close to her only after their marriage.Then Prem thanks her for the gift,Teja says that she hasn’t sent him any gift but one of his admirers might have sent it.Nora ,in this conversation Tejaswani also says something to Prem that I didn’t like at all.In this conversation when Prem says that he loves her.,Tejaswani teasingly says that Prem’s heart must be very small to love only one girl ,but she haa a big heart and someoneelse might also come into her heart in future (means she is capable of loving more than one man as her heart is not small like Prem’s) .Ofcourse MA has not written this part in her update ,she wrote the later part when Prem gets angry and warns her that whoever comes into her life ,he would simply kill them and tells Teja that he should
    be the only one in her heart and life.Friends ,now tell me will any girl in love say this?Even if
    she is n’t in love also,she should n’t have said this to Prem,it is too b*t*hy.
    The precap is exactly what MA has written, Teja burns all the wedding cards and Preeti takes snap shots .

  8. Toochi Azorji

    I guess Prem’s love will definitely soften Tejas heart but could be after revenge

  9. What is the song played in the background near the end of the episode? The violin tune that is played right before tejaswini sister comes.

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