Service Wali Bahu 5th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Service Wali Bahu 5th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev reaching home sadly. Jogeshwar asks if he got insulted well? He says in his times, a bit of dowry was not a problem, but now ladies want to rule and trouble her in-law if she brings dowry. Ayodhya wanted dowry and not him, says he will not accept dowry in Dev’s marriage.

Dev looks at Payal’s pic on his mobile and smiles. Friend comes and says he is busy in his love life, but his family is thinking of an alliance with another girl. Dev says he will not marry anyone except Paya. Friend says if his love is strong, he will get only Payal.

Guddan mama brings Jogeshwar to Payal’s house. Bhuvaneshwar introduces him to all his family members. Guddu and Jaiswal praise Jogeshwar that he opposes dowry and wants to remove its culture from society. Jogeshwar says Jaiswal is praising him as a friend, he wants them to come to his house first, research about him and his son and then decide about alliance.

Gulkan tells her brother that Jogeshwar bought house and car, etc., from her dowry money and she herself is out now. Brother says it is her family and she should think calmly. Gulkan yells at Ayodhya that her family is much better than his family. Ayodhya gets embarrassed and leaves to get children from school and brother accompanies him. Gulkan yells that she will not spare Jogeshwar. Bhabhi asks to calm down. She calls home. Servant picks call. She yells at him first, then asks about Santoshi and Jogeshwar with their nicknames. Servant says Santoshi is busy in pooja and Jogeshwar has gone to Chaibasa. She yells when he does not like moving out of bed, there must be something cooking, she has find it out.

Jogeshwar enjoys snacks, praises bhunaneshwar’s family’s sanskars and gets busy talking. Dev reaches Payal’s house with his friend to propose her and gets into house, but Jogeshwar had already left by that time. Neelu asks who is he and why did he come in. Payal identifies him and asks if he is the one whom she mistood as car salesman and apologizes her. Dev says since he has seen her, he is thinking only about her, stands in front of her office to see her. She asks why. He says because he loves her and says I love you. Rajath gets irked hearing that and holds his collar. Dev says he is from a good family and he just expressed his family feelings. Rajath drags him out and is about to hit him when friend sees and comes to his rescue. Indu asks Rajath to leave Dev as Payal’s alliance will breakup. Dev is shockly to hear that and walks sadly towards his bike. Jogeshwar comes out form Guddan’s house and tells he felt really good meeting them all and invites them to his house. He sees Indu tensed and asks about it. She says she is worried about Payal. He says even he has a daughter and will think payal as her daughter. Guddan calls driver near the gate and Jogeshwar leaves in his car. Dev also leaves sadly in his bike.

Precap: Payal’s family reaches Jogeshwar’s house. Jogeshwar boasts about himself. Gulkan angrily walks towards house to teach Jogeshwar a lesson.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. So sad but he has gutts to say

  2. My payev so cute

  3. Story starts picking up some strength.Grasping slowly.All I want to find out is why the dowry? Please some one tell me.

  4. Because the show name thats why there is a lot about dowry what happens nowdays

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