Service Wali Bahu 23rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Service Wali Bahu 23rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Payal’s assistant Satish informing her that her leave has been cancelled and she will have to attend commissioner’s meeting. Indu says she cannot go. Satish says it is very important meeting. Payal says she will go. Bhuvaneshwar says he will call and check when Jogeshwar and family will come here. He calls and asks Jogeshwar when will they reach here. Jogeshwar says he just left home and will come after going to temple. Bhuvaneshwar relaxes and says tells Payal to attend commissioner’s meeting an come back before Dev’s family reaches. She leaves, while Indu still continues to stop her.

Jogeshwar reaches temple and asks family to do the darshan soon. Gulkan also comes there with her bhabhi. Jogeshwar gets tensed seeing her, borrows blanket and stick from beggar and wears it. Gulkan sees beggar wearing costly shoes, thinks he is thief and tries to confront him. He runs from there successfully.

Commissioner addresses meeting and scolds officers for not preparing report on time. Payal enters and he praises her for finishing work on time and asks her to tell how she finished it. Payal tries to speak, but he does not listen to her.

Santoshi sees him with beggar’s blanket and asks if he has gone mad. He smears vibhuti on his face and tells Gulkan is following him. He applies vibhuti to even their faces and says if Gulkan sees them in party attire, she will create problem and if she will know about Dev’s marriage, she will break it. They try to escape but stop seeing Gulkan and stand in temple darshan que. Gulkan stands behind them. Santoshi starts her overacting again. Jogeshwar he has to do something before Dev comes here.

Payal shows her presentation. Commissioner praises her and asks to check other officer’s reports. She gets tensed and calls Dev. Dev happily picks call. She says she is stuck in commissioner’s meeting and will be late for engagement. He assures her to finish her work calmly and he will handle the situation. She then mutes mobile and continues with her meeting.

Guddi asks Jogeshwar to do something. He asks her to shout snake snake, he will create havoc and from there. She slowly calls snake, but nobody pays attention. He then starts acting as a man mad and panics people. People starts running. Gulkhan falls on floor and he falls on temple’s prasad, gets up and runs. Gulkan follows her, but her bhabhi stops her. Gulkan says she fell because of beggar and will not spare him. Bhabhi consoles her and asks to finish temple darshan. She enters temple and bends in front of god. Jogeshwar throws bedsheet on her, closes temple door and runs. He says some lady got mad and is searching them, so they should from there. He forcefully gets Dev into car and leaves. Lady unlocks temple door, Gulkan comes out and searches culprit.

Payal continues checking officer’s files and giving suggesstions and worries that she is getting late for engagement. Satish signals her that it is late, but she continues with her work.

Jaiswal comes to Payal’s house. Dad and Indu greet him in and as about Jogeshwar. He says Jogeshwar went to temple and will come late. Indu and dad get tensed that Payal has not reached home yet. Jogeshwar comes with family. Santoshi sees house simple decoration and Indu’s jewelry and thinks if Payal was not doing service, she would not have get Dev married here. Dev realizes Payal has not reached home.

Precap: Satish informs Indu that Payal cannot leave office meeting right now. Dev tells Jogeshwar that he does not want to get engaged today.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I am trying my best to follow this show but not for hell i can find any excitement in this show.This soap is on for awhile now to gain some momentum dut not even an aha moment as yet.Really this is the first Indian soap I have watched and cannot get the gist of the story as yet.

  2. Same here Rosey and the names in the updates they are so long and confusing

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