Suhani Si Ek Ladki 23rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 23rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani writing a letter for Yuvraaj. She writes she has to talk to him, she will wait for him, and she hopes he will come. She cries. Menka sees this and thinks its love letter in sms times, and she will see it now. She hides and Suhani leaves from the room. Menka goes inside and takes the letter. Suhani sees Yuvraaj and Ramesh stops her asking for food. She talks to him, and Yuvraaj looks on. Menka runs with the letter. She gives it to Dadi and says she took this big risk and got the letter. Dadi reads it. Menka asks what gift will she give. Dadi scolds her and calls out Soumya.

She says Rags that they have to send Yuvraaj and Soumya together. They smile. Pratima comes to Sharad and asks about Yuvraaj. He says don’t know, what happened. She says Suhani came to know everything that Yuvraaj wanted to marry Soumya and I made him marry Suhani. She says she wants to talk to Yuvraaj and know whats in his mind. Sharad says its good, it has to come out one day. She says this decision was mine, I can’t leave Suhani alone. He says calm down, don’t panic, if they both know, leave them, we can’t force them to be together or separate. Soumya comes to Yuvraaj while he is listening music. She says so much happened in few days, so I wanted to talk.

She sits beside him and he moves away. She says shall we go out, I want to talk. He says he has some urgent work. She asks can I come along, I will come back on my own, please its imp, I m worried for Suhani. He says about Suhani? Fine, come. Sharad and Snoopi see this and Sharad says its some plan, we can manage Soumya, and asks will he help. Snoopi nods. Suhani waits for Yuvraaj. Dadi asks Soumya to go and show Suhani that she is going with Yuvraaj. Soumya says fine and goes. Sharad sends Snoopi and he runs to Soumya, while Yuvraaj is at his car. Snoopi does potty near Soumya and Sharad laughs. Yuvraaj asks Snoopi what did he do, and asks Soumya not to sit in car, it will stink. She says she will change dress. He asks her to take a shower, he can’t tolerate this. She goes. He asks Snoopi why did he do this.

Suhani thinks she is wasting time, she does not feel Yuvraaj wants to talk to her. Suhani sees Snoopi. Yuvraaj laughs and says it will be fun. Snoopi gets dirty in mud and Suhani goes to bring him out, and her feet gets dirty. Yuvraaj asks what is she doing, and she says she went for snoopi, see how he is becoming dirty. He asks her not to go with such bad feet with such feet. She asks where will I go. He says no, till you get clean, you can’t go in room. She asks why not, its my room too and looks at him. Dadi and her gang looks on. Menka says Snoopi’s susu ruined our plan. They all ask Menka to shut up.

Pankaj is tensed recalling Suhani’s words and shouts on the peon, asking him not to let anyone come, he wants to be alone. He calls someone and says no need of friendship with anyone, tell everyone they will get loan according to bank rules. He says Suhani is from middle class and you are rich Yuvraaj Birla, it does not mean you will treat her like this, never.

Suhani and Yuvraaj get a time to talk. She returns the necklace and says she will not keep anything by force which is not hers. He says I m sorry too, its not your mistake. She says I know. He says we agree when we fight. She says yes, even I believe marriage without love is wrong, when you love someone else and want to marry someone else. He says Suhani… She says I did wrong, I married the man whom I love, the marriage does not complete till the man loves you. They hear Dadi saying whats this new drama and go out to see.

Everyone ask what happened. Dadi says see what Pankaj did. Saurabh says loan EMI cheque bounce, how can he do this when he gave us one day time, bank has sent court notice. Menka says now Yuvraaj will go jail because of his father in law. Rags asks Menka to shut up. The lawyer says there is no police with us, cheque bounced once so we are leaving with warning, but if this happens again, we will make you get arrested, its legal crime. Yuvraaj says we told Pankaj that funds will be transferred.

Dadi says I will not leave him, why is he taking revenge from us. The men leave. Dadi blames Suhani and Pankaj for this. Suhani says its not his mistake, its bank’s rules. Dadi says we know everything what your dad is doing, he can’t use us. Suhani says I know he will not trouble us, he might be helpless. Dadi says then ask your dad why was he helpless, that he did this against his son in law. She says I will tell you if you don’t have courage to ask him.

Pratima asks Saurabh to call Saxena and ask, it was his duty. Dadi says its not his mistake, but yours, you got Suhani here, and says we know the truth behind this. Yuvraaj gets tensed. Suhani asks what does she mean. Dadi asks her to ask her dad. Saurabh says he will talk to Saxena. Dadi leaves. Saurabh says don’t know why Pankaj did this, he told us he will wait. He calls Saxena and asks him to come home. Suhani thinks about the matter. She says did dad hear everything and did this in anger. She recalls Dadi’s words and says I have to talk to dad.

Pratima tells Yuvraaj that Suhani has come to know everything. He says he said yes to marry Suhani, as her dad was blackmailed her. Pratima is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. this is finally progressing.. now everythimg should be made fine quickly

  2. snoppy, u did a great work. haha 😀 😀 😀

    1. all the time u were critizing ,
      now what happened?

      1. answer me rajna

      2. 4 the first time in my life, i saw a serial becoz of this dog

      3. dat means rajna is a b***h. She loves dogs

  3. woow…..suhani….love it

  4. iam getting angry by seeing soumya. snatching others husband

  5. When will this stupid Soumya’s charecter will end in SSEL?…….

  6. Waiting for the moment when yuvraaj realize and confess his love.

  7. exams over. now i can watch suhani. yahoo!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉

  8. sab pratima aur pankaj ki galti hai….!!
    chii…shame on them..

  9. I hate soumya kabhi nai sudhregi wo

  10. What is happening with Suhani’s father? Why is he getting angry at Yuvraaj for Suhani’s sadness, when he admitted blackmailing Yuvraaj was wrong. This man is losing some serious points with me. His anger better lead to the blackmail truth coming out quickly. I do not need the foolishness of unnecessary anger/revenge track.

  11. Really wat will happen now n someone plz removed dat wicked witch soumya from the show or the Birla house

  12. actually soumya shuld not be removed from that house.. They must show yuvraaj falling for suhani’s love. then, seeing that soumya herself will leave the house… she thinks that yuvraaj still loves her na, that will teach her a good lesson..

  13. You are right sakthi yuvraj should quickly confess his love go suhani and then soumya should get the shock that yuvraj never loved her all this while he did before and suhani is such a fool I mean on dadi’s birthday when yuvraj did that confession he said mein tumse pyar nhi karta tha shaadi nahi karnithi he never said that he doesn’t love her now why can’t suhani find those little words but when someone else says something then she finds about it quickly what is this crap??

  14. suhani’s father did the mistake. y can’t he think, forced marriage will be a meaningless?

  15. saumya is so rude

  16. i love soumya. Hope soumya and yuvraj get married. I think i am yuvraj. If anybody have guts, come to sns page and fight with me.

  17. oh yeah sure

  18. u shd realze d fact tht girlz do have guts

  19. do u get tht you fool?

  20. oh navya, well done. that john is a fool

  21. nice episode…

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