Service Wali Bahu 21st March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Service Wali Bahu 21st March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Jogeshwar going out of house at night silently to meet a blanket laden man. Man turns and he is Ayodhya who touches Jogeshwar’s feet and tells Bhuvaneshwar’s family members were trying to reach Gulkan and if they reach, they will know the truth and Payal will know he is Dev’s brother and will break marriage. Jogeshwar says tough he tried his best to prank them, they are trying to know to enquire more. Ayodhya says he will take care of Gulkan and Jogeshwar should take care of Bhuvaneshwar’s family. Jogeshwar says that is why he has kept Dev’s engagement at Bhuvaneshwar’s house and wants marriage to finish soon. Ayodhya hugs him, takes blessings again and leaves.

Payal writes letter to Dev asking his opinion regarding her family’s pocket money.

Guddi and Santoshi arrange enagement items and Santoshi yells that she is not getting anything in dowry from Payal’s family. Guddi says she should pray Payal is not like Gulkan, else their whole plan will ruin. Santoshi with her overacting starts yelling. Postman delivers Payal’s letter. Guddi takes it from servant and tells Santoshi it is Payal’s love letter for Dev. Santoshi say she had a wish of getting love letters, but Jogeshwar did not send even one letter. Dev comes down. Guddi gives him letter. He reads it in which Payal has asked his opinion about pocket money to her family after marriage. He replies.

Payal reads letter and happily tells her family that Dev tells he is proud of her thinking and their families are not different. Indu scolds her that already society is badmouthing that they are enjoying girl’s salary, now they will badmouth more. Payal says she is her daughter and after marriage, if their relationship will be broken and asks if something happens here, will they really inform her. She asks why is she differentiating between children. Dad emotionally hugs her and says this house is hers and will be hers always. He says he in-laws responsibilities will be hers and she will have to take care of them. Indu says she cannot take her salary after marriage. Payal says papa really worked hard to make her engineer and it is her responsibility to take care of their needs. Dad asks her to stop crying and start engagement arrangements. Rajath jokes and she smiles. Indu asks her to take leave from work tomorrow.

Payal reads Dev’s letter that he is proud of her thinking and is happy that she is giving pocket money to her family, he wanted a girl who would keep his family united and she is perfect for him. Payal thinks she is respecting her more after knowing his opinion. Dev thinks she is very innocent that she is asking his opinion, he needed a life partner like her. Payal also thinks the same. Mere nainaa….song…plays in the background.. while they continue thinking of each other.

Gulkan tells her bhabhi that she wants to go to temple. Bhabhii agrees.

Payal’s family gets busy arranging house for engagement. Indu asks Alka and Neelu go get Payal ready. Guddan brings flowers for engagement. Indu asks him to call Pandit and ask to come soon. Dad gets emotional and tells Indu that he did not realize at all that Payal has grown up and it is her engagement today, she will leave them soon.

Dev’s family get ready for the engagement. Santoshi comes down getting ready and asks how is she looking. Jogeshwar says he is looking like a red monkey. She tells Dev that she wants to look beautiful than Indu. Jogeshwar asks her to pick pooja thali as they have to go to temple before engagement.

Payal comes out wearing a beautiful sari for her engagment. Whole family smiles seeing her. Indu says she is looking very beautiful and applies her kajal. Neelu jokes that Dev got mesmerized seeing her in office attire, now he will go mad. Payal’s assistant Satish comes and informs that commissioner has called her. Indu says today is her engagement. Satish says her leave is cancelled.

Precap: Indu tells Payal that she cannot go to office on her engagement day. She says she has to go. Gulkan sees natru/Jogeshwar in temple with family and gets suspicious.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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