Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya asking Sooraj to bring icecreams and he goes. She tells the babies that he went to get icecream. Bulbul asks Ankita when will babies come, its 9th months now and says what she kept ready for the baby. Ankita asks her to have milk and says baby will come soon. Babasa does some exercise and says his stomach is not getting well, he did not know how much he is eating. She starts scolding him. She says she is packing the bag and can forget things.

He says you always work when there is no work. He says its still time for Sandhya. She says it will be sudden, when should I pack bags at final minute and jokes on him as he can’t bear any pain. She gives him medicine and tablets. She says a mum has much pain when she delivers baby, Sandhya will give birth to twins, Sooraj has made doctor ready, when she gets pain, I will take her soon.

She thinks she is feeling restless and she will go to Sandhya. Sooraj comes and brings the icecreams. She says its just butterscotch, where is cassata. He says he did not get it. She asks him to get it, as she wants to eat it. He says he wil get in morning. She insists. He says the babies will get cold and will be born by sneezing. She says no, they like the icecream. He says he will open the icecream shop, no need to find customers, the icecream will end at home. Bhabho says she will sleep with Sandhya today. Sooraj asks why. She says all months are complete and we have to take her at any time, I will sleep here.

She asks Sooraj to go. Sandhya gives flying kiss to him and he bumps into pic frame. Bhabho scolds him and Sandhya laughs. He says I was making the frame right. Bhabho asks her to have icecream and not show teeth. Sandhya says she wanted cassata and tells Bhabho. Bhabho says don’t worry, Sooraj will get tomorrow, wake me if you want anything, I will not get sleep in worry.

She ties Sandhya’s leg to her leg and asks her to sleep. They go to sleep. Sandhya starts getting pains at midnight and calls out Bhabho. Bhabho is sleeping. Sandhya holds her hand. Bhabho wakes up and calls out Sooraj, Babasa…. She says have patience, nothing will happen and calls Ankur and Ankita too. She says we have to go to hospital. They take Sandhya to the hospital.

The doctor treats Sandhya. Vikram and Mohit ask Sooraj to have strength, everything will be fine. Babasa gets Chavi’s call and asks Bhabho to talk to her. Bhabho says I will talk later. Chavi asks about Sandhya. Babasa says they took her in ward, I will call later. Chavi says call me as soon as you know anything. He says fine, and asks Bhabho not to worry. They all wait outside.

Sooraj hears the baby cry and looks for Sandhya. He gets worried. The doctor comes and says congrats, both babies are healthy. Sooraj asks about Sandhya. The doctor says she is also fine. Ankur and Ankita smile. Everyone get glad and Sooraj asks Bhabho to come soon. Bhabho happily cries. Sooraj hugs Vikram and Mohit, Babasa and everyone. Sooraj hugs Bhabho. Sooraj says I became father and tells everyone’s relation, calling Ankur Mama and Ankita Mami. Bhabho asks Babasa to call Chavi and inform her. Babasa says yes, but what to say, baby baby or girl. Sooraj says we forgot to ask this, and the doctor comes. She says you can meet the granddaughters, Emily says congrats, Laxmi came in house. Bhabho thanks the doctor and says you saved Sandhya and my grand daughters. Babasa says I will say Chavi.

The doctor says you have to wait for next time for daughters and laughs saying they got two sons now. They all smile. Everyone congratulate Ankur as he became Mama of twins. Ankita says congrats Sooraj ji. He says yes, you became Mami, congrats. They all go to see babies and Sandhya. Babasa asks Bhabho will she go empty hand. Bhabho says I forgot the shagun, I will give later. Ankita sees Ankur and cries saying Mama, Mami.

Sooraj and everyone see the babies. He asks Bhabho to give the babies to him, and takes them. Ankur says what should I tell Bulbul, the baby for whom she is waiting since months, will she get him or not.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. superb please continue this episode sandhya as powerfull police officer we are waiting to see sandhya like that so please continue

  2. Please don’t give babies.console Bulbul . Kidney and child are not the same.

  3. Kalaivani said right

  4. Stupid Director.. y dis stupid precap.’s clear ankur will take a baby. …still wana make audience fools

  5. enter ur dick in my vagina ..suck it insirt ur tongue in it or f**k it hardly or i give u a nice blowjob by sucking ur p*nis and do so many positins while f**kin me and duck my boobs comeon

    1. Jeyam Ramachandran


    2. that was not called for. if you cannot say something nice then dont say anything at all

  6. Bulbul should understand the baby is not a thing which she will get by comparing kidney nd baby

  7. True … I agree with samaira

  8. What nonsense is dis?bcoz of a small girls stubbornness they r giving one of their kids….If Ankur n ankita wer childless den der would have been some sense in doing so. …evn after losing a baby ankita is separating a baby from its mother. ..dis twist was nt needed in de story…

    1. Ik dat was jus ott!

  9. Wtf i would of slapped bubul. Shes so stubborn trust me shes been spoilt and i think bhabo is right to be upset. Ankita should understand too! That baby is not hers! She is just an aunt!

  10. Crap only if the twins are kept together then will be good or else it can create so many problems since dis is a family show even kids watch this and when they realise that this actually can’t happen in reality will be heart broken and also will create havoc

  11. Jeyam Ramachandran

    I thought that the director will take atleast 6 months for Sandhya to deliber the children. Well,It’s a wonder she gave birth to twins with in a week! Let us see what he is going to do with the twins.

  12. It’s really illogical that ankur and ankita can deceive their sister for their adamant daughters sake.. Even if they are ready to give y not they refuse thinking how much a mother is attached to d child? So stupid crap!! I really hate this so called twist!! Mother and child love is inseparable and twins share a spl bond always.. Y don’t they try somewhere to get a child adopted ? I’m sure they Wil lose viewers if this is going to happen.. I am gonna quit watching if it’s gonna happen

  13. after an abortion can’t ankitha have a baby? What is this? She can try for a one. I am going to stop watching this if sandiya give one of her son to ankitha.

    1. ankitha is so selfish.

  14. This sitcom used to be every ones favourite in South Africa. It wasn’t a fairy tale sitcom like the others it had true meaning to it. but now after the director came up with the idea of give 1 of the twins away to s mother that already has her own kid. just makes this sitcom so unreal. no 1 in their right mind will do something like that just to please a spoilt brat. All I can say is this sitcom is going to fairy tale land if the director keeps up with this stupid ideas. If I had to rate this sitcom out of 10 I would give it a 2. that’s how stupid it’s getting.

  15. sooraj is cheater , he confrots ankur to give baby .but he now denied.

  16. Pls educate this selfish Ankitha, Ankur and Bulbul. In yesterday’s episode they were not even prepared to let SAndhya and Sooraj enjoy their moment with their babies. I do not see why the director and creative team has to take the drama with this plot. It has been one of the best dramas. Pls dun have this giving away baby twist. Doesnot make sense to adults and kids who love this serial. It is just affecting everyone. We would love this drama to continue for some time with its true essense of husband wife love, family, kids and balancing career. Not this current crap.

  17. In this episode sooraj conforting ankur and ankitha…..
    It seems sooraj known abt bhabu’s decision about giving a baby from babasa.. as sooraj went to babasa room to sleep
    It will be good for show. .if they don’t separate twin babies.

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