I see love in your eyes (Kaira)-epi 4

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Its a new day and its the day of discharge of vivan from hospital….gayu was there at the hospital with him till this day and rema while settling bills at reception thinks smiling ” i can really hope gayu can finally choose what’s good for her…. It seems that she really cares for him more than earlier….”….gayu and rema walks supporting him and enters a car….

Naira is wearing a beautiful gown and she is happily dancing with karthik who’s in an elegant suit….(a really romantic song plays) and they are happily dancing.mishti is there in a cute frock as well holding a bouquet…. The song ends..,. Mishti runs calling “papa….” Naira follows her….mishti stops n says ” I thought I saw papa….but where’s he now?”(naman is at the jail…..) They are standing nearby a busy road now.Karthik who followed them scolds mishti for running away like that…. Mishti says “sorry, I thought I saw papa n couldn’t resist….he was walking away….I thought I could reach him….they decide to go back into the church and as naira heads forward a car comes and kidnaps her….and in the car are a few masked men n an angry naman….karthik calls “Naira…” N mishti calls “Naira deedi….” Naira wakes up in shock n sees mishti calling her to wake up,beside her….”naira deedi,my bff told there’s a DJ party in one of his friend’s house and he has invited both of us to accompany him for the party….naira recalls her dream and answers “sorry, mishti, we can’t go….

” Mishti asks “why is it so? Shouldn’t a heroine in a love story spend most of her time with the hero on dates when they’re finally in love? My buddhu deedi, look ur best for the party and make ur hero more madly for u,utilise this golden chance of urs….” Naira smiles “OK, mishti, lemme think, I’ll let u know….” She takes her phone n calls karthik….meanwhile,karthik is at the terrace imagining how naira will look being dressed up for the party…he smiles seeing naira calling an attends ,he says “hello, it isn’t my cute princess,is it?…” Naira replies “Karthik, I saw a dream today… N in that we were at a party n naman kidnapped me…. I fear it as a sign of something bad that’s gonna happen” karthik is shocked n says “don’t worry naira, nothing will happen as long as I’m with u, I promise…so c u sharp at 6:00 pm….OK?” Naira says “OK”…

Meanwhile, a man comes calling naitik n naitik comes…naira is at the terrace….she sees naitik n d man talking n they r talking something serious, she overhears him “the police are searching for naman sir….I heard that he was nowhere to be found”.. She’s stunned on hearing the name “naman” n looks worried….

Its evening… Naira is in front of the mirror wearing a gown that karthik had gifted her….an elegant white net gown…she wonders what neckpiece to choose n ends up choosing a cute diamond set….she ensures she looks good…mishti comes n says “deedi, oh wow, my bff will surely fall mad for u” Naira says “oh mishti…I’m afraid u r much cuter than me to attract just any guy….” Karthik comes in a taxin calls them, naira and mishti joins him….”

Precap: naira and karthik are tied with ropes….naman laughs n says “did u think u could stop me by getting me arrested?”

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  1. Anyan

    I loved this episode..

  2. AnjanaRahul

    Thanks a lot, anyan….

  3. Anjana, really love ur updates….waiting fr next….

  4. Lovely….continue writing

  5. Keep going

  6. Mishti s juz so sweet….love her lots….gud epi dear

  7. good one

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