Raglak…What is name of our relation…part 3

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Raglak were busy with eye lock…bittooo takes chance and slowly goes away…

Principal comes and disturbs them.

Hello sir..how are you…she is teacher of kindergarten ..ragini… and ragini..he is director of this and many related schools…. princi tells.

Ragini shocked as she is working in Lakshya’s school without knowing. Even Lakshya had same expression.

Come sir…let’s go to office room….princi about to go…. ragini calls.. mam one minute. Princi come near her. Lakshya could see them but can’t listen..

Mamm..plz don’t tell him that Bittoo is my son…

But why….

Plz mam…try to understand….


Princi goes away with Lakshya.

I have to leave this school soon…that man’s eye shouldn’t fall on my son or me… Otherwise they will kill us….Ragini tension.

Why did i see that lady again..!!! She killed my son…goddd…send her away from me… Lakshya anger…

Bittoo slowly going somewhere.ragini catches him and twists his ear..


Shh…call me teacher in school….

Sorry teacher…..

Come class calmly…

They both go to class…

Lakshya will be looking all the classes, he come to Ragini class.she didn’t notice him. Ragini busy telling class. Lakshya sees her. Wind comes and her saree waves. Then her stomach is visible. Feelings grow in Lakshya when he see her tummy. He removes his glasses and keeps looking at her romantically. The mole on her tummy is also visible to him. He imagines going near her and kissing her waist.

Ragini looks him.she understands what he doing and covers herself. He come out of thoughts. The whole bell rings. Students rush out…Raglak are in eye lock.

Bittoo while running out gets dash with Lakshya. The soup box in his hand falls on Lakshya’s pant. Ragini shocked..

Hey kid…can’t you see and walk…Lakshya upset

I’m not kid…you are only old man….bittoo in child anger

Old man…??? Lakshya confuse

Ragini turns other side and laughs.

why are you standing in way…move…!!! Shouts bittooo…but his voice is too cute..

Lakshya keeps looking him shocked.

I said move,,…! Bittoo shouts again…

Lakshya moves aside… Bittoo walks proudly away….

Lol..I remember my childhood days when i see this kid…my kid would have been this much if he/she was alive….Lakshya sighs… and he moves forward and gets struck with Ragini.

See and walk teacher… a woman who can kill her own child is living very happy i think…. Lakshya tells sarcastic.

Ragini hurts to listen such words after a long parting of six years….but she don’t understand what he mean.

A man who can cheat his lady and kill her parents is also very happy….she says and leaves. Lakshya too don’t understand her words.

Bittoo gets into bus and Ragini also goes in same bus. Bus running..bittoo sees a puppy fell in drainage canal.

Stop the bus….bittoo shouts.

Kya huva… driver shouts and stops bus.

Bittoo goes out bus. Bittoo…Ragini shouts.

As bus stopped, back of it Lakshya’s car stops and many other vehicles stop. Lakshya sees bittoo getting down from bus. Bittoo is about to run near canal, Lakshya sounds horn to bus. Bittoo warns Lakshya not to sound horn…. he shocks and keeps looking.

Bittoo goes near puppy and removes it from canal. Lakshya and Ragini get happy looking at it. Lakshya goes near him. Ragini keeps looking…

Very good bachha…you have done nice thing….Lakshya tells rubbing his head…

Ragini gets emotional looking at that..

Thank you old man…says bittoo and runs into bus. Lakshya looks into bus and sees Ragini from window. He keeps looking…bus moves…he too goes away…

Next day… Lakshya is in office…

Did you select a P.A for me…Lakshya asks his assistant manager.

Yes sir…she came.. i will call her… he goes out. Lakshya goes into other room for some work.

He comes near Ragini. Ragini resigns job is school and happened to apply for vacancy and she is selected in phone interview. She don’t know it’s Lakshya’s office.

That man takes Ragini and asks her to wait. Ragini leans to a door. Lakshya is in that room.
Lakshya opens the door and suddenly Ragini who was leaning to door falls on him. He and she shocks. Due to Ragini’s complete weight in him, he falls down and she falls over him and both lips touch with great force. This just happens in seconds of time.

They both are in shocked state. They don’t want to get apart..as it was the first kiss after six years…it was the lovely moment which they waited for…all the sadness was decreased with that… both enjoyed each other’s kiss…

But suddenly Ragini comes into fact and breaks kiss. But Lakshya being uncontrolled pulls her holding her head and kiss her deeply again…. Ragini keeps pushing him but she was locked.

At last he leaves her to breath… she stands and about to leave…Lakshya pins her to wall from back…she shocks again….she requests him to leave…

Lakshya strongly pinned her to wall and starts kissing her neck…Ragini closes her eyes and gets lost in him. He moves his hands over her waist…then she suddenly comes to world and pushes him back…. he falls in chair….

She runs out of room crying…Lakshya gets confused…how did i do that…why I can’t forget her…..

Precap: Bittoo found no where…

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