Second Chance (Part 11 Roshnaq – Harshawardhan’s Past)




Precap: Noor tells about Arjun to Roshnaq, Roshnaq gets shocked.

Roshnaq stands still for sometimes and walked to her room without talking anything to Noor, Noor gets surprised and thinks,

Noor: what happened to Ammi?

Roshnaq went to her room and took an old suitcase under the bed and opened it, she opened and searches for something, lastly she got that “an old book” she quickly changes the pages of the book until she find an old photograph, she took the photograph in hand and said

Roshnaq: Look History repeats!!

The photograph is shown it is none other than Harshwardhan Hooda

She went to her flashback…

XYZ Arts College Mumbai

It was a pleasant morning, New academic year started

A girl was coming to the college, she was very nervous, she was a first-year student, she was wearing a beautiful long skirt and a top with a hijab she was Roshnaq, suddenly a hand stopped her way. she looked at him. He was Harshwardhan second-year student. He got attracted to her for the first time. He freezes for a minute. After a minute

Harshwardhan: First Year

Roshnaq nervously: Yes

Harshwardhan: Sing a song for me.

Roshnaq looks him

Harshwardhan : sing

Roshnaq nervously sang a song, Harshwardhan enjoyed the song nicely after the song he asked

Harshwardhan : By the way what is your name?

Roshnaq : Roshnaq

Roshnaq suddenly went from there. After that they met many times, one day he proposed to her she also said yes. (By the way, Roshnaq calls Harshwardhan “Harsh’ and Harshwardhan calls her “Jaan”. After college, one day they were at their meeting place. Roshnaq was very sad, Harshwardhan asked

Harshwardhan : what happened Jaan

Roshnaq: Abbu is looking marriage proposal for me.

Harshwardhan: now what will we do.

Roshnaq : come to my home and talk to my father.

Harshwardhan thinks for a while and said

Harshwardhan : OK I will come tomorrow

Roshnaq was really happy.


As promised Hrshwardhan came to Roshnaq’s home and talked with her father about marriage but Roshnaq’s father was very orthodox so he didn’t approve of it also he insulted Harshwardhan very much. He left from their very angrily. Roshnaq also got sad. For the next two-three days, they did not meet.


They met at their favourite spot

Roshnaq was sad and Harshwardhan was angry. he said

Hrshwardhan : look Roshnaq I am leaving from here.

Roshnaq was shocked,

Harshwardhan: we know that your father will not allow us to get married

Roshnaq : Then what?

Harshwardhan : You have two options either come with me or stay with your abbu

Roshnaq : what are you saying. I know abbu is angry but he will agree don’t go and I cannot leave my abbu like that who raised me till now.

Harshwardhan : Ok then this will be our last meeting. GOODBYE FOREVER!!

before Roshnaq could say anything he started to walk she called loudly


A hand fell on her shoulder suddenly she came out from her flashback and turned back and was shocked when she saw the person. that was none other than Waseem.

Guys I’m stopping till her for today .

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Also sorry for no Adiya moments and short fan fiction.

I have some questions for you

a. Did Waseem hear the name Harsh?

b. Do Harshwardhan think of Roshnaq?

c. Will Roshnaq agree to Noor – Arjun relation

d. Did Waseem knows about Roshnaq- Harshwardhan Relation?



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