Art love Riansh fan friction. Chapter 14 – Was it all a dream?

Riddhima: i love you vansh and i realised it after a long fight with my heart and brain. I have never loved anyone in my life like i do for you…will you marry me. (on her knees smiling)

Vansh: sorry riddhima we cant be together i am leaving tommorow…..(saying so he started walking backwards smiling)

Riddhima: vansh!! (Waking up from dream)

Riddhima: what was that hfff….it was just a mere dream. God why to show such demotivating dream today only. I think i should not make anymore delays i will do it today only.

Riddhima got ready and took her purse and left…

College (results day)

Riddhima entered the college and rushed towards the result board.

Riddhima: riddhima… riddhima hm……yes got it……what!! I…i scored 95%. Omg!!

She found shruti standing aside checking her result.

Riddhima: shrutu how much??

Shruti: hmm searching.

Riddhima: wait i will help.



Riddhima: see…oh godd you scored 94%!!

Shruti: what!?? (Excitement)

Both hugged each other jumping.

After a while

Riddhima: where is vansh? (Looking around)

Shruti: woh he toh camed and gone also after checking his results. (busy in texting)

Riddhima: what? This much soon. (sad)

Shruti: hm

Riddhima: what hm? Stop chatting with rishab he is standing 2 meters away from you. (annoyed)

Shruti: wo…wo. (hiding her mobile) who told i am chatting with him.

Riddhima: haw you found a replacement of rishab i will tell him. (teasing)

Shruti: what no! (Shocked)

Riddhima: achha you carry i will call vansh. (Smiles)

She called him 5 times but he dint picked so she turned to shruti and said.

Riddhima: achha i am going you celebrate with your 2 meters away distance boy. (Winks)

Saying so she raned from there.

Riddhima: once he told me his adress i think i should check i must have written it somewhere….(after checking)…. Knew it. Now lets goo

She went from there and entered vr mansion.

She turned here and there searching for someone.

Uma: yes whom you want to meet. (Descending from stairs)

Riddhima: hello aunty actually i am searching for vansh… (Looking around)

Uma: oh vansh. He has left to airport 1 hour back.

Riddhima (rotted on her place): what!

Uma: yes he went america for further studies and for job….by the way who are you?

Apki bahu πŸ™‚

Riddhima: his girlfriend. (low voice) (Still shocked)

Uma: what did you say? (Confused)

Riddhima: aa wo ab…his friend.

Uma: oh ok beta you can call him i think till now he must have reached airport.

Riddhima (thinking): airport…i must rush.

Riddhima: ok aunty thanks.

Saying so she rushed from there.

Riddhima rushed to airport only to see his flight taking off.

She sat down crying. Looking at aeroplane.

Someone watched her from back and was lost in her.

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