SECOND CHANCE (Chapter 29)

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Sanskaar was standing shocked unable to digest what he had seen before him. His heart said that she was Ragini, his Rago but his mind denied it. while his heart and mind were indulged in a heated up argument, he saw her approaching him, still focussing herself in searching something in her handbag.

She was too busy in what she was doing that she didn’t notice Sanskar standing dumbfound and rooted to his place and she banged into him. She was about to trip down and Sanskaar’s brain asked him to counteract and he held her secured in his masculine arms by her waist. his touch send shivers down her spine and Sanskar was lost in her that he only came to senses when she tried to straighten herself. she then stood properly and picked her fallen bag and muttered a quick sorry along with a thank you and headed out.

Sanskar stood there shocked, he felt as if she was indeed his Rago and his heart pondered over it. but his mind contradicted asking him, if she was Ragini, then why didn’t she budge even once after seeing him. just then he noticed her heading out of the airport and he decided to try his luck and he screamed “Rago”. she halted at her steps and his heart thumped so fast that he didn’t even cared to notice that the people around were looking at him. but to his dismay, she tilted her head to both right and left then hired for a taxi and speeded out of airport in it.

Sanskaar, even without his conscience was talking involuntary steps in the direction she left. he rushed to his car and immediately started following the taxi she hired. but to his misfortune, he missed her at a traffic signal, where his car got stuck due to the red signal at the right moment and all he could do was just stare at the disappearing taxi.


Sanskaar marched into his house fully frustrated thinking about what had happened a few hours back.
he had frantically searched for her after getting out of the traffic and neither could he find the girl nor the taxi. he was walking upstairs when his phone rang and he saw Tanish’s name flashing on the screen. that is when it struck him that he had missed his flight. he immediately picked the call and explained he couldn’t go. Tanish was tensed for him but then Sanskaar assured him that he was fine.

soon, Sanskaar was sitting on his armchair with his crystal ball held tight to his chest. tears were flowing down his cheeks.
those unhealed wounds of his heart were getting fresh cuts again. every time he tries to runaway from it, it keeps following him. but this lady figure had instilled his long lost hopes. hopes which he had buried deep within him. he felt that maybe, just maybe, she could be his Ragini. to confirm that he needed to find her and he didn’t knew how, but then, anything for his Rago.
he slept there, in the same position, when the sun was at its peak, even though he was never a day-sleeper.


Sanskaar woke up from his nap and noticed the clock hung on the middle of the left side wall, were Ragini would have always preferred it to be.
he saw the time to be 4 pm and realised that he had been sleeping for the past 5 hours and that he skipped his lunch too.
he went to the washroom and changed himself to his casuals, as he had till now not bothered to get changed after entering inside the house. he then quickly made himself sandwiches, which served him both as his lunch and evening snack. he had actually given Ramu kaka a week’s leave since he should have been traveling to NY by now.

as soon as he was about to go back to his room, after finishing his sandwiches, he heard the door bell ring. he slowly went towards it and opened the door. A girl was standing at the entrance with her back towards the door and as soon as she felt the door open, she turned around to face Sanskar with her ever shining smile and Sanskar stood drained to his spot unable to grasp what he saw.
A few lone tears tripped down from his eyes and as the girl lifted her hands to say a hi, he pulled her into a bone crushing hug, with continuous tears flowing down his cheeks.

S(cracking voice): Ragini!
Rago, I knew it. I knew it that you would come back. where have you been for these many years?
you know I was dieing day by day and the only thing that kept me alive was your memories. pls don’t leave me ever. pls…..

he was continuously sobbing and the girl who was shocked by his sudden move, felt her heart sink seeing him thus.
she then touched her cheek which were by now wet because of tears, due to some unknown reason. she wanted to hug him back but then reality struck her and she pulled herself out of the hug.

girl: sorry to tell you, I think you are mistaken. I’m not….. what were you saying…..ha… Ragini or anything.
I’m Raghida and I stay there (pointing to the mansion opposite to that of Sanskaar’s, which had been closed from a long time).
hey, by the way, I’ve seen you somewhere….. haan, you were the one at airport na, who saved me from falling. well, thank you again for that.

she then observed Sanskaar, who was partially lost somewhere and she understood that that was not the right time to talk. she felt as if he was standing there heartbroken and this ached her heart even though she didn’t knew why.

R: welll, I think I will come some other time. I just thought to make frnds with people around.
I think you are not in a mood to tolerate me (she chuckled to herself). bye then, see ya soon.

Sanskaar went back inside and slided down the sofa, he was broken as he felt even his last hope had been shattered. after sometime he went upto his room and remained inside caressing his crystal ball.

S(looking at the crystal ball): Rago, I don’t understand. why do always I fall prey to the games of destiny? it had already snatched you, my life from me and it took me almost 2 years to even step out of the room, to face the world. and when I was trying to accept the truth and cope up with my life, it had again started playing its nasty, brutal games.
mom, dad and Naynish had removed all you photographs and other stuffs thinking I’ll never be able to move on if they remained with me. but then, I never complained because I always had our memories pondered in my heart.
and this girl, Raghida, I don’t why but my heart says that its you. its not just about the appearance, but when I touched her, when she was near me, I could always feel your presence.
to find that out I’ll have to come out of my shell and until and unless I confirm, I’ll atleast have a hope and for that I’ll have to befriend her.

Next Day
@ Sanskaar’s mansion
about 11 am.

Sanskaar was taking rounds in the hall, while talking to Tanish on phone. he needn’t attend his office as hr had postponed all his meetings and other works because of his trip to NY.
this meant that he would be all free for a week now, till Tanish returned. Tanish had been updating him with all the infos about the meeting.
just then he heard the door bell ring and he headed to open the door while cutting the call.
his heart began to beat faster and he knew who it might be. on reaching the door, he took a deep breath and released it gently and then opened the door. At the door stood the person whom he had expected it to be — Raghida.
“Hi” she squealed, waving her hand in the air to wish him to which he responded with the same gesture.

R: so, Mr.emotional, won’t you invite me in?

S: sure, come in.

they sat on the sofa, with Sanskaar sitting opposite to Raghida.

S: by the way, what is this Mr.emotional ? I’ve a name – Sanskaar. Sanskaar Maheswari.

R(imitating him): Sanskaar Maheswari.
what yaar, such a heavy name. let me think……ha…… I’ll call you Sanky.

S: actually, my friends call me that.

R: ohh…, Sanky, I’m Raghida and you could call me Rags if you want, just like my friends call me.

Sanskaar reminisces how Ragini had denied him to call her Rags during their fresher’s party and telling she just hate being called so.

R(snapping her fingers infront of him): oh hello, Mr.daydreamer, where are you lost?

S: no, nothing.

R: so, I will be your new neighbour for a couple of weeks.

S: after that?

R: after that, I’ll become your old neighbour na (chuckles). I think that was a bad one.
actually after that, I’ll return back. I just came here on a vacation.

S: ohh! so, is this your first time in Delhi?

R: yup. not just Delhi, its my first time in India. actually, I hail from Austria.

S: oh.

R: so Mr.daydreamer, oops! Sanky, what do you do?

S: business. I run my own business here. but since I missed my flight yesterday to NY, I’ll be staying at home.

R: yeww!!!! that sounds too boring. why don’t you just go out and enjoy?

Sanskaar smiled.

R: vaise, how long would you be free?

S: almost a week.

R: cool. I think, you could accompany me in my venture around Delhi. (after a pause) if that doesn’t bother you.

S: ok. but on one condition.

R: what???

S: I’ll call you Rago.

R(excited): sure.

S: can I ask you something?

R: yup.

S: how could you trust someone so easily? I mean you have just met me a while ago and you are asking me to take you around Delhi. well…..

R: I know this sounds weird, but frankly speaking, I feel like I can trust you. I feel like I’m connected to you somehow. and the best part is your eyes. I think I’ve seen them before and I had even drawn them a few years back, exactly the same and that was the first thing that made me shocked when I saw them at the airport.

S: ab bohot hogayi baatein, I’ll get you something to drink.

R: no, thats fine. (standing up) I’ll leave now. see ya tomorrow.

S: ithni jaldi?

R: don’t worry Mr.daydreamer, you will have to bear me from tomorrow for a few days.
so, best of luck. (she heads out).
aur haan, be ready at sharp 9 am. I hate late comers.

S(saluting): yes madam.

Sanskaar was totally confused with what to decide. there were too many differences between Ragini and Raghida.
Ragini never liked someone calling her Rags but Raghida didn’t. Ragini had trust issues with people but Raghida, she was more of an extrovert, very outspoken. even though Ragini was full of life, Raghida was life itself.
Yet, there were many similarities in them. Both had the same innocence in their talks, both were naughty (even though he felt that this one was way too much naughtier), both hated late comers, both had the same charm that could attract anyone.
Sanskaar thought that both the scales of the balance were equally heavy that he couldn’t decide between one. And the most confusing part was how could she draw his eyes if she had never seen him before.
but then, he thought he still had time, now that he was to accompany her, he would get to know her better and the only thing he wished was that this last ray of hope shouldn’t be snatched from him.

Next Day
@ 8:55 am

Raghida was at Sanskaar’s doorsteps knocking for the third time. finally he opened the door and she found that he was only half ready.

R: oh my god Sanky, you are still not ready.

S(smiling sheepishly): but there is still time for 9.

R: just 5 minutes. so be ready fast.
now get going.

she sat on their sofa and after almost 15 minutes, Sanskaar came down.

R: you are 10 minutes late. now don’t waste time and come fast.

both leaves out and Sanskaar smiled at her antics . soon they got into Sanskaar’s car.

S: where do you wanna go?

R: well, according to my schedule (she takes out her phone and started checking it) first lets go to……..ha…… fort.

S: ok ma’am.

R(lets out a chuckle): so Delhi, here I come.

soon they drove off.

hey guys. sorry for making it late. I know that this chappy was way too descriptive, really sorry if it bored you. I will try giving a better one next time.
till then, take care.

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