Reborn Love Story {Naagin and Sath Nibhana Sathiya} Epi-9

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The episode starts with gopi saying don’t know, I should say or not but it seems that you’re upset inside.

Rithik and Shivanya says together no!

Shivanya says you say 1st.


Shivanya: you say na.

Rithik: OK! so, gopi Ji, I’m saying I’m happy from both sides.

S:Yeah! me too.

Rithik says now, I should leave.

Shivanya: OK,

Gopi: we will tomorrow meet in your house,well, where is your house?

R: Modi House.

Gopi: That’s great.

Rithik: OK! now I leave.

Rithik is to leave when shivanya says: rithik.

Rithik turns.

Shivanya runs to him and hugs him.

Shivanya cries.

Rithik says shivanya, are you okay?

shivanya: please don’t go na!

R: Okay! Just chill.

Rithik wipes his tears.

R: Don’t cry.

S: OK!

Gopi: Shivanya, what happened to you, you’re behaving like kids.

S: Don’t know gopi, but its strange. rithik you should leave now. your family must be waiting.

Rithik: OK and leaves.

Shivanya thinks: Is it my love?

Gopi: Its seems to be love.

Shivanya thinks : Thanks you gopi! you solve my big problem, its love shivanya. but love should not be from one side, both should love each other.

Rithik reaches home and sees shesa leaving holding a bag. Rithik greets shesa.

Shesa too greets him.

Shesa says rithik, well! what you’ve decided about marriage.

Rithik: Maa! I’m agree for marriage.

Ahem comes and says how do you agree so easily?

Rithik: yeah you hear right, I’m agree.

Shesa is on ninth cloud. She thinks soon, rithik’s all property will be mine and I will later ask him for….

Kokila says are you happy shesa?

Shesa: Yeah aunty.

Shesa leaves.

Rithik leaves from there. Ahem comes to him and says why do you agree, knowing that you don’t love shesa.

R: Maa has must see something in her that’s why she choose her for me.

A: OK! but you know,I’m much happy that i didn’t see that yesterday girl today.

R: I think ahem you should be sorry to her. Not to see that how she is, try to know her heart.

Ahem agrees: I think you’re right, I don’t know what I any to her in anger. I should be sorry to her.

R: OK! let’s come to my room.

A: OK!

Both leaves.

Kokila sees them going from behind and thinks hey Krishna bhagwan! please forgive me, being a mother I’m to strangulate my son’s happiness. But I don’t want that my own children hate me.

Precap: Shivanya and Gopi enter in Modi House.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Shivanya hugging ritik all of a sudden n telling him not to go n ritik wiping her tears was nice.finally bcz of gopi shivanya realized her love. But sad that ritik agreed to marry Shesha .good that because of ritik ahem decided to say sorry to gopi. Waiting for gohem scenes. So kokila knows that she is spoiling ritik’s life by getting him married to Shesha. So as a mother she should save her son

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks u jasmine, Rivanya marriage will happen soon. Rocky will get a big scale as a Dr and Rosha will leave from their lives.

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