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Episode 7;

Scene 1:Pareikh Mansion.

Avni and Neil reached Pareikh Mansion their clothes were completely drenched with rain water.

Neela:You both didn’t had a umbrella?

Avni:No Ma And ya Neil will be staying here tonight in the …….guest room.

Neela:Ok ,fine now go change your clothes.

After they changed their clothes and had their dinner  Avni was going to her room but someone pulled her towards him and she thought it was burglar so she was about to shout but a hand stopped her from shouting,and she realised that it was Neil,he pinned her to the wall and was about to kiss her when a voice stopped them to do so,

Neela:Sleep together.

Neil:Neela Ma….wo…we….we..were ..ju.just …


Avni starts blushing and runs to her room.And Neil goes to the guest room,while Neela smiles and heads to her room.

At midnight Neil woke up to drink water and was passing by Avni’s room when he heard something so he went inside the room and saw that Avni was murmuring in sleep so he realised that she was getting a nightmare,

Avni:(murmuring while asleep)No….No pl..please don’t l.l..lo..lock … … the…

She was also sweating very badly so Neil went their ,sat beside her and held her hand and she stopped murmuring,he was about to leave but Avni hugged him (of course she was asleep)so he remained still as he didn’t wanted her to wake up and dozed off after 5 minuets.

Next day :

Avni woke up and saw Neil sleeping behind her.

Avni:(thinks)My Neilu looks very cute while sleeping,I should kiss his cheeks.

When she was about to kiss his cheeks,he woke up and said,

Neil:I never thought that you will try to do this .

Avni:By the way what are you doing here Mr.RJ you were in the guest room right .

Neil:I came here to do something which we shouldn’t do before marriage ,so I think you understand…that last night…we had s.

Avni:Oh,that’s great now Tillu’s pillu will be on its way,I should inform mummy ji.

 Neil:Hey,I am just kidding,you,were murmuring in your sleep so I came here as I was coming back after drinking water.

Avni:Have you seen your face you look like a ripe tomato.

Neil:Hey I’m not blushing.

Avni:But When did I said that you are Blushing?

Neil:Ok leave it ,now give me my morning kiss .

Avni:You’re So cheap.

Neil:oh I am cheap,who was trying to kiss me while I was asleep.

Avni:Ok come here.

Avni kissed his cheeks and then ran to the washroom.

Scene 2:Radio station.

Neil: My heart skipped a beat when I saw her ,her eyes were deep so deep that I got lost in them when I had a eyelock with her,her eyes were the colour of chocolate and melted me to my very core ,her one glance made me fall for her,ya I had a crush on her the moment I saw her she’s none other than my Fiancée.Ya of course I won’t tell her name but I am saying that I love her a lot and ya so now it’s time to hear to confessions so call me up and confess your love on air.

He got many calls and finally the show ended and then he got a call from Avni.

Avni:So Mr. RJ you said on air that you love me,were you buttering me.

Neil:By the you heard my show and did you forget we have to go to your book launch program.

Avni:Dammit ,I completely forgot about it.

Neil:Ok, now get  ready I will be coming to pick you up.


Scene 3:Chamko cafe.

Avni and Neil reach there for Avni’s book launch ,she signs many books but stops to look at the last person before signing his book,he’s none other than Karan.

Karan:How’s you miss illegitimate.

Avni:Go away from here ,security take this man out.

Neil comes there and gets furious on seeing Karan.

Karan:Hey bro ,tell me one thing that do you really love this illegitimate girl ,her mother was characterless,she gave birth to two kids without marrying,her stepmother is also characterless she married a man who already had two illegitimate children, so Avni’s also characterless as she’s my ex-fiancée.

Neil held his throat and said,don’t you dare utter a single word about Avni and her mother’s.

Karan:Hey don’t get angry and go find your love,saying this he went away.

Neil turned back and Avni was not there.

He called her but she didn’t pick up his phone so he called Neela ma and told her everything ,

Neela:She would have gone to Ayesha Ji’s grave.

Neil:Neela Ma Ayesha Ma’s grave is in Juhu graveyard,right.

Neela:Yeah,And please find her before she…

Neil:Don’t worry I will find her.

Scene 4:Juhu Graveyard.

Neil went their and saw that she was sitting beside Ayesha Ma’s grave and was crying and was also hyperventilating so he went near her and tapped her shoulder she knew it would be Neil so she hugged him ,after some time he felt that there was no movement he looked towards her ,she had fainted he picked her in his arms and took her to Pareikh Mansion and insisted Neela Ma that she should sleep with her.

I hope you all like the episode.


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