Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Show takes eight months leap

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita shouting Adi. Adi asks will you shoot at me, you can’t shoot me, I m your son, you love me, don’t you. She says I love you a lot, I don’t want you to do any crime, I gave you values to respect a woman, not to ruin life, please stop it, come back to me, we shall go home. Adi says what house, I was thrown out of the house, I don’t want Raman’s house, I just want Roshni, Roshni doesn’t love me, so she will get punished. Shagun asks Adi to stop it. Adi takes the chemical bottle. Ishita shoots at Adi. Shagun, Aaliya and Roshni get shocked. Adi sees Ishita and shouts Ishimaa, you didn’t do this right, you have made a big mistake. He goes to throw the chemical. Ishita shoots him again. He flies back and falls down. Ishita cries. Aaliya asks what did you do Amma. Ishita shouts Adi and cries. Ishita runs to Adi and takes him in lap. She cries seeing his blood in her hands. Shagun, Aaliya and Roshni cry.

After eight months, Ishita does puja at an orphanage. She talks to the kids and asks them to brush twice every day. She says there is dental checkup on saturday, do you all want to have food, come with me. She gives purai bhaaji and laddoo to the kids. The lady says I m working in orphanage since many years, I didn’t see anyone like Ishita. Another lady says she meets kids here, her daughter Pihu is in juvenile home. Ishita gives them more snacks. She says my daughter is coming back today, the eight months looked like eight years to me, I will keep coming here, I will get my daughter, I m dying to meet her. Raman wakes up. He says eight months got over since Adi’s death and Pihu’s punishment, none knows it at home, I have to go temple with Amma and Appa today, I will have to wear Lungi today, how shall I wear this. He gets a call.

He says I m glad you called, how to wear this Lungi. Ishita asks when will you learn wearing big Lungi, its not a big deal, you can learn it. He says its a big deal for me, Pihu is coming home today, I have to go temple with your Amma and Appa. She asks him to hold Lungi right. He follows and wears the Lungi. She asks him to check if its fine. He says just come to temple and check. She says I won’t temple, I will directly meet you there, I m going to pick Pihu. He says take laddoos for Pihu. She goes and asks the man if order is ready. The man gives the sweets box. She says give this to your staff, my daughter is coming home today, bless her. The man says you and your daughter stay blessed. She prays that everything gets fine.

Mrs. Bhalla says who did this, who covered Mata Rani, Pihu is coming home today. She shouts Neelu, who has done this. Parmeet comes and says I did this, you think eight months punishment is enough for Pihu, She killed Ananya, revenge did get get fulfilled, Simmi is part of this house, she asked for her share, you refused so she filed a case, court permitted us to stay here in this house. She says yes, else I would have kicked you and Simmi out of here, have some shame, you won’t be at peace. He says Simmi did the right thing by suing you. He goes. Mrs. Bhalla says Neelu, pack the halwa puri. Neelu says I couldn’t make halwa puri, Simmi’s cook didn’t let me enter kitchen. Mrs. Bhalla says come with me, I will see. Amma comes and says I made halwa puri, Pihu is coming home, we will take Mata Rani’s blessing and then go to temple. They pray.

Raman asks them to come downstairs. Amma says he is wearing such clothes for Pihu. Raman gets a call and says Shweta, I told you not to disturb. Aaliya asks Shweta why did she call Raman. She says I will manage everything, don’t worry, inform me when Pihu comes home. Raman says fine. Shweta says I had to dispatch contract papers. Aaliya says I m handling the project, you can call me, I will sign the papers. She sees Aaliya Aditya Bhalla on papers and crosses it. She scolds Shweta and says I don’t want Adi’s memories with me, I want to forget him, my name is Aaliya Bhalla, its not related to Adi now, make papers again, make sure you don’t do mistake again.

Everyone is at temple. Raman comes. Mihika asks why did you take so long. Bala says we are getting late for puja. Raman gets a call. He says sorry, I thought its office call, so you are releasing Pihu an hour earlier, I will come. He asks everyone to do puja and go home, he will get Pihu. Warden says Pihu here are your belongings, you are really good, your parents raised you well.

Pihu says thanks, I was scared when I came here, but you two took care of me. Warden says you are a lovely kid, you can’t do wrong, your new life will begin, take care. Warden says your dad will be coming now, what will you do going home. Pihu says Ishimaa will get my fav laddoos, Raman can forget, but Ishita can’t. Raman and Ishita reach there and see each other.

Raman throws laddoos and asks Pihu not to have it, maybe Ishita has poisoned it. Ishita says I will tell you everything at home. Raman says you already killed my son, do you want to snatch my daughter.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Why I am watching all this crap!

    1. Best comment ?… And a good question

  2. What rubbish! First they talked to each other with love and episode was fine but the precap got me killed! What happened in the end? It seems as if Raman wasn’t aware of ishita being the real person behind Adi’s death. I can’t make myself call ishita as Adi’s murderer. No matter how much cvs try to butcher ishu’s character I still love and respect her a lot. Ishita did a lot for her children and almost sacrificed herself as well. Really sad to see what they made ishita do with Adi’s matter.
    I wonder if Raman and Bhalla family doesn’t know about Adi’s murder thruth or what! Maybe shagun, aaliya and roshni kept it as a secret? Plus if that adi was an imposter where on earth the real adi has gone? Or if it is real adi, is that means that abhishek verma has left the show or……Gosh I’m completely lost! ??

    1. Rithu17

      Ikr..I too can’t understand what’s happening in this show??

  3. Again same track of ishita Raman. Boring .
    IMDB rating of serial have dropped from 5.4 to 5.3.
    And guys now everyone will complain about new Mrs Bhalla. Guys please give her chance, I know everyone is habitual of old Mrs Bhalla. But let’s give new Mrs Bhalla a chance. I hope new Toshie ji is funny as old Toshie ji.
    So to whom Raman was talking on phone ( if not ishu ) then Ruhi or maybe Aliya.
    And ishita must have been talking to Mani ???
    I don’t know.
    Garland on Adi photo, so it means adi is still dead for Bhalla family.

    It will be interesting to see how they will unfold mystery of adi. I really hope this track to be interesting.
    All the best New Toshie ji

  4. here was a buzz that Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) will shoot her own son Adi (Abhishek Verma) and recreate the iconic character of Tulsi Virani from Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi .

    However now we hear that Ishita will take a gun and only point it towards Adi just to bring him back to his senses. Ishita will only threaten to shoot Adi but Suraj will secretly pull the trigger and shoot Adi.

    Suraj will further put all the blame on Ishita and Ishita will be trapped in Adi’s murder case.

    Yeh hai Mohabbatein will take a leap of 8 months and everyone will accuse Ishita of Adi’s murder and Ishita will get arrested. It will be shown that Raman (Karan Patel) is accusing Ishita for killing Adi but later it will be revealed that Raman is only faking his hatred for Ishita.

    In reality Raman will know that Ishita hasn’t done anything and he will try to find out the truth behind Adi’s murder. However,knowing that he is surrounded by his enemies all the time ,Raman will act as if he also thinks that Ishita has killed Adi and he hates her for that.

    What will happen next? Will Raman get Suraj arrested and free Ishita?

    what about this simmi n param why their chapter doesnt close by director , enough of these simmi n param nautanki, now ishita n pihu both punished for the ananya death what now they want from bhalla house , why the director continue their story why they can’t expose them . bring something new enough of simmi n param

  5. Riana

    Omg Ishu killed Adi !…But still its not cleared that he is real or fake…i mean these spoilers are so annoying !!!…I am so disturbed…Plus 8 months leap and what a leap everyone’s look too changed even bhalla house revamped (But its looking so awful ?)…I cant even think that court gave permission to PImmi to stay in bhalla house !…Aaliya’s new look and character is superb but i am doubtful that if she is negative now or not ! New Mrs Bhalla is good bit she screaming is a noise pollution !!! ??…And as usual expected IshRa’s seperation hahahah…it had became a ritual in each leap ishra will get seperation like ishra stayed together for 5 years and (7+1+2+approx-1 year = 11 years seperation)…Well not interested in this ishra !…Waiting to see if adi is really dead or not !…Bcoz no one wants adi’s character to die as he was a pure soul before but london track changed everything rapidly !!!!!

    1. u are exactly right. I m done with ishra.. i just have to know what happened to adi.. he was a very nice person before london. as usual ishra had to be seperated. when has ishita ever been with her children i dont know. and then she claims of her parvarish and values. Any sensible righteous mother would have immediately called police. or would have had police protection at roshni’s wedding ! and what was raman saying ghar pe khabar nahi..

  6. Thats what I was wondering: how could everything be so normal…lol
    The writers/makers of this show are experts in creating cringeworthy scenes that torture the viewers!
    A mother will never, ever shoot her child ( no matter how evil they are), but try all possible ways to save everyone there. Shagun and Alia just stood there crying. They should have handled the situation differently.

    Seriously: do the cv’s have children… How can ishita behave so cool as if nothing happened? A mother can NOT recover from her pain 8 months later.
    Honestly, I would have done the same thing if I were in Raman’s place.
    I hate ishita: she ALWAYS messes things up in a horrible way and then acts cool, as if nothing happened.
    Ishita is SO fake! (I know a lot of people still love her) : a too young daughter who was in juvenile home and a son who she shot with her own hands, and still no pain in her! And her fake cover ups and patronizing voice,
    over- sweetness that sounds unnatural..
    OH god!!!

  7. What’s the new timing of the show…I thought it was 10:30 and when I reached here after it the episode have updated long before…

    1. Anindita Boruah

      Its 10:30 pm

  8. Will anita be quitting the show she is in naagin 3 if I’m right

  9. I thought Pihu will hate Ishita because she wasn’t present in the court when Pihu needed her… Because they are always having the same stupid script

  10. I missed the show ! Please anyone what is the new timing?? (I live in comoros island) ?

    1. Anindita Boruah

      Its 10:30

    2. indian time????

  11. Omg….yet again another crap coming out from this episode; nothing new here. The same old game where Ishita and Raman get separated. It is like their wedding vows are a joke and what type of example are you giving other people.

  12. Glad IshRa are together and Raman is faking his “hatred” with Ishita.

    1. Rithu17


  13. why adi out for the show….better simmi n param out for the show and now what will happen to ishita and raman again????

  14. So finally simmi n param not going to expose

  15. She calls me melii

    What is happening in the show??why i am watching all this crap

  16. She calls me melii

    What is going on ?? Why I am watching all this crap

  17. hi
    I have really given up on this show…Cvs think viewers are bunch of dumb idiots.
    What values is this show promoting to society , a society already filled with so many lunatics.

    So many rapes and domestic violence in India and still more of this nonsense.

    Starplus channel really ruined.

    1. Well said. So true

  18. omg, another drama….

  19. what you actually want ishita to be first she entered raman life late and the 7 years leap and then about 4 months and then again 8 months are you serious to vo ghar par thi hi kab and also 2 years jail

  20. Shocked to see ishita dead.

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