Sayi and Virat – An Epic Love story (Chapter 10)

Hey guyyyysssss!!! I’m back now, in love with the current track of the serial❤️ Now let’s start with the FF.

Recap – Sai regains consciousness and asks Virat about her Mangalsutra.

Sayi cries..

Sayi – Virat sir, who’s Mangalsutra is this? When did all this happen?

Virat – Sayi…I’ll tell you..

…….. – Sayi.. My biwi. Finally I met you.

Sayi – Jagtap, yo.. you?

Jagtap – Who else will call you my Biwi?

Sayi (whins out in pain) – No….This can’t happen.

Jagtap – Now nothing can be done, you are my wife. You are wearing my Mangalsu….

Sayi – Chuppp, just shut up. You can never marry me. You can never have me (tries to break the Mangalsutra with her right hand)

Jagtap – Sayi.. Sayi, what are you doing? Don’t remove the Mangalsutra.

Sayi – I will remove it. I can only be Virat sir’s wife, right Virat sir?

Virat looked at her in disbelief. Tears rolled down and he smiled. He looked at her in a daze.

Pulkit (snaps at him) – Virat, where are you lost?

Virat looks at Pulkit and then looks at Sayi. He comes to reality only to find Sayi staring at him.

Virat – Sayi..

Pulkit stopped him.

Pulkit – Virat, be careful with what you say to her. She’s still in a daze. And we don’t know how well her memory is.

Virat nodded and moved towards her.

Virat – Sayi…Sayi, how are you?

Sayi doesn’t respond to him. She stares at him.

Virat – Sayii, why aren’t you saying anything? Any problem? Do you feel pain anywhere.

Sayi – Didn’t you break all the ties with me? Then why are you still here?

Virat – Sayi, I’m sorry. I told that in a hurry. I didn’t mean that. You know how much I…. (Stops in between, paused)

Sayi (dozing off) – Virat sir, everywhere it’s paining (sobbing) sir, it pains alot.

Virat (felt the pain) – Sayi, it’s okay. You’ll be better soon. Don’t worry (he rubs her head)

Sayi (unconsciously) – Virat sir, you go home. Pakhi didi will be waiting for you. If she sees you with me, she’ll again be irritated.

Virat – Sayii, it’s not the time to say all this. I’ll stay right next to you and won’t leave anywhere. Samajla?

Sayi (murmur unconsciously) – I really don’t like Pakhi didi coming in between us. I always needed you by my side. I always missed you sir. I like you sir. But then you told me not to expect anything from you. So I’ll do as you say.

Virat cries in happiness after hearing all this and looked at Pulkit.

Pulkit – She didn’t mean any of those. She’s saying it unconsciously.

Virat – But I started liking her. I have no idea from when, but I really start liking her. She has been my habit now, (looking at her direction) and I don’t want to lose it at any cost.

Pulkit – Paakhi ? What is her role now.

Virat – Nothing to me now. She tried to snatch my Sayi from me. And I won’t forgive her for that.

Pulkit – Will you arrest her?

Virat – No. I won’t because I don’t have the evidence!

Pulkit – The video which bua sent? Can’t that be considered as evidence?

Virat – Pulkit, I’ll handle that. Let me go home now, need to tell everyone about Sayi. You stay here and update me about her.

Pulkit – You go Virat, Advay will stay here. I’ll have to check the OP.

Hearing Advay’s name, Virat didn’t feel good.

Virat – Or else, I’ll go freshen up and come back with clothes. I’ll stay with her. Why to bother Advay?

Pulkit – What did Shivani bua bring when she came here?

Virat – Our clothes.

Pulkit – Then?

Virat starts to think of an excuse to come back to hospital.

Pulkit (smirks) – To make sure that your wife is safe, yoh needn’t bring up any excuse. As per the law, you are still her husband. And it’s obvious that you have the right to stay by her side.

Virat nodes and leaves.

Advay comes to Pulkit.

Advay – He left?

Pulkit – Just now.

Advay – Okay.

Pulkit (giggles) – he doesn’t like you much Advay!

Advay (surprised but not surprised) – Well, I expected that. But why suddenly?

Pulkit – IPS officer Virat Chavan is scared to give his wife’s duty to Advay Joshi Rathore.

Advay – Wait, what? I didn’t have that intention though!

Pulkit – That I know not him!

Advay – Let’s start the game then.

Pulkit – Game?

Advay – Yes. Let’s see who Sayi chooses. Virat or Advay.

Pulkit – What if she chooses you over him?

Advay – I’ll accept her then.

Pulkit – And what if she doesn’t?

Advay (his expression changes) – I’ll still make her mine. Sayi was once Virat’s Sayi. Now she’ll be Advay’s Sayi.

Pulkit felt it was serious.

Pulkit – Are you serious?

Advay – Ofcourse no mahn. She’s already married. Why will she choose me then.

Pulkit – Oh okay, I thought you were serious. Anyways, leave that. I’ll stay with her. You go for rounds.

Advay – Haan okay.

Advay walks away from the room.

Advay (tells himself) – This time she will be MINE. Get ready for a new villain Mr. Virat Chavan.

Precap – A leap.

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