Savitri Devi 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Pragya clears Veer’s misunderstanding, he thanks Sanchi

Savitri Devi 30th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Garg telling that the girls will think us wrong if we ask whose earring is this. Sanchi stands shocked seeing the earring and thinks she tells that the earring is hers, then Veer will get to know her truth. He shows the earring to Sanchi. Sanchi says it is not hers. Garg gives earring to Veer. Veer says it was last chance to reach that person. In the car, Vikrant asks how dare she to go with her mum. Priya says she met her after 15 years. Vikrant stops the car. Priya thinks what he is going to do. Vikrant brings Priya to terrace of a building and blindfolds her, he asks her to walk. She is about to fall down when he opens her blindfold. She is shocked to see down. Vikrant punishes her for leaving him and going with Savitri to hospital. Priya apologizes to him and says she will never leave him.

Sunny’s friend asks him if he is joining the tutorial. Sunny says no. His friend says why your mum refuses, she took loan for Sanchi’s education, it seems she don’t want you to become engineer. He says I will give you notes. Sunny thanks him and goes. Khushboo’s dad comes and gives money to his friend.

Adarsh watches the CCTV footage and realizes same footage is repeating again and again. He asks the concerned guy Rahul to get complete footage else he will fire him.

Pragya talks to the guy whom her father selected for her, and thanks him for hacking and blocking the CCTV footage. He asks about Sanchi and Pragya. Pragya says she is going to meet them now.

Veer comes to Savitri’s ward and sees Sanchi. He asks her to stay away from him and his mum. He don’t want her sympathy and says there is nobody here, whom you can impress. Your duty is finished, now I can take care of her. Sanchi gets up and is about to go. Pragya and Isha hears him.

Pragya asks Sanchi why she is bearing his hatred. Sanchi says she can bear his hatred. Pragya says she will tell him everything. Sanchi gives her promise. Pragya says ok, I will not go. Sanchi cries. Dr. Kabir sees her crying and asks what happened? Sanchi says something fell inside her eye. Dr. Kabir says in both eyes. Sanchi says she is sad to see the patient in bad state. Dr. Kabir says he can catch her lie and asks her not to waste her emotions in tears. Sanchi tells him that she will bring Savitri’s reports.

Later Dr. Kabir and Sanchi are seen in the library. Sanchi sleeps while working. Dr. Kabir also sleeps. In the morning, Sanchi wakes up and thinks Dr. Kabir is looking calm like a small kid. She brings coffee and drinks. Dr. Kabir also wakes up. She gives him coffee. Sanchi gets happy and tells Dr. Kabir that some patient got fine after given some treatment and the case was like that of Savitri. She says they can treat Savitri. Dr. Kabir is moved with her gesture.

Isha asks Pragya if she is not going to hospital. Pragya says her duty is late. Isha goes. Pragya plans to do something to tell truth to Veer without breaking Sanchi’s promise. She sees balls and gets an idea. Veer is leaving for hospital and hears Pragya shouting. Pragya asks him to save her from the rat. Veer looks down and finds the ball. He asks Pragya if she gave him clue about his mum. Pragya nods no. He says Isha. Pragya nods no. He says it means Sanchi made him reach his mum. Sanchi tells Dr. Kabir that Veer will be happy knowing the treatment will make Savitri fine. Veer comes to them angrily and asks Sanchi to come with him. He takes her with him. Sanchi thinks if he came to know everything and tries to say the truth. Veer stops her and asks why she befriended him, broke up with him then trying to help him, why? Sanchi says sorry. Veer says I didn’t come here to say your sorry, but to say you sorry. He says sorry to his misbehavior, for his rudeness and everything. He hugs her. He says you have given me biggest happiness of my life by making me meet my mum. Sanchi smiles.

Pragya, Isha, Garg and some other guy looks on. Pragya says even I got tears in my eyes seeing their love. They give tissue paper to each other to wipe their tears.

Vikrant asks Priya to have sandwich. Priya asks what happened? Vikrant asks if she is feeling chilli. Priya coughs. Sanket comes and asks Vikrant to stop it. He asks him not to try to torture Priya and asks her to come. Vikrant gets angry and takes his gun out and shoots Sanket on his forehead. It turns out to be Priya’s dream and she shouts Sanket. She thinks why did she get Sanket’s dream. Vikrant is in the washroom and asks if she told something. She says no.

Later in office, Vikrant tells Sujeev that he called some lawyer advisor. Sanket comes there. Vikrant calls him Aniket and briefs him about the company. Sanket recalls what Pushpa told him about Priya.

Sanchi tells Veer that she tried to take his help, but when he refuses, she went and checked in that room and found aunty. Veer asks how did you know that Maa used to play treasure hunt game with me. Sanchi tells him that even her mum used to play same game with her. She says she found the treatment for Savitri. Veer hugs her.

Vaidehi tells Dr. Malhotra that Gayatri is not in the house. Adarsh gets the letter left by Gayatri. Dr. Malhotra reads the letter, in which Gayatri asks him to be with Savitri and tells that she is going to her village, and love him always. Vaidehi pretends to be shocked. Dr. Malhotra says don’t know what Media will do, thinks shall I hide Savitri’s secret, or make Gayatri understand.

Sanchi scolds Pragya for telling truth to Veer. Pragya says she didn’t tell him anything and takes her mum’s promise. Isha says she didn’t utter a word, but showed him smilie ball kept in our room. Pragya says she didn’t break the promise, but made everything fine. Sanchi says you will never get better. Pragya says this age is to get spoiled. Isha tells Pragya that although she united them, but they have no future together. Pragya says she has only cleared their misunderstanding and the rest depends on their destiny.

Vikrant shows the cabin to Sanket. Sanket thinks I know there is a devil behind a smiling and thinks to free Priya from his clutches..Malhotra family comes to bus stand and search Gayatri. Gayatri thinks let them search and thinks her plan is succeeding. She sits in bus and wishes Dr. Malhotra see her. Dr. Malhotra don’t see her and the bus starts. Gayatri panics.
Jaya calls Sanchi and asks about Savitri. Sanchi says there is no improvement and thinks to plan big to make her fine.

Some masked person comes to Savitri’s ward holding knife. Veer comes and is shocked to see the masked person about to stab Savitri.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Hema69

    atleast saw some kanchi scene today

    1. Hema just watch this promo they are showing sachi & kabir so we can hope pars are kaanchi

  2. It is happy to see that if the misunderstandings are cleared between Veer and Sanchi. It will be nice if veer comes to know that sanchi has loved him a lot but has stayed away from him as malhotra warned her to stay away. If veer will know that sanchi has loved him, he will be very happy and sanchi will also be happy. Please show in coming episodes veer come to know that sanchi is loving him.

  3. Vow after so many days……. sanveer love scene dhekno ko mila,really happy ,pragya did good job by solving misunderstanding between veer and sanchi.
    When veer says sorry and hugged sanchi really heart melting scene.

  4. Really I got tears in my eyes in sanveer emotional scene

  5. Rehmat

    awwww sanveer hugs soooo cute love you sanveer hope sanveer meet soon hello sanveer fans usha abc Namayz

  6. Pragya z really good,every time she wants to help sanchi and veer when there z misunderstanding between sanveer.
    But isha z not like pragya

  7. plz make the pair of kanchi….they look so good together

  8. kanchi….they look so good together

  9. RANdomfANCreationz

    I like this episode cause of both Kaanchi and Sanveer scenes ???

  10. Kabir finally best scenes??

  11. Really I loved today episode , sanveer

  12. Really loved today’s episode because of Kanchi ‘s scene????love my kabir and Saanchi

  13. finally a kanchi scene….love kanchi

  14. Actually who is going to be paired is it saachi and kabir or saachi and veer….after watching today episode I am really confused…If saachi and veer r going to be paired then plz dont make kabir as the negative role and if kabir and saachi r going to be paired then plz bring a new pair for veer….plz……plz……??

  15. I’m so happy that the misunderstanding got over, I want sanveer to be friends forever and I always want kanchi forever……. And I expect for more romantic scenes of kanchi………… I love you such and please fulfill my humble request na…… ?????????????????

  16. I liked the episode only because of Kaanchi. Hope they become a couple. Love Kaanchi a lot.

  17. Hiii rehmat,today episode really nice especially sanveer first hug in this serial.

  18. today finally love scene btw sanveer I am so happy love u sanveer

  19. today finally love scene btw sanveer I am so happy love u sanveer their hug so beautiful pls don’t kabir involved in their love pls cvs

  20. Kabir and veer pair is nice.veer and sachi family friends they are. buddies. Now priya will relief from psycho …irrtating character .after seeing vikrant priya will take long breath…….gayatri u have been cheating others for15yrs again u wanted to threaten others .but unfortunately the bus threatens u very good.go bye for u .

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