Hey roomie! -By Ninaku. Chapter 7

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It was late at night, Quarter to 11 when Anika jumps down the sofa pushing it away a little.

Shivaay gives her a blank glare from the bean bag. She immedietely remembered the last time she had her hand twisted for doing such.

She grabs her left ear and looks at him. He smiles and nods.
She moves the sofa a bit back and gives him an “is it okay?” Kind of look.

He shrinks his nose and helps her move it another 3 more degrees away. She facepalms ands laughs at his OCD.

“Coming with me ?” She asks suddenly. Shivaay widens his eyes, “Abhi?? Kahaan??

“I’m going to buy icecream. Are you gonna give me company or not?” She asks.

“It’s nearly 11 woman. Are you out of your mind?? Didnt your mother tell you to stay safe at home after sunset?? And you wanna leave with your trousers and tees, seriously?? Are you not afraid of rogues on the streets?”
He was pretty concerned while yelling at her.

“My mother has taught me to be bold and brave. And about the trousers and tees… are always men roaming around in formals?? If they can come out with boxers even we can come out with trousers. Why should boys have all the fun?” She says and winks at Shivaay.

He starts giggling with his eyes rolling above. They both run down the street and find a icecream vendor at a corner.

She grabs his hand and jumps up and down in excitement. Shivaay smiles seeing her jump. She drags him to the street corner and kept jumping in excitement looking through the list of icecream flavours.

“Your girlfriend.. is so excited to eat icecream uh sir???” The vendor smiles at Shivaay.

“Yeh pagal ladki?? Mera girlfriend? My foot. She is my betal and im her vickram. You know??? In vickram aur betal.. betal keeps clinging to his neck and tortures vickram?? She is that betal” he says and rolls his eyes.

She gives him an eye and continues searching through the list not wasting a minute more.

“Bhaiya… two double-chocolate kwality walls” she says and keeps jumping with extra wide smile.

Shivaay gently placing his hands on her shoulders, “please could you switch off your vibration mode. It’s irritating” he says and rolls his eyes.

She gives him a puppy face. Once the vendon forwards them the icecreams, she nearly grabbed it away from him.

“That was so rude”shivaay silent-yells.
“Im hungry. Everything is fair in hunger and sleep” she replies.

“Is that not Everything is fair in love and war??” He cross questions.

“In what century are you in. Hello Gandhiji… listen.. proverbs are meant to change as per person’s wish” she says and flips her hair.

“Gandhiji?? Do i look that old??” He rebukes.

“Yeah.. obviously. See.. you even have white hairs.” Saying this, she pulls one of his white hair out.

“Ahhhhh.. you monkey” he screams on the middle of the road. “Pagal hai kya?? Those aren’t the white hairs coming out of my age.. those are common white hairs. People have it.” He justifies.

“Show me one person with white hairs at this age. Show me show me” she nears with a raised finger.

“Ek minute.. ek minute you guys.. before you go out finding people with white hair, better finish your icecreams first. Your icecreams are melting.” The vendor calms them down.

Anika and shivaay turn around to opposite directions and start munching their icecreams.

She cant stay angry because she had her favourite icecream infront of her.
She starts munching and within seconds her mouth is full of icecream. While shivaay was still tearing the outer wrapper slowly and licking the icecreams stuck to it.

“Hello gorgeous..i see you have come to eat icecream. But i guess your lips are tastier than that icecream??” A rogue on the street asks her with a lustful look.

Shivaay with a jerk turns around to see her smiling to that. “Why is this monkey smiling??” He screams to himself.

The rogue comes near her and shivaay comes near Anika as well. Shivaay holds her elbow and before he can pull her away, shivaaay witnesses the rogue squealing in high pitch and falling down on the road.

Only a moment later he realises that Anika has kicked him right on his nuts.

Shivaay drops his jaw down to the floor and looks at her with bulging eyes.

She signals shivaay and shivaay immedietly blotches the guys face with his icecream. Shivaay and Anika holds hands and start running on the road, away from the rogue.

They both laugh their hearts out while running and keeping looking back if the guy was following. Once they reach house they continue laughing.

“That was a one niceee kick” he says between his laughter. While Anika pulls her imaginary collar up.

Shivaay holds his chest and controls laughing while Anika keeps panting.
Once they are over sith their laughter, they both keep staring at each other having an eyelock.

“Step 3: Do crazy stuffs with me. Check✔” she says and smiles. Shivaay self-pats and smiles as well.

Anika forwards her hand.
“So Mr.Gandhiji. You are officially Anika’s friend. Welcome to the club” she says and hides a smile.

Shivaay holds her hand and shakes it.
“Finally.” he says and pulls her into a friendly hug. “Acha chalo… cheese!!!” She shouts in his ears and pulls her mobile out for a selfie.

They both pose and take several pics.
“Give me your number ill send you all the pics” she says and he pulls out his phone.

She grabs his phone, enters her number in it and saves her name as Monkey.

“You could have saved it as Anika?” He asks. “Friends wont be so formal shivaay. Message me your number. Ill save it.” she says with a grin.

“So what are you gonna save my name as?” He asks curiously. “Khanji aakhon wala” she casually replies.

He rolls his eyes and was about to go.
She held her hand and looks into his eyes.

“And hey.. Happy one week Roomate Anniversary!!” She whispers.

“And that is why an icecream treat” she says and raises her hand.

He does a hifi with it and tiptoes to his room smiling.


So shivaay and anika are finally friends.
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