Savitri Devi 28th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Gayatri plans to kidnap a kid

Savitri Devi 28th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer saying its a natural death, heart attack is common in old age, what did you think about that room. Sanchi says we have less space, we will utilize that space. Sanchi tells the board that room can be renovated and utilized for general ward usage. The board members agree. Anand worries. Sanchi says thanks, I will get it renovated, I want to keep that ward on my dad’s name, Dr. Sunil Mishra ward. Gayatri says we have an objection, I want the ward on my name, your dad just gave his idea, I have worked after this hospital, along with Anand. Sanchi says you have just made a business centre, I have improved its image. Anand says let that room be shut, its not good for the hospital. Sanchi asks why, what’s the reason. She asks him to answer.

Veer says maybe the authorities got the ward shut because of Anand’s fraud. Anand asks him to know his limits. He is about to tell them about the ward. He gets a call. He looks at the phone screen and sees some hypnotism circles on the screen. He gets shocked. Everyone asks him what was he saying. Anand says nothing, Sanchi is right, we shouldn’t waste that place, lets make a ward there. Sanchi asks sister to get that room renovated. A lady comes and complains about stomach ache. Sanchi checks her and sends her for tests. She says I will handle your kids till your treatment goes on. She takes care of the girls. Veer comes. Sanchi says I have to go for surgery, I need your help in managing that patient’s kids, I can’t trust anyone else. He says thanks for kind words, you gave me a perfect job, go for the surgery, I will handle them. Sanchi asks kids to cooperate and goes. Anand comes home. Savitri asks are you fine. He says yes, I just want to take some rest, I m going inside, make sure no one disturbs me. He goes upstairs and shuts his room’s door. Savitri says I think we should give him some space. Veer says we shall play hide and seek. Sanchi comes and sees Veer with the kids. She smiles.

He calls a nurse for cleaning up the little girl. He asks are all the nurses busy. Sanchi comes and says I will change the diaper. He says I know, you stay here and see how I change the diaper in record time. He changes the little girl’s diaper. Sanchi says I agree. He says I m perfect husband material, you can do your work after having children, and I will manage children. She looks at him. She gets a call from OT and goes. Gayatri says I m planning to make Sanchi lose, I will make a kid disappear, when the patient learns the kid is missing, she will file a police complaint, I will get that ward named after me. She calls a nurse. Veer says I can’t leave the kids alone. He goes to give patient history. Nurse shows a chocolate to the little girl and takes her out.

Veer sees the girl missing. He worries. Gayatri asks the girl not to make any noise and have her chocolates. She goes. The lady asks Veer about her children. She says I want to meet my children before my operation, where is my younger daughter. Veer says she is playing somewhere around, she is fine, go for the surgery. She says I want to meet her right now. The door opens. The girl goes to the prohibited area and plays with many automated toys. Gayatri comes to see the girl. She says its good the girl disappeared, I will get the ward named after me when Sanchi gets blamed for the girl’s disappearance. The cupboard begins to move. Veer calls out the little girl Trisha. He says she is nowhere, I have looked for her everywhere, where shall I find her…..

Sanchi and Veer have a pastry treat. He says sharing is caring and feeds her the pastry. He laughs seeing the pastry over her nose.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. According to Wikipedia, including Rashmi Sharma, there are 8 people who are the writers of this show. Line seriously, 8 log mil k bhi ek dhang ki story nai bana sakte?? This is really disgusting. They started the show with an amazing plot, but it ended becoming a headache.

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