Savitri Devi 26th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Tantrik dies, Gayatri confronts Dr. Malhotra

Savitri Devi 26th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer asking Gayatri to understand and says he needs to go out. Gayatri asks him to tell where is he going? Veer says I can’t tell you. Gayatri says I am the owner of the house and you have to say. Veer says enough. Everyone hears them. Veer says I heard your nonsense since long and leaves. Gayatri gets angry. Savitri asks where did Veer go and where is Sanchi? Ria asks where were you since long? Gayatri asks Anand to tell where is Sanchi and Veer? She asks Dr. Malhotra to tell that Sanchi called the tantrik home and he helped her along with veer. Savitri says I can’t believe. Gayatri asks everyone to come. Veer gets worried for Sanchi and hopes she is fine. Suddenly a tree branch falls on the way. He stops his car and thinks how to go. Sanchi is tied by Nayantara’s

evil powers. Sanchi asks Tantrik to get up. Veer thinks of the way which leads him to jungle.

Nayantara tells Sanchi that she will send her to baba and asks her to help him. Sanchi asks why did you kill him who has taught you everything. Nayantara says you brought Guru ji between us, now you will be killed too. Veer comes there and asks Nayantara to stop. Nayantara says where is Sanchi, Veer comes there, and says it is good that he came, she will kill them both. Sanchi asks her not to harm Veer. Nayantara attacks Sanchi with her evil powers. Veer sees something and picks it. Sanchi asks Veer to go and asks Nayantara not to do him anything. Nayantara turns towards Veer. Veer shows the stone and says you can’t do anything to us, this stone will make your powers end. He reads Gayatri mantra keeping stone in his hand. Sanchi gets freed from her evil power and reads the Gayatri mantra.

Nayantara says you can make me weak, but can’t destroy me. I will not leave you both. Sanchi asks Veer to break her ego and kill her. Veer throws stone on her, but she vanishes. She comes from the other end side and throws a fire ball on their hands. They feel pain and their hands are separated. Nayantara says now you don’t have Guru ji nor the stone, I will take your life. She attacks Veer. Veer gets up, sees Trishul kept near by and picks it. He says Veer is still alive, and I will not let Sanchi and my family have anything. Nayantara throws fire on the trishul making it burn, but Veer is still holding it. Sanchi asks him to drop the Trishul. Veer says he will not drop it. Nayantara says you both will die and makes the Trishul vanish from his hand. Veer is shocked.

Gayatri takes the family to Sanchi’s room where Tantrik had done puja. She asks Dr. Malhotra to say and says I heard you speaking to Sanchi. Savitri asks Dr. Malhotra to say. Gayatri asks him to say. Dr. Malhotra says stop it and says I asked Sanchi to do this. I asked her to do this puja for Ria and Kabir’s happy marriage and life. He says now you will say that I don’t believe on Puja, but since I lost Priya, I am scared and when a baba told to do this puja, I agreed. Dr. Kabir says he is right, Sanchi will never back off when the matter is about someone’s happiness. Gayatri says I know you are hiding something and taking Sanchi’s side, I know there is something wrong. Dr. Malhotra says truth will not change and says Sanchi is my bahu and Veer’s wife and asks her not to utter nonsense regarding her. Ria asks what mom wants to say. Sanchi and Veer hold each other hands. Nayantara says your love might be winning infront of me, but not for longer time. I will see who will save you both, I will return soon, and vanishes.

Sanchi and Veer hug each other. Sanchi asks Veer, why did you risk your life. Veer says I will not let anything happen to you until I am alive and will shield you always. Sanchi cries looking at Tantrik baba and asks him to open his eyes. Veer says we will take you to hospital. Tantrik says I don’t have enough time. Sanchi says you have to help us in defeating Nayantara. Baba says I can’t be alive till then and asks them to do something. He tells riddle hinting about something which will help them to end Nayantara. Sanchi says baba this riddle. Tantrik says this riddle has the solution and asks them to solve it, else nobody will be alive. He takes a last breath and dies. Sanchi asks him to get up. Veer says baba is no more. Veer says I will not leave this Nayantara and will take revenge for Priya and Baba’s death.

Nayantara dances with the goons in the jungle. Goons see Sanchi and Veer and tell each other that she (Sanchi) is clever to dance with her and roaming with him. Veer gets angry on them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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