Mere Sai 26th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Keshav Becomes Ganpat Rao’s Fan and Confronts Kulkarni

Mere Sai 26th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Keshav looking at Kulkarni informs Rukmini that he is going to watch drama and heard actors act really amazing. He leaves. Kulkarni sits fuming. On the other side, Ganpat Rao insults Sai and tells Baba Saheb that he told Sai is a big saint, but he sees a potter here. Baba Saheb says he should be humble and not arrogant, many people got help from Sai and even he may need in the future. Sai says Baba Saheb that he is happy to see him back in Shridi and asks reason for his arrival. Baba Saheb says he is producing this drama troupe and paid for all the arrangements, he loves art an wants to promote art, he has organized pooja before start of drama, so if Sai can come and perform it. Sai says good he loves art and art is good if it performed for peace of mind. He walks to drama venue and performs

pooja. Pant says drama will start, people can get in que to buy tickets. Keshav asks Sai if he also came to watch drama. Baba Saheb asks Sai if he can also watch drama. Sai says he will when time comes. Baba saheb says there will a meaning behind Sai’s words, as Sai wishes. He tells Ganpat Rao that he needs to reach Nimgaon soon, so he will watch drama some other day. Ganpat Rao says as he wishes.

Keshav asks Jhipri if she will not watch drama. Jhipri says ticket price is 1 Rs which she cannot afford, so he can watch drama and mimic it to her and others. She leaves with her friends. Pari with her friends passes by and peeps into tent hearing someone’s voie. They see a man getting disguised as woman and laugh silently. Drama starts. Keshav with a few other viewers watch drama and likes it a lot. He returns to Dwarkamayi and mimics whole drama excitedly. Everyone clap for him. Sai praises him that he is a good story teller, he is amuzed withh his talent. Baiza says Keshav got this talent from his mother. Appa says both mother and son are very talented. Keshav says he has seen many dramas in London, but Ganpat Rao is a great artist, he will go and personally congratulate him.

Pant scolds Ganpat Rao that he told not to increase ticket prie to 1 Rs, they will not earn even 50 Rs, coming to Shirdi is their biggest mistake. Keshav enters and says drama was very marvelous. Pant asks him to come later, theyy are busy. Ganpat Rao asks if he liked his drama, if he has ever seen drama before. Keshav says he has seen many dramas in London, but his acting and singing is marvelous. Ganpat Rao excitedly says he acts for these praises. Pant says they cannot feed their stomach with praises. Ganpat Rao says today a few people came, soon many will come via word of mouth publicity. Kulkarni walks in and taunts that when very few people came on 1st day, soon nobody will come, Ganpat Rao has fallen on his face. Keshav confronts Kulkarni not to insult an artist. Ganpat Rao says many will come and his first audience is Kulkarni’s son, only jeweler can identify diamond and his friend is a jewler, hearing Keshav he thought he is from a well cultured family, but he forgot lotus grows in dirt..

Precap: Keshav orders Anta to make sure people forget that they saw any drama. Anta steals drama clothes. Sai suggests to get new clothes stiched. Ganpat Rao says within 1 day, ho can he.

Update Credit to: MA

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