Savitri Devi 24th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Sanchi hurts Veer intentionally

Savitri Devi 24th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dr. Kabir taking Sanchi to his cabin where he organized a special dinner for them. He says today we will have dinner together. He tries to feed food in her mouth, but Sanchi pushes his hand and says I don’t want to have food. She says she is sure Veer must be upset as she misbehaved with him since morning. She says when my husband is hungry, I can’t eat. Dr. Kabir asks what about my feelings? Sanchi tells him that it is none of her business, and says your cheap things can’t make me closer to you. Dr. Kabir throws the food and says you have to come closer to me, on my orders. Savitri comes and asks Veer to have food. Veer says Sanchi would be coming home and asks her to sleep. Sanchi comes home and sees Veer slept on chair. She comes near him and stops herself from waking him up. Veer wakes up and stops her, and says I am very hungry and asks her to sit. He says I made your favorite biryani for you. You might have not eaten lunch also. He says Maa asked me to make biryani to lift your mood. He is about to feed her biryani, but Sanchi stops him as she gets Dr. Kabir’s message and says she had already eaten food and asks him not to wait for her. Veer is shocked. She comes to room, sees Saree which Veer kept as a gift and cries. She thinks of her bad behavior towards him and he is trying to cheer her up. Dr. Kabir is angry and smirks seeing Sanchi.

Veer comes to room and sees Sanchi sleeping. He asks what happened? He cares for her and covers her with blanket and goes. Later he comes to room and tries to sleep. Sanchi opens her eyes and feels pain. Next morning, Veer wakes up and thinks where did she go early morning. He looks for her in the bathroom. He comes out and sees red saree. He thinks Sanchi is standing wearing red saree which he bought for her, and keeps his hand on her, but she is none other than Servant. Servant asks do you need anything? Veer asks from where did you get saree? Servant says bahu rani gave me this saree. Veer asks about her and thinks how she can do this with me. He goes to hospital in a hurry. Gayatri says don’t know why she got married in our family and didn’t make food also. She says she left early morning. Priya says you are saying as if we don’t have food before she came here. She goes to make food. Dadi scolds her.

Dr. Kabir comes to Sunny holding bouquet and tries to scare Sunny. He drops syrup bottle intentionally and says it seems like someone’s blood is here. Sunny panics and cries, and says I didn’t do anything to Aditya. Sanchi comes and tries to pacify Sunny. She gives him injection. She asks Dr. kabir why did he do this? Dr. Kabir says I was refreshing your memory and shall know what I can do with you. He asks her to fulfill his first condition. Sanchi cries. He asks her not to take stress and says I want you to become mine and that’s why doing this. He asks her to do just as he says.

Veer comes to Sanchi and asks what is all this? He says I know you are upset, but that doesn’t mean that you will give my gift to someone. Sanchi says she didn’t know that it was a gift and tells that she disliked it and wouldn’t have worn. Veer is shocked and says you used to like all my gifts and asks what happened suddenly. Sanchi says your choice is good at other things, but you don’t know how to buy saree and asks her not to buy such gifts. Veer says I will take your approval before buying anything and hopes that my wife will like my gifts. He holds her closer. Sanchi asks him to go and work. Veer says this is our work and I won’t let anyone come inbetween us. He hugs her. Sanchi also hugs him. She sees Dr. Kabir standing and looking angrily.

Dr. Kabir tells Sanchi that everyone will hate her now and then he will be with her. Veer comes there and sees Dr. Kabir keeping his hand on Sanchi’s shoulder.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Not being a fan of any actor or character just as a viewer what i feel this show is no more a medical drama it became a family drama and just focus on sanveer lovestory. Seriously when i started watching this i just thought that the concept of this show is really good. I just thought this show will focus on sanchi’s journey as a doctor and how other characters also develop with story but i think the show completely lost its original story. Sanchi has always been shown as if she knows everything malohtra and kabir were shownas dumb infront of her though they r senior doctors. Instead of medical cases cvs focused mainly on showing sanveer love story their breakup patch up drama, love triangle. It always seem as all other characters r there just to form their lovestory jaise aur koi kaam nahi kisi ko. Sanchi ,veer ,kabir sare characters ko barbad kar diya. Kabir and veer’s bromance was awesome but cvs destryed it. Malohtra uncle se jyda dimag to gayatri ka chalta hai malohtra to kewal naam ka villain hai. Dr. Kabir jaise sensible doctor ko psycho bana diya. Veer ko life me sanchi k peeche bhagne k alawa aur koi kaam hi nahi aisa lagta hai papa k paise hain na use apane career se kuch lena dena nahi. Sanchi to mahaan hai pahale pyaar ko pane pe focus tha ab pyaar k sath rahne ke liye struggle karna pad raha hai. Pragya isha ek do episode me darshan dene aa jati hain and medical cases wo to cvs dikhana bhool chuke hain . Mera to man karta hai inn cvs k sir pe kisi cheez se jordar marun ki inaka dimaag kam karna start kar de. Had hai yaar agar story samajh nahi aa rahi to telly update k ff se idea le lo bahut sare ideas mil jayenge. Cvs chahte to inn sare characters k sath ek bahut acchi story dikha sakte the but unhone to puri story barbad kar di. I really feel pity for all the actors and crew members of the show they really work hard to entertain us but kisi bhi show k hit hone k liye story acchi honi jaroori hai but cvs ne to iss show ki story ka kachara kar ke rakh diya. Disgusting story with so many loopholes. Kalankhai ye medical show k naam pe. Shayad iss show me lovestory se jyada show k main theme pe focus kiya hota to show hit hota.

    1. What u have said above is true. I thought this would be a medical drama. so, I have started watching this show .
      But what I have seen is just patchup drama.
      And in the name of true love, they are showing bullsh*ts.
      Who will love a person who needs proofs to trust and support u ? Veer alwz believed sanchi only after seeing proofs. She needed proofs to prove her innocence all the time. In reality, what kind of life are you going to live if ur partner didn’t have trust on u ? Do u go and get proofs to prove ur innocence?. ????? Worst storyline.
      CVS has sick mentality.
      They just know how to assassinate a character.
      It’s just a flop show.

  2. Varunfan

    Miss Riddhi Veer blo*dy practises as doctor and he blo*dy earn bucks.

    And rest i agree they ruined KaVeer
    I had so many hopes frm KaVeer bt now its nt possible anymore idt after knowing wht K did to his wife V wl ever be cordial with Kabir forget bond.

    Sad ?

  3. @varunfan i know veer is practising as a doctor but i mean to say here is as i saw veer in initial episode though he has been shown as prankster but has been shown very intalligent even kabir accepted it. But cvs never mainly focus on veer character’s development as a doctor. They always mainly shown him as a lover or husband but not as dr. Veer malohtra. What the cvs r showing currently its a bullshit no any fandom is luking it.

    1. Varunfan

      That i fully agree
      He is flawed bt most realistic
      Bt then again i would love to see him as good doctor..i miss those days of him bringing heart for Riddhi and their cute banter

  4. @varunfan see its true that i m kabir fan but what i m talking here is just as a viwer. The tagline of this show is KIRDAR ANEK PAR NABZ SIRF EK SAVITRI DEVI COLLEGE AND HOSPITAL. As a viewer i only feel its a medical drama and there r so many characters but just to show the fl mahan cvs never given chance to anyother character to grow. Jab hospital me koi bhi case aata hai to hamesha sanchi hi q handle karti hai koi aur doctor nahi hai kya?if u hav watched sanjeevani orDMG there was also romance but ot was part of story main focus on medical drama. Another thing in these all the character got equal importance. But here cvs are not able to do justce to any other character. Thats why ppl have completely lost their interest in the show. Just think as viewer not as a fan.

  5. Absolutely true riddhi. When i first saw the promos i just thought it be a nice show because the promos were very promising. Initially show was good but now its rediculous. If as a viewer i analyse the story or the characters so far i m not at all satisfied. If i talk abt the story i felt its a story abt a girl &her dreams and all other characters will relate to the main plot. Initial episodes focused on the main theme and tagline of the story but after the love track introduced the main theme of the story completely gone and the love became the maun focus. Story is nowhere related to its actual plot. If i talk abt character development-
    1. Malohtra- i felt that malohtra will be one of the best villain of tv. The scene where he throws the ashes of sunil mishra i thought what a cruel man he is. But now a days he is just for guest appearance his place has been taken by kabir. Sanchi snatched both his hospital and his son and he is so helpless it seem he os there to peel off potatoes. Is it we call a villain .
    2. Veer- prankster veer was luvd by everyone. He has also been shown as an intelligent character who hears only his heart. But after the love track started the actual veer is lost. He has been shown as love sick puppy and after that triangle drama an obssesive lover. Where is doctor veer. Just to show the fl as an idol of sacrifice cvs ruined his character. Now also he is their just to hold his wify hands as a good hudband. But cvs never focused to show him as a fullfledge doctor. Cvs main focus is only to glorify their FL.
    3.kabir- for kabir i must say is a character who has been suffered alot without any reason bcoz he is nowhere related to mishra malohtra clan. Initially his character signifyDUTY. An honest and dedicated doctor. Who is there just for his job. But these cvs unnecessarily dragged him in love triangle and when accepted sanchi doesn’t love him these stupid cvs again dragged him in for building up sanveer relationship. Even i feel his character has been used and thrown out like a tissue paper by sanchi. Now what they r doing first false blame of kidney theft ob him and now when he came back for revenge instead of a good revenge drama these cvs r showing him a psycho wow bang on cvs just to glorify ur FL u turned a mature sensible character into a psycho. I think RS loves psychos first vikrant now kabir. His character has been ruined beyond redemption. Sometimes i feel cvs r spoiling his character just to show in future that he is actually malohtra-s son and is bad like his father. But if they want to show this then my dear cvs upbringing is above blood. Agar parvarish acchi hai to blood kisi ka bhi ho insaan accha hota hai. Agar kabir malohtra ka beta hai bhi to usaki parvarish kusum ne ki hai. If to show this point in future they r spoiling kabir’s character then i must say cvs r brainless.( its just my assumption that kabir is malohtras son i don’t know what cvs want to show.)
    4.pragya ^isga- unaka to koi kaam hi nahi hai. Guest appearance k liye rakha hai unhe and same implies with Riya sha could have been a very good vamp but she is also there as guest.
    5. Sanchi- sanchi mata jinko sab kuch pahale se hi aata. To internship kis khushi me ki as a senior doctor join kar leti kyunki usse to malohtra and kabir se bhi jyada knowledge hai. I don’t want to talk abt her character bcoz this is the FL whom i hate from tge core of my heart. As mush cvs try to show her a girl without flaws and an idol od sacrifice my hatred for her increase more. Ihave never seen FL who is the main culprit full of flaws. But to glorify thus pathetic lady cvsbutcherd both the male leads first veer then kabir.
    If i talk abt pairing i always wanted kanchi & praveer bcoz of theor chemestry. But my favorite pair was of Kaveer. My god these two boys share amazing chemestry. But its really sad cvs never tried to encashtheir chemestry. And now its impossible to get kaveer back. Now i feel cvs and PH itself is nomore interested in the show thats why they r showing everything crap . As a viewer i must say i have never seen such a crap show before. Total waste of talent ; time & money.

  6. Anu88

    This episode dr.kabir is amazing………. it’s really so so nice episode though the story line is bakwas…………. but today both two boys stole my heart by their mind blowing acting……….and they express their love and pain for sanchi in this episode very emotionally…………

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