IshRa: When The Dead Returns (3~Ishita Arrested)

Raman called everyone in his room as Ishita was burning in fever. ‘Let’s call doctor, its very important to get her treated,’ Toshi said and Raman went outside to call the doctor. Pihu was looking for something in her cupboard when an album fell down, she bent to pick it up and saw many photos of her along with everyone else but they were none with Shagun. ‘Pihu!’ called a familiar voice. She ran to the balcony of her room and saw Shagun standing down the balcony. She smiled. ‘Come up,’ Pihu said. ‘No you come down,’ Shagun told her.

‘No you come up na,’ Pihu said but Shagun kept telling her to come down. Pihu somehow climbed the railing and stood on it. ‘Should I come?’ Pihu asked for an assurance. ‘Yes yes come,’ Shagun said and she stepped forward almost jumping down the balcony when a hand stopped her. ‘Pihu!’ said a scared voice. It was Ishita. She pulled her up and took her in her arms and hugged her as she saw Shagun down the balcony. She took Pihu to her bed as she was unconscious due to fear of heights. ‘Ishita what had happened?’ Raman asked.

‘Shagun, she was standing there down the balcony, she tried to kill our Pihu, she has come back. She is the one because of who I became sick, else tell me, why will Pihu try to suicide?’ Ishita asked. ‘You’re right, we should sleep here to protect Pihu,’ Raman said and went to change. Ishita stayed there till he came. She was in deep thoughts. Raman came back and then she went to change and they both slept there. Ishita woke up in the middle of the night as if she’s possessed by some evil force. She kept swinging back and forth sitting crossed legs holding her knees.

She tilted her head looking at Pihu and caressed her hair, then suddenly she stood up and went to balcony and she too climbed the railing and walked on it. ‘Chanda hai tu, mera sooraj hai tu, o meri aankhon ka taara hai tu, jeeti hoon main bas tujhay dekh k, is tootay dil ka sahara hai tu,’ she sung in a creepy voice multiple times which disturbed Raman’s sleep and he woke up and saw Ishita missing. He got up and saw balcony’s door open. He got out of bed to close it.

He saw Ishita standing on railing and he pulled her down, she was also unconscious, he took her to bed. ‘What is this happening? Why Shagun is trying to kill them? Maybe we should shift to amma and appa’s house,’ Raman said to himself and first took Ishita to their house and then Pihu and he too slept in their spare room. Next day, they all were sitting on dining table to eat food, Pihu was carrying a toy phone with her and surprisingly it rang. ‘Hallo Shagun mumma..what? OK,’ Pihu said on phone and hung up.

‘Ishi maa, Shagun mumma has given a message for you, she’s coming to take me,’ Pihu said. ‘Pihu there’s a limit to everything, end this right now whatever you’re playing, I will get the food,’ Simmi said and got up when suddenly Pihu started laughing and she was shocked as she was still talking on phone. ‘What happen Pihu? Why are you laughing?’ Mihika asked. ‘Shagun mumma is saying you people make such bad food that even the hungry dogs on road won’t eat it,’ Pihu said laughingly. ‘Pihu! Is this the way to talk to elders?’ Simmi got angry.

‘Pihu, give this phone right now, and don’t you dare to say all this again and specially talk to Shagun mumma’s so called ghost,’ Ruhi said snatching the phone. ‘Yes, she doesn’t deserves to be called a mother, she left your Ruhi didi when she was just six months old and started living with some other man for almost six years and took your Adi bhaiya with her and made him spoilt, thank God he came to Ishita, then your Ishimaa couldn’t become a mother, she became your surrogate mother, but your real mother is Ishita,’ Toshi told her calmly.

‘She broke your father’s heart for someone unknown, such a characterless woman she was,’ Madhavi said angrily. Pihu frowned. Later, Ishita took her to kitchen to make her apologize everyone. ‘Pihu, come on. Apologize for what you said,’ Ishita said. ‘Pihu, come beta we didn’t meant to hurt you,’ Mihika said and Simmi too said the same. Pihu just stared at them and the kitchen door closed by itself with a bang and Ishita startled. A knife raised in the air on its own and stabbed both Simmi and Mihika and they bled to death. Ishita fell on her knees cryingly.

Sometime later police arrived and Ishita was sitting hugging Pihu tightly. ‘When this happened, only you were with them in the kitchen and suddenly you’re saying that the door closed by itself and a knife stabbed them by itself, there’s no ghosts out there, you’ll be taken to custody, as only you can be under doubt for this,’ the inspector said. ‘I haven’t done anything, Shagun have done this, she came, Pihu, please you know that who killed them, please tell them who killed Mihika and Simmi,’ Ishita said as a policewoman came and handcuffed her taking her away.

‘Pihu tell! Pihu they will go taking away your Ishi maa, Pihu! Pihuuuu!’ Ishita kept shouting resisting them as she was taken away. She was thrown in a prison and kept shouting drying her throat. Madhavi called a priest as she believed Ishita and wanted to free her of Shagun. ‘No, I will have to run out of here to save my Pihu no matter what, mera ek hi ansh hai, mai ussay khona nahi chahti,’ Ishita said to herself and saw policeman sleeping. She pulled out a hairpin from her hair and unlocked the cell and ran away tiptoeing from there.

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