Savitri Devi 24th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Sanchi and Veer turn friends

Savitri Devi 24th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kabir seeing Sanchi’s pic and thinking of her. He says I m going to London, maybe things get fine between us if I go away, our relation’s foundation was wrong, I wish whenever I come back, we become friends like before. He sees her mangalsutra and gets sad. He keeps it there and leaves. Sanchi begins her day and thinks of her old days in the hospital. Veer comes to her and says so you are back. Sanchi asks why did you come back. He says we are still friends, whenever you need me, come to me, this room is still reserved for me. She says I just… He says I m also saying about friendship, will you be my friend. She shakes hands with him.

She says yes, but our focus will be on our career and hospital. Veer says of course. He hears some guys speaking bad about Sanchi. He says Kabir resigned, so I m your chief mentor now. The guys say our life got spoiled now. Veer says you all are doctors, behave like doctors, fun isn’t allowed in hospital, but hostel rules are different, right, who will listen to Sanchi here, she is hitler, not me, some great man said, everything is fair in love, war, and hostel. Sanchi comes and says don’t think of doing anything wrong. She goes. Veer says don’t worry, she won’t know of it, I will join you guys, life should be fun. He goes.

The interns and Veer try to use the Planchette to call any good spirit. Veer asks any good spirit to come to them and talk. Lights flicker. Window opens. They look on. Sanchi comes in and says Veer, what are you guys doing, I told you not to do this, Veer why are you wasting their time. Subbu says sorry. Veer asks what did you do, don’t you know the rule of Planchette, the member who gets up in between, the spirit controls him. He scares Subbu. Subbu says no, I don’t want to die, sorry. Veer asks Sanchi to be careful of the spirit. She goes. Veer smiles. He thinks to teach Sanchi a lesson. He gets a mask. Lights flicker again. He looks for his phone. He hears ghungroo sound and asks who’s there. He sees someone taking a candle. He shouts ghost and runs.

He shouts for help. Sanchi scares him. Sanchi and interns laugh. Veer says don’t act smart, go to your rooms now. He asks Sanchi when did she start all this. She says since you started acting cool and over smart. They run. She says no Veer…. He says you like to scare me, I will teach you a lesson. They fall down and have an eyelock. Music plays… She says its okay, don’t feel awkward, don’t do Planchette next time, else the spirit won’t leave you. Lights go off. Veer says very funny, do you believe in ghosts and spirits. She says no, I just believe in those things which I experience or see, you are having my snacks now. He says you are right. Window open. They look on. He says I will help you, wing is strong. She shows the flowers turning lifeless.

Sanchi checks some files and learns about some death game news related to hostel. She worries.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Worst show.. Again the old stupid track.. I used to watch it just because of Kabir. But if no Kabir then no Sdch..

  2. P.S.T

    What the hell is happening now I’m so confused, the story was going great and boom new story line and no no please tell me they are not starting again and go through Sachin & veer falling in love again and Sachin choices Kabir and all over again. No we don’t want this writing ok I can’t go over this shit again. I want my couple Sachin & Kabir . Why are u doing this??? If the story is starting again I’m done because the way the episode today going it’s looks like it’s starting over again so I will watch again when I find out that my couple are back together. Until then bye shit show.. yes Sachin & Kabir are forever. And write can’t see u that fan are happy and the story was getting interesting we want to know the romance between the couples. And u killed the mirshie just and make Sachin believe it’s was Kabir and Kabir to donate Sachin just so u can start the story again seriously. Like I said I will be back Until my I see my couple back together Sachin & Kabir until the bye it’s was amazing know my couple and I will always support u. Always & forever.??? Sachin & Kabir

  3. Haa finally I want to give a big thanks to RS for turning negative again and sending him London so now we all kabir fans r free from ur crap I wish kabir will find someone who will love him only. So after Jaya, Isha pragya , mishri now it’s kabir who left this crap. So now I can happily say goodbye to this most worst show in the history of television. So sanveer fans enjoy ?️?️?️

    1. * not turning kabir negative again.

  4. I like this track hope they now concentrate on the hospital track rather than regular sas bahu drama what is this new supernatural track hope it dont bcm 2nd ssk

    1. Exactly

  5. ?????????inn CVS kA dimag Puri tarah khatam ho chuka hai ab medical show Main Atma, chudail aane wali Hain. Congratulations sanveerians u people are going to enjoy sasural simar kA season 2 in the name of medical show. And yes thank God kabir left sdch I m really happy so no reason left to watch this shit. It seems today is independence day of all kabir fans from this crap. ??? Now I m not even interested in written update of this show. Good bye to the most ghatiya show of the world.

  6. Worst show ever seen chee rs better ki app show chodo n kabir nahi thi show nahi

  7. Kabir has not left show

  8. @pia How do you know. Don’t tell me he will again turn negative for that cheap girl. Mujhe wo kabir k aas pass bhi nahi chahiye yaar.

  9. One thing I want to ask sanchi removed her mangalsutra but kabir sanchi both have not signed divorce papers I think.

  10. Is this show going off air?

    1. No n riddhi if there is kabir only this show will go on kr else this show will stop bcoz he is one of the male lead

  11. I don’t think this is the season 2 what I feel show is actually going to end. The show started as a medical revenge drama with lots of characters and later it actually became a couple show, saas bahu drama and kaun banega sanchi kA pati. All the characters who were introduced in the beginning of the show has left the show and the characters who were present in the the montage left the show and only sanchi veer malohtra are left in the show. I feel now malohtra will be punished and sanveer will get married. I don’t think after giving such a crap story with so many loopholes makers will ever think to bring season 2 bcoz the audience who r actually fond of a good story and don’t watch a show just bcoz their favorite actor is their will never ever dare to watch season 2 of this shit. Hope the show will end soon.

  12. I think both sanchi and veer are the cheapest characters in the history of television. Yes if anybody wants to bash me your most welcome but this is the truth sanchi aur veer ek number k Besharam aur selfish Hain. You people always call kabir cheap na but sanchi and veer r worst. sanchi married kabir just to show herself mahaan and veer married mishri just to show sanchi that he can move on. If kabir blackmailed sanchi and married her what sanchi did madam ne kaha kuch aur and kiya kuch aur. Patni kA kartavya nibhaungi veer k pass wapas nahi jaungi aur Kiya Kya shadi k bad bhi din rat veer k bare main hi socha issase accha jab kabir divorce de raha tha to itana drama kyun Kiya usi time veer k pass chali jati at least kabir and mishri ki life barbad hone see Bach jati. And veer bete kA kartavya nibhane k liye shadi kar li and mishri bechari ko Bina kisi galati k hamesha insult Kiya would be nahi aai thi tumse shadi karne tumne khud usase shadi ki. Aur sirf usane tumhare ex wife ki pic jala di to Bina soche samjhe use aadhi rat ko ghar se bahar nikal Diya. Actually u r responsible for mishri’s dear veer malohtra. And sanchi matA unhe to mauka chahiye that socha mishri mar gai ab Mera rasta clear hai bas kabir se peecha chudana that chudail ko jaise hi kabir ne madam ko Sach kA aaina dikhaya bas mauka mil gaya mangalsutra utarane kA bag pack Kiya aur kabir se peecha chuda liya veer k paas jane kA chance mil gaya. Ye sanchi mishra hi rahoongi dialogue kuch din main bhool jayegi sanchi matA. Dekho veer ki biwi mar gai jara sa bhi dukh nahi ki aadhi rat main kyun nikala use and sanchi mata sirf mangalsutra utarate dikhi divorce papers pe sign karti to dikhi nahi par pati kA ghar chodate hi veer k upar girana aur eyelock karna shuru ho gaya. Kuch din main self respect ki aisi taisi ho jayegi and dono selfish aur cheap so called lovers kiss and hug karna bhi star kar denge. These two actually deserve each other bcoz both r cheap and selfish. Jise Jo kahana hai kaho main jawab dene ko bilkul ready hun.

  13. Veer was calling the spirits naa.. I wish Mishri ki atma ajati and dono ko apne sath le jati.
    2 din nai hue Mishri ki death ko and he’s already forgotten everything and happily enjoying with his friends and ex-wife, playing with her, eating snacks and having eye locks. I wish this show goes off air asap..

  14. If there is no kaanchi, no sdch. Crap show….Feeing sad for kabir. If he’s not there I’m not going to watch this stupidity. Like seriously,now they’re going to show ghost story….Really fed up. And plzz writers u all shld think about the fans also.

  15. Can anyone pls tell how to check trp ratings

    1. Don’t worry darling trp has even decreased by ne n na it’s 0.6

  16. Anee

    Actually veer is real murderer of Mishrii…. ager veer ghusse main aake 2 din main mishri se shaadi nahii karta aur shaadi toh kii ager aadhii rat ko ghar se na nikalta toh aaj mishrii zinda hotii… kaun nikalta hai kisi ladkii ko aadhii rat ko gharr se bahr…. so technically veer is mishrii’s real murderer…. and now veer become normal.. zara sa pachtawa bhii nahii hai mishrii kii death ka just like mishrii toh kabhii thii nahii.

    1. RuCh23

      Agreed. Besides he married her saying he’s fulfilling his responsibilities as a son. But never even once he talked to her kindly after the marriage. Always yell at her and insult her for something or other. She even slept on the floor when he slept so comfortably. He just don’t care. Always treated her like trash. I just wish she would appear from somewhere with a new avatar and shock everyone. But that won’t happen. PH is crazy over portraying Sanchi and Veer so great no matter what wrong they do. Other characters don’t have any importance at all. I really liked Mishri. Even Ayesha’s track was longer than this Mishri’s track

  17. Trp drop because of kabir scenes ok not sanveer scenes. ..
    Sanchi is best …

    1. Lol this week there were less Kabir scenes that’s why trp dropped??

    2. If you forgot then i want remember to you after sanveer marriage TRP reach 0.9 to 0.5. Unka cheap ghatiya bgrade romance tha phir bhi .suhagraat .shower scene kissing scene yahatak remove shirt also ??? and that time kabir is very less there .

  18. Good jock ??? this week trp not coming. .I told that last week trp drop ..

    1. Then y do u tell ant kabir he is best actor n one more thing in spoiler it was given vikrant is actual victim no one 1 is interested to watch this crap shiv just watch only fir kabir n last week kabur sciences was less bcoz he took off for his brother wedding

    2. Ok this week trp will give you answer who is responsible for low trp. Bcoz we all know as kabir went London so he won’t be here so no kabir whole week. If trp will increase then we will talk @geeta. Let me assure you trp will fall bcoz we kabir fans r not at all interested in this cheap show.

  19. No one kabir fans need to watch this crap show vikram sir not start shooting yet . May be mid September he come in show .if he not quit the show .so next two three weeks only sannomi cheap chemistry less wahiyaat scene hi aayenge ???. And its confirm news ???

    1. Thanks for the [email protected] It means there will be no kabir for we all kabir fans will be saved from watching Bhai behan Jodi romance. Bcoz we r not at all interested in their cheap romance ????

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