Nimki Mukhiya 24th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Babbu deposits money for Ram’s treatment

Nimki Mukhiya 24th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mauha says to Nimki papa isn’t even moving his hands. Nimki says he looks funny when he moves hands. Mauha says you are joking at this time? Nimki says life is joke. God always jokes with. Mono says you taught papa how to dance. Nimki recalls when they danced together. Nimki says he will dance with us again.
Doctor says who is patient’s family? Nimki says his name is Ram. He says you need to submit money for his treatment. Mauha says i took cash from the house but rest of the money is in bank and only papa knows the pin.
Abhi says to Moraylal go and take out cash. Mausi says you are doing right. Nimki and Mauha must be very worried. Abhi says what if something happens to her. When I was ill I felt like if something happens Nimki is there for Elena. I want Ram to feel the same for me.

Nimki says how will we know the money in the account. There is no pass book. Nimki calls Mauha and says do you know how much cash would be there? mauha says there wont be much. Nimki says what will we do now? Chachi takes off her mangalsutra and says sell it. Tune says no don’t. Nimki says I will take out cheque from papa’s account. I can do his signature. Tune says even if you do but what if there isn’t enough cash. Nimki says it will bounce back in a day or two. Nimki is leaving. She hugs chachi. Nimki says you’re really nice I love you.

Nimki says to hospital’s cashier take this cheque. He says Ram’s cheque is already deposited. Nimki hugs Abhi and says thanks for depositing the money. He says I just came with the cash. I haven’t deposited it yet. Nimki says then who deposited it? Cashier says your husband babbu. Nimki is dazed. She says you gave money? He says yes, he is my father in law. everyone is shocked. Abhi says you should. Nimki says thank you. He says I did what I should have. Babbu says I am sitting outside. Nimki says to doctor I want to meet my papa. he says you can’t meet him.

Scene 2
Tettar says to Annaro don’t worry. This is the time. Diamond says there is a call for you from party. Tettar says they just call to make it worse. Tettar says I have never been away from you. Remember when I had an affair with the dance. Diamond says he had an affair. Annaro slaps him. She says ever since you brought Nimki here you have lost you manliness and you know what a man without manliness is. Tettar says Annaro and is about to slap her.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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