Savitri Devi 23rd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Vikrant gets arrested

Savitri Devi 23rd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanchi calling the shoe designer and asking about any other specific buyer of that shoes she bought for Kabir. He says the person can take that shoes from any store in other city. She thanks him. Veer says I will be jailed if we don’t get any proof. Sanchi says don’t worry, this won’t happen. They get a message from unknown number. Someone asks her to leave her job and give POA papers to him, if she wants Veer to get free. He says you won’t do this. She says nothing else matters than justice for me, I m ready to lave this job. They come to give the POA to someone. The person comes to take the papers and gets caught in the net. Veer says you thought just you know to play this game. They get shocked seeing Anand. He asks how can you do this, did you kill Mishri. Anand says no. Sanchi asks what type of father are you, Veer was getting hanged because of you. Anand says I didn’t kill Mishri, I know the real murderer, I was taking advantage of situation to get my hospital. Veer says I don’t believe you, you can do anything to frame me. Anand shows the proof of evidence. They see someone and get shocked.

Anand says I know where he is hiding these days, he has killed Mishri. Sanchi says I will call Kabir and tell him that we got to know real murderer. Kabir doesn’t answer. Kabir replies I don’t want to support you in this, do this alone. Sanchi and Veer come to meet Vikrant. Veer beats him up and asks why did you kill Mishri. Vikrant keeps a knife at Sanchi’s neck and says move back, else I will kill her, like I killed Mishri. Sanchi says don’t spare him Veer. Vikrant says yes, be thankful you both got saved, I will take revenge. Veer asks him to leave Sanchi. Bindiya comes and arrests Vikrant. Veer asks Sanchi are you fine. She says yes. Vikrant is put behind bars. Anand says I m ashamed to think you are my son in law, you will be punished for all your sins now.

Bindiya apologizes to Veer for inconvenience. Veer hugs Sanchi and stops. He says thanks for supporting me and showing belief in me. She says I know you very well, you can’t hurt anyone. She cries. They come to the hospital. Media congratulates them for proving innocence and catching real culprit. Kabir sees them on news. Veer says Sanchi helped me like a true friend. Kabir says I did a big mistake, I will say sorry to Sanchi when she returns. Sanchi comes home and gets a surprise from Kabir.

She sees flowers everywhere in her room. Kabir apologizes to her. He gives her a card and bouquet. She goes and gets her stuff. He says I know you are angry on me. She says I chose you by leaving my love, even then you blamed me, you didn’t support me, I believed you, you have raised finger on my character, you didn’t believe me. She removes her mangalsutra and gives him. She says this is string of trust that binds husband and wife, I m fed up of giving tests, its enough now. He stops her and says please, don’t leave me, I m sorry, you are going back to Veer right. Sanchi says I was talking about this belief, this marriage has no meaning without trust, I will be Sanchi Mishra, I don’t want to become anyone’s wife. She leaves.

Veer asks Sanchi will you be my friend. She says yes. They smile.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Stupid show

    1. Aja ke bad yeh show ko dekna band

  2. Best couple Sanveer

  3. Amazing. It will be interesting to see how Sanchi comes back to square one. It was good that Sanchi has finally taken a stand for herself. Sanchi was right about husband and wife relationship. If there is no trust then it is no use to continue such a relationship. It will be amazing also to see Sanchi as Sanchi Mishra and she and Veer again bond as friends.

  4. RuCh23

    In my opinion, Veer did help Sanchi and Jaya on the hospital case before Savitri got shot. But afterwards it was Sanchi who always saved him coz he always get in to trouble. If not Sanchi, then it was Pragya. Before turning negative, Kabir always helped her. Even when she used truth serum on Ayesha, he still supported her though it was against his morals. After coming back to his previous self Kabir helped veer too a lot trying to mend his wrongs though Veer saw it as Kabir’s plot to insult him more. He only once refused to help Sanchi and insulted her. So what? She deserves it. It doesn’t matter how much he trust her, any husband would react like that. So every woman will leave their husbands just like that? They would stay angry and eventually solve their issues. It seems like Sanchi wanted to leave Kabir. If there’s a season 2, who knows what rubbish is ahead? If season 1 was like this, would anyone want to watch something like this again? ??? it’ll be the joke of the year!

  5. My concern with this is that she has now been married twice, so technically marriage is shown as a weak it was wrong for her to leave veer the way she did, but she decided to stick with kabir after all that happened cos she finally understood the meaning of marriage, if we all walked away at first sign of disagreement or arguement then what’s the point. Marriage is Compromise and people make mistakes you forgive and move on and make the marriage work. I am a sanveer fan but this is mocking marriage.

    1. What I feel this show is actually a joke. I think after kanchi marriage it was their first fight and sanchi broke her relationship. In each and every relation at least one chance should be given and whatever kabir told sanchi I think it was true after kanchi marriage sanchi was continuously doing veer jaap she has never thought about her husband and about their marital relationship just did veer jaap so in place of kabir any husband will do same. And if on a first fight only a person decide to break marriage then I think each and every couple will get divorced bcoz such things happen but ppl sort out the things and move on. I think sanchi herself doesn’t know the meaning of marriage.she is talking about trust when she was veer’s wife she didn’t trust her husband at all that’s why she didn’t tell him about Kabir’s blackmailing yet veer was ready to accept her but she has to prove herself great so she chose kabir and now after kanchi marriage each and every minute she was thinking about her ex husband if u will do so any husband/ will think in the same way as kabir thought. And this great lady just broke her relation without giving a single thought. I’ll only do this for sanchi and her definition for marriage ?????

  6. Veer never trusted Sanchi in past.. And after breaking her trust, he always came with a puppy face and Sanchi Mata forgived him very happily. At that time she didn’t give lectures to Veer on trust. And when Kabir mistrusted her, she didn’t even gave him a chance. Even Veer had raised finger on her character, but still she ignored all his mistakes. Inspite of the fact that Kabir, since their marriage, did so many favors on her and Veer. He even risked his career. But still this mahaan Sanchi mata chosed to leave him. She says that marriage is not a game.. But i find her the one who always plays with marriages and emotions. Worst character portrayed on Indian television.

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