Om and his daughters — 3

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1 and a half year leap:

rikara’s little princess/devil was 2 and1/2and is completely a angel. well to everyone else but her mother. kamal hai!

she could wrap everyone around her little finger starting from tej to om to shivay to basically everyone even gauri.

aliya had a wish which could only be fulfilled by her papa and mama. easier to ask papa.

rikara’s room:

om and aliya were playing with each other and aliya said: daddy?

om: ji? what does meri alu want? chocolate? ice cream? movie? toy? story?

aliya: girl.

om: girl?

aliya: ittli (little) ster (sister).

om: little sister. meri alu wants a little sister (coming back to reality with a shocked face) oh no!

aliya: oh yes, daddy ay (say) yes.

om: aliya ki bacchi when did i say yes? i said oh NO!

aliya: daddy mean.

with her tiny fists cluthed tightly, she started to bang om’s chest a little hardly.

om: arre don’t hit me baby. you see what will mummy say?

he keeps aliya on his laps and aliya looks at hims

aliya: yes.

om: how can we be sure of that?

aliya: mummy wuve (love) alu. mummy say yes wo (to) alu.

om: she would. ok i’ll talk to her and soon you will have a baby sister.

aliya: you wu (go) wo op (shop) wo buy ittle ster.

om: yeah we’ll order a baby for alu and baby will come in nine months. kush?

aliya: i wappy (happy).

om stands up with aliya in his arms and both find gauri.

they found her five minutes later, writing.

om whispering: shh.

aliya nods.  om tipoes and goes behind gauri with aliya.




om-alu: BOO!

gauri: aah!

she drops her pen seeing om and aliya behind her.

gauri: gosh! you gave me a heart attack.

om: we did?  should we call the ambulance?

gauri laughs and says: no. and meri alu. how are you?

alu: gud (good).

gauri: hmmm alu can be a good girl but sometimes cheeky.

aliya gurgles a bit and gauri pinches her nose. both rikara kisses her cheeks:

 both rikara kisses her cheeks:

om stared at gauri lovingly. with his free hand (As his other was with a baby), he caressed her tresses and slowly and slowly their faces went closer to each other and phir…….

 with his free hand (As his other was with a baby), he caressed her tresses and slowly and slowly their faces went closer to each other and phir

aliya’s POV:

why it silent? i looked up and saw my mummy-daddy. chi! i knew what to do.

POV ends.

aliya: ittle ster.

rikara’s liplock broke as gauri was shocked.

gauri: what?

om: little sister.

gauri: and this is what father-daughter planned if i am not mistaken?

om gulps and nods.

gauri: so meri alu wants a sister?

aliya: uther (brother) or ster.

gauri: we’ll order the baby then ok?

aliya: yay!

om: now see time. aliya bedtime!

aliya let out a little yawn and kept her head on om’s shoulder. soon she fell asleep.

om: she’s asleep.

gauri: ok, now i can finish that darn letter.

om: ek minute!

gauri: ji?

om: my daughter made me promise her something. i am not leaving you tonight.

he grabs gauri’s wrist and walks with her to aliya’s room.

once they placed aliya in her cot, om carried gauri in bridal style and took her to their room, locking the door tightly.

as if she was a doll, he gently placed her on the bed and slowly took piece by piece her clothes off. he goes on top of her biting her neck giving her hickeys whilst she moaned. He placed gauri’s hands on his buttons.

Om: open them.

Gauri smiles lightly and closely opens them seeing his well built body. She rolls him over going on top of him and bit his neck.

Kisses and bites lasted a while and then rikara did the real thing.

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