Savitri Devi 21st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Dr. Kabir blackmails Sanchi to leave Veer

Savitri Devi 21st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanchi calling the nurse and asks if Veer is free then asks him to meet me. The nurse tells that Dr. Kabir sent him outside and he will be out all day. Sanchi tries to call Veer, but his phone is off. Sanchi messages him to return fast. She comes to Dr. Kabir and keeps bangles on his desk. She asks what is all this? What does this note mean and asks how dare you to follow me in Mumbai. Dr. Kabir says Maa gave her bangles to you with so much love. He gets up from his chair and acts asking how did it come to her. He says what you are saying, I really don’t know. He gets closer to her and snatches the phone from her hand and switches off the phone. Dr. Kabir then tells her that he was in Mumbai and ruined her honeymoon. He says I have ruined Veer’s plan. Sanchi asks who are you? She says so much hatred and says I can understand your anger after suspension, but it was your mistake. She asks what did you want to do? Dr. Kabir says I want to rectify my mistake which you did by marrying Veer. He asks her to wear bangles.

Sanchi pushes him and asks have you gone mad? She says I am married and loves my husband a lot. She says you can’t get me till 7 births. Dr. Kabir says really? He says I always loved you and you have always insulted my love. He says I will see to it that you will wear this bangles and says you will wear it today itself. Sanchi comes to her cabin and tries to call Veer.

Suddenly Sunny’s video is played on it. Sanchi gets shocked. Dr. Kabir comes and switches off the TV. He says did you see your brother’s doing. He has killed his friend and asks Sanchi to come back to him. He blackmails her. Sanchi says your dream will never be fulfilled and goes out of the cabin. Veer comes to the hospital and calls Sanchi, but her phone is at home. He thinks what she wants to tell me.

Jaya asks Sunny to tell what happened? Sunny says I am fine. Jaya asks why is he upset and asks him to tell if he has any problem. Jaya says ok. Sanchi comes there. Jaya asks her to check what happened to Sunny. Sanchi says I will check him. Jaya says she will make breakfast. Sunny opens the door. Sanchi asks him what happened last night. Sunny says nothing and says he is fine. Sanchi says we have to inform Police, someone died. We will think what to do next. Sunny panics and eats sleeping pills. Sanchi and Jaya come back to him and see him collapsed on the bed. Sanchi checks him and tells Jaya that she won’t let anything happen to Sunny. She calls the hospital and asks to send an ambulance. They rush him to hospital. Veer, Isha, and Pragya get Sanchi’s message. Jaya faints. Sanchi sprinkles water on her face and makes her get consciousness. Jaya says I am a bad mother. Sanchi thinks she can’t tell anyone at the moment that he committed suicide. Veer, Isha, and Pragya come there. Veer says he will handle Sunny’s case, but Sanchi says she will treat him.

Sanchi treats Sunny and tells Jaya, Veer, and others that he is fine now. Veer asks what happened to him. Sanchi says food poisoning. Inspector comes there and says they want to inquire about Aditya’s murder case.

Dr. Kabir blackmails Sanchi and asks her to wear bangles else he will get Sunny arrested and asks her to think then what will happen to Sunny and Jaya. Sanchi is forced to wear bangles. She wears bangles and cries.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Mera dil aagaya kabir pe

  2. Kabir should win this time
    With all plans he has this time to take revenge

  3. Well done kabir. Sachi ko majboor aur rote huye dekhkar kitana achha lagata hai .Dil ko sukun mila . Sachi not deserve any happiness. Vo idiot chakli Jaya also not deserve any happiness . She not trust on kabir. ab bhugto bevkufo.

  4. Dr.kabir is just a cheap man … what he wants from a married woman …. Today he is asked to wear bracelets and tomorrow will ask her to betray veer with him …. this is not logical … Didn’t he want revenge from Sanchi & veer? ….Why do these cheap things …. If you want Sanchi u will not get it this way … She hated him very much now ….& I also expect that he will be asked to separate from her husband soon “divorce” .. But It is impossible coz veer will not do that …. maybe she will make him sign the divorce papers without his knowledge…..

    1. Excuse me whatever miss how dare u to call him cheap? Now u r seeing that no logic in this trick and show? Where were u went when so much illogical was happening with him? Tell me on that u were became blind or might be u were slept somewhere and now u wake up to come here for call him cheap. Whatever kabir is doing is right. Because he beard so much when he was good man then everybody took advantage of his goodness and now its time to learned them a lesson. Cheapdi saanchi and his so cold husbend doesn’t deserve happiness dusre ka ghar barbaad kar ke apna ghar banaya toh kaminey kaisy khush reh sakty hain i wish kabir saalun ko tarpa tarpa ke badla le hye re chipkalii kitni achi lagtii hai na majboor bechari abla naari.

    2. Varunfan

      Excuse who are you to charge people fr keeping their POV
      Cheap ko cheap nhi bolenge to kya aarti utaare???

      And wht wrong Veer did to him?Did Veer married his gf? NO
      Did Veer snatch his job? NO
      Did Veer blamed him like an opportunist and insulted him like that? NO
      Did veer tried to manipulate Sanchi against Kabir? NO
      Didnt he said that he cnt blv Kabir can do this?
      Didnt the patient himself blamed Kabir? So Veer believed and eventually others
      Didnt he is still denying Kabir sir cnt be in Mumbai and do such stuffs with Sanchi???

      And moreover wht wrong Sunny did? That he is trapping him too??
      Anywys he will never get happiness as well, ab to khun ke ansoo ke sath zillat ke laddu free me milenge Kabir ko.

    3. Excellent reply agree with your each and every word .cheapdi sachi not deserve any happiness .ye first show hai jaha main FL ke sath galat hone ke baad bhi viewers happy hai . Because sachi is cheap worst character in indian daily soap.

    4. @ Varunfan Abe o tum ko kya lagta hai tum veer ke gun gaoge toh tumara veer acha aur sacha hojayega? No because here every one knows that what bad things happened with Kabir after that he turned into like this. and that too just because of veer, saanchi blindly trust on him to save him he didn’t think once about kabir and his good deeds bs veer aisa kuch nahi kar skta that’s it. arey uss andhi saanchi ko toh koi pucho uss ko kabir per ilzaam lagaane se pehly yeh khyaal nahii aaya ke kabir ne kya kya kiya uss ke liye….especially jab woh veer keliye uss ke kandhon pe sar rakh ro rahii thii…main veer se boht pyar karti hun ab mujh se aur bradasht nai hoga blah blah blah tab kabir tha jis ne ussy kandha diya roney keliye. aur tum kiya kahtii ho yaa kahtey ho jo bhi ho I don’t care yes ek veer ne deny kiya ke honeymmon spot pe kabir nahi hoskta toh means woh acha hogya? aur waise bhi Rs ke show main na humesha villain kii jeet hoti hai aur humare kabir ko toh zaberdastii villain banaya gaya hai toh jeet toh bachun uss kii hogii…aur kiya kaha sunny ne kya galt kara hai you tell me kabir ne kiya galt kara tha? bolna sab ko aata hai bas muh uthaya aur bol liye. ab khun ke ansoo ke ke saath izzat ke ladoo toh saanchi us ka patii aur jaya ko milenge woh bhi free of cost understand?

    5. Ek baat toh main bhul hi gayii yeh joh sawal tum rahi/rahey ho na pehle zara khud inn ke baare main gor se socho. jawab mil jayenge Ohh may be tumari yadasht kamzor hai let me remind you. Veer didn’t snatched his gf but he snatched his would be wife yes he snatched his fiancee. He didn’t manipulate against kabir to saanchi really?? aarey yaarr kaise fans ho tum log apne favs ke dailogues aur scenes bhi yaad rakh sakty. he always used to manipulate to saanchi against kabir because he always felt insecure from kabir. shaadi ke din yaad nahi kabir ke saamne us nne saanchi se kiya kaha tha Saanchi kabir Sir tumare theek nahi hain..bhul gaye tum log??
      veer ne kabir kii job cheeni nahii kiun ke uss main utnii himat hi nahi hai, saanchi ke palu se bahir nikley toh bechare ko kuch samjh aaye na…. ager uss ne job nhi cheeni toh kiya yahii kaser reh gayii?? arrey ager veer ne uss kii job nahi cheeni lekin uss ne itnaa toh kabir ko majboor toh kar hi diya na ke woh khud iss job se resign kar de…. veer koi dhudh ka dhula hua nahi hai joh ke shaadi ke baad dikha rahen hain uss ko aur tum log ussey protest karty phirtey ho.

  5. What i think iss show k makers k paas story k naam pe sanveer ka break-up patch up drama dikkhane k alawa kuch nahi hai. Thats why they made kabir villain to do sanveer breakup and soon pragya will help them in patch up. Then again break up ans again patch up and the story will go on. He he he yahi dikhane wale hain bas. Dr. Kabir jaise sensible character ko ek chipkali k liye villain bana k soch rahe hain ki log sanveer ko accept kar lenge aur trp aa jayegi. Stupid cvs don’t know today viewers r more intelligent. Aage piche kya dikhya sab yaad rehta hai. Iss show ki story ka naam Sanveer aur unka breakup patchup drama rakhna chaiye.

  6. Priyanshipp

    Wowww feeling great to see helpless Sanchi ????… but this time veer will trust on sanchi afterall makers have to justify their so called love…. whatever happens good going kabir..

  7. Hii guys is anyone having problem in opening savitri Devi telly updates pages Bec they r not showing 1st page from Google either they are showing 2nd page or someother pls anyone have any idea of what to do

    1. Dimple457

      Same problem dear but I have a solution just open it from google’s history I am also doing the same??

    2. Thanks dear will do the same

  8. Strange but true……I am feeling really good seeing sanchi crying & helpless….. Love u kabir

  9. Varunfan

    Sanchi slap him hard across his face and start calling him as jerk he dnt deserve the “Sir” addressing anymore

    1. Then wt did kabir do he just card for each and every wish of saanchi then finally he got the name of theft which he dint do n wt ant trust and dosti wo sab sirf naam ke uper she could question humne blaming she is getting wt she did she deserves humiliation

  10. Someone could tell me whether this show is going off air or not.
    They have totally ruined the character of kabir.
    At the end they r going to show veer and sanchi as noble.
    Anyway, nothing left to watch in this show.
    Stupidity at its best.

    1. Soooon dear. Bcoz this show is a flop show. Iss PH k paas paise khatam ho gae hain. Isiliye to sanveer ki shadi hui sari shooting malohtra mansion and hospitalme ho jati hai. Agar kabir se shadi karate to uska ghar dikhana ye log afford nahi kar pate. That day when kabir was declared culprit and was taking out his anger i observed the room it wasn’t kabir’s house it was a room of malohtra mansion. Again they sent sanveer to mumbai for their honeymoon bcoz kisi air place k location pe shoot karne k liye paise chahiye and at last if anyone has observed honeymoon room of hotel. It seems as it was the room of their hostel only. All these things shows ki PH k paas iss show k liye paise nahi gain. Thats why they r showing evrything stupid and at the end kabir will die and malohtra and mishra family will live happily. So it will end soon .don’t worry.

    2. This show is completely going like madhubala

    3. Yes and sometimes it reminds me of kahin to hoga. Whar kabir is doing is similar to sujal was doing after kashish and piyush marriage. But ye show madgubala and kahin to hoga k aas pas bgi nahi hai. I don’t like ekta’s shows but her shows r much better than this crap.

    4. Yes Ridhi you are right sometimes I also feels that this show is like Kahin toh hoga because when piyush and kashish got married then sujal also vow to take revenge from kashish and piyush by ruining their lives….and sometimes I really wish that this show also will turn like that and at the end kabir got married to saanchi and veer died… but this is bitter truth that this is not Ekta’s show and rs will not going to do like that.

  11. More than kahiin to hoga, it is copying madhubala . In kahin to hoga , sujal didn’t turn an obsseive lover. His love for kashish was genuine. Only thing common was the false blame ?. But the way kabir’s character is shaping up, it looks they are following madhubala. And I think kabirs character will also end just like sultan ?. And sometimes I feel they are following haasil ! Nowadays I don’t feel kabir ever loved saanchi. He just wants her at any cost. He is not at all angry with sanchi even after what she did with him. He is not trying to separate sanveer for revenge but for his own needs. He is beyond redemption. Totally spoilt kabir character ?

    1. The only tging we all kabir fans do don’t watch this crap. Let’s tell the cvs we can’t tolerate them ruining kabir’s character. These cvs don’t have anything in the name of story. They don’t understand what kabir’s fans want. I really don’t want kanchi anymore bco i hate sanchi. At least they could have shown something good in kabir’s life. Or they just have ended his role by sending him abroad. But these cvs just to justify sanveer ruined kabir’s character completely. As a kabir fan i’ll request all the kabir fans just boycott this show. Stop watching it. There is nothing for kabir fans.

  12. Yes you are right. Aldready sabir /kaanchi fans have left watching the show. Some kabir fans were still watching, now they also have stopped watching. Nobody wants to see a pysho kabir. This is character assassination ?. And nobody wants to see kabir’s character being doomed in the end! Just to justify sanveer love they are showing kabirs love as fake love. Nonsense! I have quit watching this show from last week.

  13. I left watching this show after sanveer marriage. After that i just watched the episode when kabir was leaving the hospital. When kabir came back i just thought at least now kabir will be in form and take revenge. But here the cvs r showing him psycho. If the stupid cvs think now kabir fans will be happy. Then i must say they r complete psycho. Those who have still enough courage they may watch this shit. I don’t have that much courage and time.

  14. Varunfan

    @mamda i guess u r watching sm diff shw Sanchi was marrying Kabir in majburi she never loved him and He KNOWS that well.
    He throws S on Veer and left cz Sanchi is nt even taking phere..

    They blamed Kabir cz proofs choro the patient pointed him kyun didnt Kabir blaming Veer based on sm hullabloo

    Even want to throw him out of the hospital as if he is sm burden on SDCH.

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