Savitri Devi 20th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer gets accused for Mishri’s death

Savitri Devi 20th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone worrying for Mishri. Veer says I will go and get her. She will be fine. Mishri’s parents come and cry, saying Veer has killed Mishri. They all get shocked. Gayatri says what nonsense, its all a lie. Mishri’s mum says its true, what was her fault, you had come for her alliance, did Veer marry her for this day. Inspector says I have checked the case details, Veer has killed Mishri, he couldn’t keep the marriage, he used to hate her, there is an evidence, the hospital CCTV camera shows that Veer used to insult Mishri so much. She scolds Veer. Veer says what nonsense, I didn’t murder him, how shall I believe that Mishri is dead. She says we are from police, not any drama company, we have proof of her death, accept this crime. Veer says I didn’t do any crime, tell me the murder motive. Savitri says he didn’t kill Mishri. Inspector says Veer has done this, I will arrest him. The family worries. Anand says you don’t know who I m. Inspector says I know you well, and your son too.

Gayatri says Sanchi would have killed Mishri, Mishri slapped her yesterday, they had a fight, Sanchi is Veer’s first wife. Inspector says don’t think to blame anyone. Anand asks what proof do you have that Veer killed Mishri. Inspector shows the evidences. Veer says believe me, I didn’t do anything. Veer gets arrested. He is taken away. Sanchi is at hospital and sees everyone talking. She learns about Mishri’s murder, Veer got arrested. She rushes to meet Veer.

Veer is put in lockup. Inspector tells his details. Veer gets beaten up. Veer denies the blames. Inspector asks him to accept his crime, where is the murder weapon. Constable beats him further. Anand tries to get a lawyer. Savitri says I believe that Veer can’t murder anyone. Anand asks her not to take stress. She asks him to save Veer. He asks lawyer to save Veer some way, Veer won’t stay in jail, do anything. He says who can frame Veer this way. He looks at Gayatri. She asks are you doubting on me, you know I got Mishri home, Veer is my son also, come on please, Sanchi has done this, she is biggest enemy of Veer and this family. He says no, I know Sanchi, she can’t murder anyone, I can see one way to free Veer now.

Sanchi comes to meet Veer. Inspector taunts her for loving Veer after divorcing him. She asks Sanchi not to teach her laws. Sanchi says Veer is just a suspect, his crime isn’t proved. You can’t threaten me. Inspector threatens her and says you are the reason for Veer’s crime. Sanchi also threatens the inspector and gets permission to meet Veer. She meets Veer. Sanchi cries seeing him. He says I didn’t kill Mishri, trust me. She says I know, you can never do such a thing. She holds his hand and says I will free you soon. Inspector says your time is over, go out. Sanchi leaves.

Anand gets the bribe and asks inspector to frame Sanchi in the crime. Inspector says deal…..

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Thank God I didn’t watch this episode. And I can guess what will happen next malohtra will frame sanchi and to save sanchi veer will accept that he killed mishri and to save veer sanchi will take blame and this will go on whole week. So not interested in watching .

  2. RuCh23

    What rubbish! Good thing I didn’t watch and now I can skip watching it till this crap end

    1. Exactly and thanks to God that I don’t have to watch this crap as I am leaving for my is totally mad and illiterate.

    2. Dhruti

      same here ruchi i also went outside for some work so i also didn’t watch that crap yesterday……

    3. Kabir is again framed by sanchi

  3. Hey I watched today’s episode again saanchi thinking that kabir is suspect and also veer and uske baap they also asking for kabir . So same as u all guessed sanveer ki unit now m quitting this show if any one update fabrication those only I read …….

  4. Crap show.. Although I’m a big fan of VS and his characters as Kabir, I still have a doubt that Kabir was the one who killed Mishri… And if it will be true then i guess as per the deal between Malhotra and inspector, Sanchi will be blamed for killing Mishri and then Kabir will accept his crime to save Sanchi and will be jailed.. Then Sanchi mata will divorce Kabir and Sanveer will reunite.. Woww what a show (slow claps)

    1. Ok so sanchi suspect kabir. Really well she is doing nothing new. I think iss show k writers k dimaag main reh reh k mata chadh jati hai tabhi pagal ho jate kuch bhi dikhate Hain. Completely illogical I wish jaldi se ye show off air ho. Maine aajtak itana ghatiya and illogical show nahi dekha tha. Kisi cheez k kahin bhi talmel nahi hai. In her interview swarda said kabir will be positive now and their will be two love stories kanchi and mishriveer.lovestory to abhi Tak kahin dikhi nahi and bechare kabir ko bali kA bakra bana Diya and mishri usaske character kA to koi growth hi nahi hua use to seedhe parlok bhej Diya. Now I m 100% sure this show is going off air.

  5. Isame naya kya hai sanchi kabir pe kabhi bharosa kar hi nahi sakati. Kya confidence hai ladaki kA ki ye sab Dr. Kabir Kar rahe hain. Just watched the precap and I m just praying this time if kabir is innocent then he should divorce sanchi. Jaye mare apane veer k pass usi ki Zindagi barbad kare. Kabir ko bakhsh de.

  6. Why are keeping watching this series. It bias for one it keep favor one part until today the real theif of kidney is still not found and sanchi you such annoye character how can you and you former husband still want to frame kabir for everything. Woman if you want to go back to veer you should just go and stop making kabir life miserable. And on top of that make up you mind who do you wanna to be with kabir or veer .this back and forward of yours is real bored

  7. This show should just end , i think the writers of the show have no new idea to present so they just keep draging it to God’s know where. What is motive for kabir to kill mishri it just bcoz she slap sachi as far as i remember he didn’t even see the slaping part. If am kabir mishri stay with veer is more advantage to me than her dying so why kill her. But think the creators are sanveer fan than sabir so they do anything to get they old couple back and to try to make kabir as vilan so people can hate him and accept sanveer more

  8. Congratulation sachi your such a good wife, frame your own husband for murder really so you can get save your ex husband. How many time will sacrife and forsake kabir for veer you have no shame at all , your worse than nandini in silsal .someone wake me up when this show go off air

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