Hate or Love? – Part 14 – Humiliation + promo

after an hour:

aniri come back from shopping.

anika: where these monsters any trouble?

jaya: arre not at all.

sudha: but how long do you two take to shop?

gauri: big sale!

sudha: wow!

gauri: i found such a cute dress for you sudha, try when we reach home.

sudha: wow, i love you gauri di.

gauri: i love you too.

anika: so should we go now?

jaya: yes, ansh and geetu are sleeping after so long.

anika: at last.

they laugh and go. shivom also goes out of the mall.

shivay: blo*dy hell! it took forever just to get a phone fixed!! one hour wasted. should have got a new phone.

om: bro, first of all we don’t have that much money to buy a new phone also if we buy anything like a phone, rudra or dad will get to know.

shivay: fair point.

as shivom were walking in one direction, aniri were walking in the same direction. but then they bumped into each other. before aniri fell to the ground, shivom catch them.

  Naina lagiyaa baarisha

Te sukhe sukhe sapne ve bijh gaye

Naina lagiyaa baarisha

Rove palkan de kone vich neendein meri  

  Kaali kaali raaton se

Khaali hone lagi…hai dosti

Khoya khoya in rahon mein

Ab mera…kuch bhi nahin

Har pal har lamha

Main kaise sehta hoon

Har pal har lamha

Yeh kehta rehta hoon  

anika: you?

gauri: OSO?

shivom brought them back up.

shivay: anika, you are looking so beautiful.

om: and gauri, you are looking so cute.

anika: yes! that’s all you want. our beauty!

gauri: and lust.

om: that is not the matter.

shivay: yes! om is right. lust and beauty is not the matter!!!

gauri: oh really?! 1 year ago, we were pregnant with your children and this was because of you two being drunk.

shivay: what day? i don’t remember.

om: yes gauri, anika bhabhi, what do you mean?

everyone on the streets stopped and looked at what was happening.

anika: ‘bhabhi’? may i remind you Mr Omkara that i am not your ‘bhabhi’ anymore.

gauri: and you don’t remember that night?! that night, Mr OSO, you forced yourself on me.

anika: yes, shivay, same with us. that day you forced yourself on me.

shivay: look i don’t remember anything.

om: yes, what happened?

gauri: of course you two don’t remember.

anika: yes, no one remembers what happened after alcohol.

jaya: anika, gauri, please calm down.

anika: no, we can be calm on any matter but not this matter.

shivom: stay in your limits!!

aniri: us?!?!?!?! no! you two stay in your limits.

shivom were about to raise their hands on aniri but got stopped by some people.

person 1: no one raises hands on women here.

person 2: exactly!!! these two men have crossed limits. i suggest that we blacken their faces.

someone gets coal and gives it to aniri.

person 3: you two have gone through a lot from what we heard just now, you two deserve all rights to blacken their faces.

aniri: thank you.

they get coal.

anika puts coal on shivay.

shivay in mind: why anika? you’re not the anika i remember.

anika in mind: shivay, this is for everything you have done to me. slaps….lust…..beatings this is what i suffered.

shivay in mind: but don’t think that this will make me hate you. i love you anika.

anika in mind: i hate you SSO.

gauri puts coal on om.

om in mind: this is not the barielly chiriya i remember. gauri, you changed.

gauri in mind: this is for all the accusations, beatings….lust, i hope you realize how much i have suffered because of you.

om in mind: but don’t you think that this creates any hatred for you. i love you gauri.

gauri in mind: i hate you OSO.

soon aniri were done and left. people of goa started to blacken shivom’s faces more. aniri turns to see a bit.

this is what they deserved. this is for everything. this is for the hatred shivom had for aniri. and now this is aniri’s hatred.

precap: neil-advay tries to woo aniri.

so hope everyone is happy with the humiliation shivom deserved. 





om: geetu, papa.

geetu taps his head, smiling.

shivay: and ansh, this is dad.

ansh smiles and sticks his tongue out.

om: shivay, it’s weird having your own child.

shivay: yes.

om: but you develop a bond with thwm.

shivay: yes, though anika doesn’t even know i’m shivay.

om: same with gauri.

shivom: aniri, watch out!

so what do they mean by they don’t know?

loving the daddy bit?

have they took a type of a form?

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