Savitri Devi 1st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Dr. Kabir and Sanchi visit a relative house

Savitri Devi 1st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanchi seeing Veer and Mishri’s wedding card. She thinks she has to do something and thinks it is a matter of two lives. She calls at Landline’s number of Malhotra Mansion. Servant picks the call and gives call to Mishri. Mishri says Maa must have called me. She takes the call and tells that she needs to talk something important to her. Mishri asks who are you? Sanchi says she is Dr. Sanchi and tells that she thought to talk to her. Mishri says everything is complicated here. Sanchi asks what happened, everyone is good there. Mishri says everyone is good, but problem is in me. She says I made everyone upset. Sanchi asks what happened and asks Maa..then says you may be missing your mum. Mishri says Veer got upset as she added sugar instead of Salt and tells that she will convince him.

Sanchi thinks Mishri is an innocent woman and doesn’t know how clever Gayatri is and Veer got married to her due to his stubbornness. Mishri asks her to come there and says you are my only friend in this city, with whom I can share my feelings. Sanchi ends the call. She tells Dr. Kabir that she couldn’t stop herself from calling her. Dr. Kabir says it was Veer’s mistake to marry a random girl, what you could have done. Dr. Malhotra tells Gayatri, how can a girl be so stupid that she adds sugar instead of salt. He says Veer will not stay with her for a week. Gayatri says once they have husband and wife’s relation then their relation will be strong and Veer can’t break his marriage.

Dr. Kabir asks Sanchi to have something and drink juice. Sanchi says she is not hungry. Dr. Kabir asks canteen guy to take his food plate. Sanchi stops him and eats her food. She asks him to eat too. She gets a call. Dr. Kabir’s cousin Ankur introduces himself and asks her to bring Dr. Kabir to his house for dinner. Dr. Kabir takes the call and says they are busy. Sanchi tells Dr. Kabir that she really want to go. Dr. Kabir says he don’t want to force her and knows that their marriage is not normal. Sanchi says I really want to go.

Mishri comes to Savitri and touches her feet. She apologizes to her and says I will not do any mistake again. She breaks the flower vase accidently and tries to clean it. Savitri asks her to get up and go to her room. She calls Servant. Mishri thinks she did their loss. Gayatri comes there and says she was searching her. Mishri tells that she went to apologize to Savitri. Gayatri asks her to concentrate on Veer. Mishri says she is not worried about him as he loves her and confessed with his eyes many times. Gayatri asks her to get closer to Veer and says you have to take first step towards him. She gets shy and drops the vase. Gayatri takes her to explain.

Dr. Kabir and Sanchi come to Ankur’s house. Ankur asks them to tell about their love story. Dr. Kabir tells that he liked her when he saw her first. Sanchi says he is my senior and my mentor. Ankur asks when did you propose her? Sanchi says 14 jan. Dr. Kabir says 22 jan. Sanchi says he proposed me first on 14th jan and then officially on 22nd jan. Ankur asks him couple of questions. Both of them answers differently. Dr. Kabir gets a message and tells Ankur that they have to go to hospital urgently and asks them to come to his house for dinner. Ankur says ok and gives them romance book. Dr. Kabir looks at it and feels uncomfortable.

Dr. Kabir apologizes to Sanchi and tells that don’t know how Ankur got such an idea. They are good as friends. He says he will bring Kulfi for her and gets down from the car to get it. Sanchi sees Veer talking to his friends and telling that his wife is illiterate, and tells that this is his life now. Veer’s friend asks him to find a job. Veer says my father has a hospital, but I have to search job elsewhere, because of my ex-wife and her husband. He sees Sanchi and says think of a devil and the devil arrives. Sanchi looks on.

Mishri tells Veer that he forgot to remove her gown. Veer stops her and tells that nothing can happen between us, our marriage is just a compromise.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I m just loving mishri. She adds some fun element to the story. Otherwise baki Sab to aajkal sirf rote hue hi dikhai dete Hain. At least mishri k scenes dekh k mujhe hansi aa jati hai. Hope ye Rona dhona jaldi band ho and kanchi and mishriveer ki lovestory start ho. And of course ek acchi story dekhane ko mile. So that audience will be hooked to the show.

    1. Yes ridhi I agree with u after a long time I visit this page and something gud happen kaanchi marriage and veer ki shaadi……..I will watch ths show onwards finally CVS ko thoda akal aayi story line change kardi warna iss crap koi nahi dekthi……finally iam so happy

  2. Riddhi
    do you think they will break them apart when she came out of coma? bcoz if they did I will stop watching the show for good this time, coz am only watching bcoz of kanchi . I want to see how they love story progress they look cute together

    1. It depends upon trp. If trp will increase they will continue with kanchi and mishriveer. For that we all have to watch it on TV.

  3. Hain did I miss anything? Ye kabir ko sanchi see love at first sight kab hua that??????

  4. let’s wait and see, for me the only reason I watch the show is bcoz of sanchi and kabiri, I love they chemistry , they look perfect for each other , as long as they remain couple I will keep watching the show. if they break up that will be the end of the show for me.

  5. I just hate this veer can some one be soooo dummmb and then cry that i married an illiterate thought he married by his own wish ..badey josh me ..i really started hating varun because of his character

    1. I’m sorry but we Varun fans can’t bear anything against him. I agree that Veer character is so dumb. But it’s not Varun mistake na. They gave him a very dumb character.

  6. Yes dear you are right…………veer ka character serial mae childish hae but that doesn’t mean that varun kapoor ki character veer jaisa hae……….in real life he is most serious and handsome guy…………though I am a kanchi and vikram fan………I like varun kapoor so so much…………his most memorable character is sanskar…………

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